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Chapter 381: Champion of the Chopin Award

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Shi Jin did not upload this song to any music streaming app.

She released the full clip of her singing it acapella, and those who liked it could download and listen to it for free.

It was a small gift for the fans.

The fans were very happy, but after listening to the song, they werent satisfied.

“Im willing to spend money if Little Stone can release the version with instrumentals.”

“My wallet is also hungry and thirsty.

I want to hear any version, instrumental version, remix version, live version, anything.”

“Im begging my daughter, please release more songs.

Not just this one, any other songs are fine!”

At the same time, news of Jade winning the first prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition quickly spread back to China.

The Chopin Award could be said to be the most valuable piano award.

The popularity and professionalism it had received over the years were widely recognized.

The previous winners of this award were all foreigners.

Although there were also winners in Country S, the two winners kept a low profile.

Was Jade going to be as low-key as the previous champions

There was an obvious S behind the name Jade.

It was clear that Jade was from S Nation.

However, there was no news from the country at the moment and the reporters did not manage to get any news.

Sheng Tian, who was ranked fifth, did accept a few interviews.

However, he was a fan of Shi Jin and was very tight-lipped.

When he heard that there was no news outside, he knew that he could not reveal anything.

The name Jade quickly became a legend and a huge hit.

#S Country Has Another Champion#

After clicking into the tag, everyone started discussing the situation.

As for the #Jade photo# trending topic, everyone clicked on it but there was no photo.

Instead, everyone was just asking for photos.

“I heard that shes a female contestant.

Shes awesome!”

“No, I heard that its a beautiful young man! The especially beautiful kind.

Jade is not a girl!”

“The award ceremony hasnt been held yet.

Well know everything by the day of the awards ceremony.”

“Ah, theres still a month until the awards ceremony.”

“It has been 15 years since the last champion won this award.”

“Previous poster, tell us what happened.

Why hasnt anyone won the championship in 15 years”

“Dont you guys know The champion of the Chopin Award must be unanimously acknowledged by the five judges.

If everyones opinions are not unified, the championship award would not be given to anyone.

Just because you have the highest score doesnt mean you can become the champion.

You must conquer all the judges.”

“Thats why its well-deserved that Jade won the award!”

“Sigh, we can only wait.”

“But Jade didnt participate in the preliminaries.

How did Jade manage to participate in the finals”

“Some contestants can send videos to the organizing committee to qualify for the semi-finals.

They dont need to participate in the preliminaries.

However, this is harder than participating in the preliminaries.

The video sent must be done in one go without any editing.

Everyone knows that the influence of the video is much weaker than that of the live audience.

Its not easy to use the video to move the organizing committee.”

Through these professionals analyses, the nameJade became like a godly existence.

Many people were asking on Shi Xuexins Weibo: “Have you seen Jade before”

“Xuexin, you were at the venue.

What did Jade look like”

Shi Xuexin immediately felt nervous.

She only knew the first, second, and third place participants who had participated in the preliminaries with her.

For the finals, she could not enter the venue and did not know anyone else.

Fortunately, she met the first place champion of the preliminaries, Sheng Tian, and greeted him.

As for Jade, she had never heard of them before.

She could only reply, “Im sorry.

Lets wait for Jade to come out themselves.

Its not good for me to respond to other peoples private matters.”

She sent Sheng Tian a WeChat message: “Sheng Tian, when does Jade plan to reveal their true identity”

She did not say whether she knew Jade or not.

As a fan of Shi Jin, Sheng Tian was exceptionally tight-lipped.

“I dont know either.”

“I heard he did pretty well in the competition”

Seeing that Shi Xuexin had used “he”, Sheng Tian recalled that she had not entered the venue that day, so he casually brushed her off.

Shi Xuexin did not manage to get anything from him.

However, she secretly hoped that Jade was a man.

That way, she could not be compared to Jade.

If Jade was a girl, she would inevitably be compared, and she did not have any advantage against her.

At this moment, Wen Yongwei had just released the theme song that she had written for Tomorrows Rescue.

In order to neutralize the sorrowful tone of the movie, she had specially followed the directors request and written a warm and comforting song.

She had also posted the sample version on her Weibo.

Because it was a warm song, there was a hint of sweetness.

Fans really liked it.

Wen Yongweis Weibo had been quiet for a long time and it had been a while since she received this much attention.

Everyone reposted, saved, downloaded, and listened to the demo.

Her fans were determined to restore her popularity to how it was before.

As Wen Yongweis popularity continued to rise, her discussion topics also began to rise rapidly.

However, all of a sudden, her popularity plummeted.

In its place was a new song, “A Little Sweet”.

Shi Jin casually released her acapella version of “A Little Sweet” which quickly replaced Wen Yongweis popularity and suppressed her.

Even people who werent her fans listened to the song.

Obviously, there was no need to mention the fans, they listened to all her songs.

Wen Yongweis fans registered countless alternate accounts to boost her popularity, but there was nothing they could do.

Shi Jin was helpless as well.

She just posted the song casually and had never thought that she would be caught in a battle with Wen Yongwei.

The moment Shi Jin returned, Liu Ning called.

“Shi Jin, the filming forTwilight Tears has been completed.”

“Thats right, everyone worked hard.

The original estimated time has been reduced by half, most of the editing is complete.

Im here to discuss this matter with you.

Currently, the first three episodes have already been produced, so there are no problems with the subsequent preliminary audits.

Ive already discussed this with the television station.

If its possible, it will be released this week.”

Liu Ning was a fast worker.

Now that the entire company was under his control, he didnt need to be held back by others.

When the show was still being filmed, he had already made all sorts of preparations.

Hence, everything happened much faster than expected.

This speed was far beyond Shi Jins imagination.

She thought for a moment and said, “If thats the case, lets go according to your plan.”

“Alright, Ill start now,” Liu Ning said.


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