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Chapter 380: Repairing Her Lifelong Regrets

Wei Zai, who was in Gu Jingyuans laboratory, was broadcasting the whole process to his colleagues in the laboratory today.

Gu Jingyuan naturally heard it and was forced to see the list of people who made it into the finals.

Seeing the name Jade, Gu Jingyuan recalled what Shi Jin told him before and sent a message to Shi Jin.

“I will stay until the finals,” Shi Jin replied.

She had also guessed where Gu Jingyuan got the news from.

She switched to Weibo and saw that Shi Xuexin was already on a few trending topics.

Talented girl, piano, and other labels were all stuck on her.

The fans were quite accepting of this.

The data showed that she had gained 30,000 fans just today.

Shi Jin guessed that she was not far from making it public with Chu Ling.

The finals were in two days.

Song Huaixian and Fu Heyan did not leave.

Yao Jiahong came over to ask Shi Jin, “Should we announce your ranking for the Chopin award”

He had also seen what Shi Xuexin had done on Weibo to steal the limelight.

She made it seem like she was representing Country S.

“Not for now.” Shi Jin remembered that there was still the Ivy League composition competition.

She wanted to see what Shi Xuexin would do next.

Recalling the familiar tune from the composition competition, Shi Jins expression turned cold.

Did Shi Xuexin really think she could use her as a stepping stone forever

Yao Jiahong didnt ask for the reason, but did as she said.

If the company asked questions, he would find an excuse to avoid them.

On the eve of the finals, a piece of news came from the organizing committee.

An important member of the organizing committee, who was also the master performer that won the previous Chopin Award, passed away.

Death at this age could be considered a happy funeral.

However, the organizing committee still decided to postpone the award ceremony that was supposed to be held a month after the finals.

Song Huaixian agreed with this decision and came to inform Shi Jin.

“Im fine with it.

Its only right to respect the seniors,” said Shi Jin.

“Everyone has the same thoughts.

So, after the results are out tomorrow, well come back to Warsaw in a month,” Song Huaixian said.

“Im still a little regretful that I didnt get to meet that senior.

When is the funeral”

Song Huaixian said, “In a few days.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Then Ill try my best to attend the funeral.”

This accident didnt affect the competitors performances.

During the finals, everyone maintained their usual standard of performance.

Some contestants even exceeded their usual standards.

Xiao Li and Yao Jiahong, the two amateurs, were also mesmerized.

To be able to reach this stage of the finals, every contestant was a top performer.

Everyones piano skills were already at the peak of perfection.

Whether they could move the judges depended on their live performance and their interpretation of the emotions of their piece.

After the competition ended, the results were announced.

When they heard that the first place was “Jade”, nobody was surprised.

Fu Heyan stood up from her seat and walked towards Shi Jin, hugging her.

Sheng Tian was ranked fifth, which was also an excellent standard.

He came to celebrate with Shi Jin.


Although the award ceremony would be held in a months time, there was still a wine reception after the competition.

Shi Jin returned to the villa and changed into an evening gown.

Fu Xiuyuan walked beside her.

On the beach outside, the waves crashed onto the sand, creating soft sounds.

Shi Jin was attracted by the sound and walked over slowly.

The banquet had already started and guests were everywhere.

All the contestants and judges came and went.

However, Shi Jin was attracted by the vast sea and sky.

The sea breeze blew over, making one feel exceptionally comfortable.

Fu Xiuyuan followed closely behind her.

At this moment, she had completely forgotten about the banquet.

She walked along the beach, took off her high heels, and walked into the distance.

Fu Xiuyuan stepped onto the sand as well.

Shi Jin walked forward, so he went forward and grabbed her wrist.

She turned around and smiled.

He continued to follow her.

Under the encouragement of the sea breeze, she started running.

Fu Xiuyuan followed her, regardless of whether she was walking or running.

He followed her every step.

If she was slow, so was he.

If she was fast, so was he.

Finally, she got tired of running and sat down on the beach.

Fu Xiuyuan sat down beside her.

The sea breeze blew her long hair around.

Shi Jin lay on his lap and looked into his eyes.

They were filled with boundless indulgence.

She suddenly understood.

In the past, she had always thought that she was the one who would heal Fu Xiuyuans wounds.

Now that she thought about it, wasnt he also healing her and repairing her lifelong regrets

No matter what she did or said, he would always trust her unconditionally and allow her to do whatever she wanted.

He had given her the most love and the greatest freedom.

When he gave his love, there was no burden.

However, when he gave her freedom, he suppressed many of the fanatical impulses in his heart.

The amount of restraint he used was unimaginable.

Shi Jin sat up and looked towards the sunset.

After not seeing them for a long time, Fu Heyan came out to look for them.

When she neared the beach, she saw Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin sitting in the warm golden glow of the sunset.

She didnt say anything else and turned to leave.

Shi Jin sat there for a long time.

Then, she took out her phone and whispered, “I want to sing a song.”

“Okay,” Fu Xiuyuan replied in a low voice.

Shi Jin directly clicked on the record button.

“Its been agreed

Well spend the next weekend together

Your little mood swings are cute to me

You make me see flowers blooming in the dry desert

You made me want to write you a love song every day

With the most romantic chorus

You echo softly

Our eyes will show our determination”

There were no instruments or background music.

Only the waves hitting the beach created a beat.

This gave the song an even more moving rhythm and added flavor.

After Shi Jin finished singing, she posted it on Weibo.

A moment later, the comments were about to explode.

“Its so good that Im crying.

How can there be such a nice voice and song!”

“Little Stone, Mommy loves you!”

“So, did my daughter get the guy she likes”

“My daughter is so different when shes dating.

If I can hear such nice songs every day, Ill agree to this marriage!”

“If even this kind of relationship is not real, then no pearl in the world is real.”

Shi Jin showed the comments to Fu Xiuyuan.

The dim yellow light of the setting sun warmed his eyes.

He lowered his eyes and looked at Shi Jin.


The song was called “A Little Sweet”, and everyone who heard it could hear the sweetness in it.

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