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Chapter 38: An Evil Woman

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She returned to the hospital ward with the soup.

Fu Heyan was angry and rolled her eyes hard.

Fu Xiuyuan instantly went into a good mood when Shi Jin came and finally sat down on the bed.

Shi Jin looked at Fu Xiuyuan and said briskly.

“I brought you some soup.”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuans voice sounded somewhat hoarse as he spoke in a slightly higher pitch.

“Lets go for dinner after I finish the soup.”

Shi Jin hurriedly pressed him down.

“The doctor says you need to recuperate and can only eat light food, so theres no need to go out for dinner tonight.”

“Dont worry about it.

You fell sick.

I know you didnt mean for it to happen.” Shi Jin picked up the bowl of soup with a smile in her eyes.

“I will keep you company.”

Fu Xiuyuan kept staring at Shi Jin fixedly.

Fu Heyan could not help feeling angry when she saw how obedient he was.

She was dying to throw Shi Jin out.

Fu Heyan secretly contemplated what a vixen Shi Jin was.

Shi Jin was already great at manipulating Fu Xiuyuan, but she had become better at it and even learned how to talk nicely to him.

She had genuinely improved in leaps and bounds!

Fu Heyan reached her hand out to take the soup bowl as she said, “Ill do it.”

Since Shi Jin drank some of this soup right in front of her, she was no longer suspicious of its contents.

She held a spoonful of soup by Fu Xiuyuans mouth.

Fu Xiuyuan said, “I dont want to drink it.”

“Why not” Fu Heyan spoke angrily.

“Does it taste like poison if Im the one feeding you”

Fu Xiuyuan looked cold as he pursed his lips and refused to drink the soup.

Fu Heyan was so infuriated that she wanted to slap his head.

He had been doing this since young.

He would refuse to speak and pursed his lips in retort when he was angry.

He was welcome to do it until his lips bled.

Despite Fu Heyans fury, she handed the soup to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Thanks, Miss Fu.”

Fu Heyan felt even angrier, so she glared at her viciously.

Shi Jin ignored it.

She removed her mask and held the bowl of soup as she carefully cooled it before feeding Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan opened his mouth to drink it right away.

Shi Jins lips inadvertently touched the edge of the spoon as she cooled the soup, so she ended up testing its temperature with her lips.

Fu Xiuyuan was looking at her without restraint.

His heart started racing the moment he saw her soft pink lips and a series of X-rated images emerged in his head.

She was just feeding Fu Xiuyuan some soup but the sight ended up so lovey-dovey.

Everyone felt that Shi Jin was the epitome of an evil temptress.

Fu Heyans upright and confident face instantly sulked like a pufferfish.

Song Fan stood by the side and felt deeply impressed by Shi Jin.

She was always capable of giving the people around her heart attacks, but she acted like nothing happened.

Moments later, a knocking could be heard on the door.

Fu Heyan immediately walked over to open the door.

A doctor and nurse came in.

“Hi, Miss Fu.

Did you press the alarm”

“Uh huh.

My little brothers IV accidentally got pulled out, so there is some backflow of blood.

Can you take care of it”

The doctor walked over right away.

Now that Fu Xiuyuan was almost done drinking soup, he replaced Fu Xiuyuans IV.

“You cant pull it off anymore.

You need fluids and nutrition.

Otherwise, you might pass out again,” urged the doctor.

“Is my brothers test report out Did he get poisoned” asked Fu Heyan as she looked at Shi Jin confrontationally.

Fu Heyan and Song Fan both stared at Shi Jin.

She was dead meat if she dared to poison Fu Xiuyuan!

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