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Chapter 379: This Man Has Capability

“Thank you.” Shi Jin did not pay attention to Sheng Tian playing the piano earlier, so she could not return the compliment.

Fu Xiuyuan walked towards Shi Jin.

Sheng Tian watched him walk to Shi Jins side and hold her hand naturally.

As a fan, his heart was broken.

However, because Shi Jin had given everyone many hints on Weibo and in interviews, Sheng Tians mouth slowly closed.

He raised his head to look at Fu Xiuyuan again.

Fu Xiuyuan looked exceptionally handsome and was truly compatible with Shi Jin.

Only then did his shattered heart gradually gather together.

“Are you done chatting” Fu Xiuyuan asked, his voice elegant.

The invisible aura was very strong, and it was hard to resist.

Sheng Tian quickly said, “I wont disturb you any longer, Ill leave first.”

He turned his head and could not help but sigh secretly.

The person Shi Jin had chosen indeed had the ability to make Shi Jin say he was “the warm sun in the winter”.

No one in the entertainment industry could compare to him.

No one in any industry could.

“The scores will be given to each contestant later.

The big screen in the foyer will also show the scores of each contestant,” Fu Heyan said.

“Why dont we go and eat hotpot I brought hotpot soup base.

We just need to buy some ingredients.”

Yao Jiahongs face twitched.

“Shi Jin still needs to…”

“Sure.” Shi Jin had already agreed.

“Come, lets go buy food.” Fu Heyan immediately grabbed Shi Jins arm, leaving Fu Xiuyuan behind.

Yao Jiahong had no choice but to accept this.

Shi Xuexin was still waiting outside the arena.

She did not see Shi Jin and company leaving through the other passageway, but she did see a familiar face.

“Sheng Tian!” Shi Xuexin quickly greeted him.

She had been in fourth place in the preliminary round and had had some interactions with first place.

Sheng Tian recognized her.

“Shi Xuexin, youre here to watch the competition too”

“Yes, Im here to watch the competition and to check out the venue.”

“Oh, you have an original composition competition to attend.” Sheng Tian smiled and said, “Good luck then.”

“I will.

Sheng Tian, how was your competition”

Sheng Tian thought of Shi Jin.

When he was performing, he knew that there was a huge gap between him and Shi Jin.

It might not be a problem for him to enter the finals, but it would be difficult for him to win an award.

Only those who had seen stronger people would know the difference.

“The results of this competition will be good,” Sheng Tian said.

After all, Shi Jin was from the same country as him.

If she won an award, it would be equivalent to him winning an award.

The scores were out very quickly.

The big screen in the foyer also showed the scores.

Shi Xuexin rushed over to take a look.

Sheng Tian was ranked tenth.

The second and third place places from the preliminary round were all beyond 20th place.

The other names were all long English letters.

Shi Xuexin shifted her gaze to the first position.

She saw the name on the first place position: Jade.

It was a name that Shi Xuexin did not recognize and did not care about.

She did not know which country they were from.

She didnt think much of it and called Chu Ling.

“Brother Chu Ling, Ill be back tomorrow.”

“Come back,” Chu Ling said lightly.

The voice on the other end of the phone suddenly became softer.

“Xuexin, come home for dinner.”

It was Madam Chus voice.

She had snatched the phone away from Chu Ling.

Ever since Xuexin won fourth place in the piano competition, Madam Chus attitude towards her had changed drastically.

She did not even care about the incident at the birthday party anymore.

“Alright, Auntie,” Shi Xuexin said happily.


At night, Shi Jin and Fu Heyan bought the ingredients and brought them back to the villa.

Everyone gathered around to eat hotpot.

To Fu Heyan and Song Huaixian, it was expected that Shi Jin would get first place in the semi-finals.

Back then, she had won over the two of them with just one song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, so when she played a famous Chopin piece, she naturally won over all the judges.

“These are the must-pick songs for the finals.

Pick one from the list.” Song Huaixian sent the list to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin received it and saved the list.

Fu Heyan stuffed the chopsticks in her hands.

“Can we not dampen the mood during dinner”

Song Huaixian smiled.

“Then lets congratulate Shi Jin for getting first place in the semi-finals.”

“Congratulations!” Everyone picked up their beers.

“Thank you ~” Shi Jin clinked glasses with them.

Fu Xiuyuan said softly to Shi Jin, “This is why I followed you here.

I knew you would stay here for a long time.”

From the beginning to the end, he was the one who trusted her the most.

Seeing the two of them whispering into each others ears, Fu Heyan coughed lightly.

“The meat is almost overdone!”

Yao Jiahong watched as Shi Jin placed her chopsticks into the boiling hotpot that was covered in oil.

His heart was in his throat, but he could not stop her in public.

At the thought that her sweet voice might be affected, Yao Jiahong was in a dilemma.

In the end, he pushed the chrysanthemum wolfberry tea to Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan looked up and glanced at him indifferently.

Yao Jiahong quickly retracted his hand.

Fu Xiuyuan mixed the condiments in his bowl unhurriedly.

Finally, he prepared the mildly spicy dipping sauce and placed it in front of Shi Jin.

He picked up a piece of tender beef and placed it into her bowl.

Yao Jiahong was heartbroken.

He picked up the cup of tea and pushed it in Shi Jins direction.

Fu Xiuyuan said, “Sis, Brother Yao wants to give you tea.”

“Thank you.” Fu Heyan ate something spicy, so at the mention of water, she took it immediately.

Because Yao Jiahong poured the water into a cup, Fu Heyan thought that it was for her, so she took a sip, then she frowned and said, “Who drinks hot tea in the middle of summer Wait, Ill go get the cola!”

Yao Jiahong was speechless.

Yao Jiahong said, “Shi Jin needs to protect her singing voice.”

“I eat herbs to nourish my throat,” Shi Jin said simply.

Of course, she had said this countless times, but Yao Jiahong refused to believe her.

Fu Xiuyuan was the only one who had heard it once and never stopped her from eating hotpot and drinking coke again.

When Shi Jin was almost done eating, Gu Jingyuan sent a message.

“Congratulations, you got first place in the semi-finals.

How many people made it into the finals”

“Top twelve.

How did you know I came to Warsaw”

“I guessed it when I saw the name of the first place winner.

Didnt you mention that you wanted to participate in a piano competition previously”

As for why he saw the name of the first place winner, it was all thanks to Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin had only come to watch a competition, but she had already made everyone aware of her fourth place result in the preliminaries.

Not only did she share everything that happened outside the stage today, but she also gave everyone a brief overview of the various aspects of the Chopin International Piano Competition to prove that she was talented.

People who knew what was going on knew that she was just going to watch the competition and tour the city.

Those who didnt know better would think that she had gotten a trophy with how big of a deal she was making.

It was because she was making such a big deal out of everything that she gained countless fans.

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