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Chapter 378: Ordinary People Cant Teach You

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“I know him.

He was the piano teacher that the Li family hired for me in the past,” Shi Xuexin said.

“But his standard was average… I only learned from him for a year before I got Grandpa to replace him.”


If not for Song Huaixian appearing today, she would have forgotten about such a person.

“Then its good that he was replaced.

Ordinary people cant teach you, but why is he here”

“Perhaps hes here to watch the competition,” said Shi Xuexin.

The things that Teacher Song taught her made her feel like she was sitting on pins and needles, and it was difficult for her to learn.

The teachers hired when she came back to the Shi family were better.

They were all very agreeable.

After she finished speaking, Hu Lai also came back from the washroom.

When she saw Song Huaixians back view, she couldnt help but take a few more glances.

Yu Xiuhua asked, “Sister Lai, do you also know Teacher Song”

“How would I know him” Hu Lai said casually.

She did not have the honor to know him.

She only knew that this person was the winner of the Chopin Award.

He was usually very mysterious and secretive.

If she hadnt heard from a senior in the industry who liked piano, she wouldnt have known.

She wanted to get to know him, but there was no chance.

At the thought of this, she urged Shi Xuexin.

“Quick, take a few more photos.

Itll be useful when we get back.”

As soon as Song Huaixian walked into the Philharmonic Music Hall, a few blond-haired blue-eyed foreigners greeted him respectfully.

The reporters immediately surrounded them, but no one was rude.

They all had respect on their faces and were very careful with their questions.

Song Huaixian chatted briefly with them and excused himself before walking in.

As soon as he walked over, most of the people in the hall stood up and nodded at him in greeting.

“President Song,” Fu Heyan greeted him loudly.

Everyone in the hall was very cautious and spoke very softly, but when Fu Heyan spoke loudly, no one expressed any disgust.

Instead, they smiled knowingly.

Most of the people here knew Fu Heyan.

Those who knew her well knew that she was straightforward and knew her status.

She said whatever was on her mind and everyone was very tolerant.

Song Huaixian walked towards Fu Heyan.

When he saw Shi Jin, the smile on his face became more amiable.

“President Song.” Everyone greeted.

Shi Jin introduced him to Brother Yao: “Brother Yao, this is my piano teacher.”

Yao Jiahong was obviously stunned for a moment.

He did not object when he heard about Shi Jin learning the piano, but he never expected the other party to be Song Huaixian!


Song Huaixian had won almost all the international trophies.

Not only that, it was said that the power behind him was also very mysterious.

He was currently the undisputed king of the piano industry.

Everyone was proud to know him.

He was not famous in the outside world because he was not showy.

Otherwise, with his ability, it would be easy for him to enter the entertainment industry.

However, with his status, the entertainment industry was no longer attractive to him.

“Hello, President Song.” Yao Jiahong greeted.

He finally understood why Fu Xiuyuan had asked him when the finals would be held and delayed booking the flight.

Shi Jins teacher was Song Huaixian.

In other words, Song Huaixian thought highly of Shi Jin.

How could Shi Jin not enter the finals

Song Huaixian sat down beside Shi Jin.

After a while, more people came to greet him and Fu Heyan.

Song Huaixian introduced Shi Jin to everyone generously, hiding their master-disciple relationship.

His face was full of pride, as if he was telling those people, “Dont come and snatch my student.”

Because of his attitude, Fu Xiuyuan didnt know if he should be jealous.


Yao Jiahong said in a low voice, “I didnt know that President Song would accept students.”

As far as he knew, Song Huaixian was a proud and aloof person who never accepted disciples.

Song Huaixian said, “Shi Jin is technically not my first student.”

“I actually have senior sisters and senior brothers” Shi Jin asked curiously.

“Strictly speaking, no.

In a sense, youre still my only student,” Song Huaixian said.

Shi Jin nodded.

She suddenly remembered that Old Master Li had mentioned before that he was supposed to introduce her to a piano teacher.

If the person Old Master Li wanted to invite was Song Huaixian, she understood what he meant.

Before he had known about the swap, Old Master Li had always hired top-notch piano, violin, and Chinese painting teachers for Shi Xuexin.

If she and Shi Xuexin were not switched at birth, then those teachers would be her teachers.

However, Xiao Li did not understand.

“Why is she not considered the first student, but still the only student”

Yao Jiahong patted his shoulder, indicating that he didnt need to understand.

The official matches of the semi-finals began.

The contestants took turns entering the stage.

When it was Shi Jins turn, she went backstage in advance.

Fu Xiuyuan accompanied her backstage.

Fu Heyan also wanted to go, but Yao Jiahong reminded her, “Miss Fu, do you think youre not bright enough”

“You think I want to go Im sick of that backstage.” Fu Heyan sat still.


When Shi Jin arrived backstage, most of the people there had blond hair and blue eyes.

They did not know each other and were not familiar with each other.

Hence, Shi Jins arrival did not attract anyones attention.

Shi Jin was wearing a white shirt and slim-fit jeans.

It was simple and she looked exceptionally slim.

Fu Xiuyuan felt her fingers and noticed that it was slightly cold.

“Go back to your seat.

Ill be down soon,” Shi Jin said softly.

Fu Xiuyuan nodded and watched her go on stage.

After the competition ended, Shi Jin went down to meet everyone.

Fu Heyan and Song Huaixian had relaxed smiles on their faces.

They didnt even mention the matter of entering the finals.

Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li were amateurs.

They couldnt understand how well the people on stage performed.

When everyone went up on stage, they all sounded pretty good.

From the perspective of the secular world, everyones standards seemed to be about the same.

They all sounded good, but what was so good about it It could only be understood, but not conveyed.

Hence, they were not too sure about Shi Jins score.

Everyones performances ended.

A boy suddenly ran over and greeted Shi Jin in fluent Chinese.

“Shi Jin, is that really you”

“You are…”

“Im Sheng Tian, a contestant.

I thought I saw you backstage, but I wasnt completely sure.” Sheng Tian was the first place champion of the national qualifiers and was also a fan of Shi Jin.

He had never expected to meet Shi Jin here.

He was filled with excitement.

He pulled out a small notebook.

“Can you give me an autograph”

“Sure.” Shi Jin took the notebook.

Not only did she sign it, she even wrote a message.

“Shi Jin, youre amazing! I heard your song just now.

Its at the level of a master..” Sheng Tian scratched his head.

“Youre definitely going to win the finals!”

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