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Chapter 377: All the Arrangements Have a Purpose

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After she got off the plane, she saw that all the competitors were assigned private cars.

She couldnt help feeling envious.

She was only slightly behind the third place winner.

She could have enjoyed such treatment.

Now, she could only take a taxi to the hotel.

Yu Xiuhua saw her disappointment and persuaded her in a low voice, “Its alright.

Five years later, we can still participate in the Chopin piano competition.”

Five years later How long is that

Shi Xuexin forced a smile.

Then, she saw Shi Jin being escorted by a tall man towards a car.

Shi Jin was here too Could she be here to participate in the competition

After some thought, Shi Xuexin dismissed the idea.

Shi Jin participating in the competition What was she going to play, her folk song

Shi Xuexin was even more certain after she saw that Shi Jin was not getting in a car that the organizing committee prepared.

However, when she saw Shi Jin getting inside a rare luxury car, Shi Xuexin felt a little jealous.

What was her purpose in coming to Warsaw

“Xuexin, get in the car,” Hu Lai reminded Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin got into the taxi and headed to the hotel that Hu Lai had booked.

Fu Xiuyuans villa in Warsaw was located not far from the Philharmonic Music Hall.

The Philharmonic Music Hall was the venue for this competition.

The location of his villa was exceptionally good.

When the car stopped in front of the villa and he saw that the villa had been renovated, even someone as meticulous as Yao Jiahong had to sigh at how considerate Fu Xiuyuan was.

The villa wasnt very big.

It was a three-story building, and there were already servants coming to pick up the luggage.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin stayed on the third floor while Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li stayed in the guest rooms on the second floor.

The environment and situation here were much better than the hotel where the contestants were staying.

After settling down, it was lunchtime.

Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin to the dining table, followed by Xiao Li and Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong was still checking the flight information on his phone.

“Youre already booking return tickets” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Otherwise, I wont be able to get VIP tickets.” Yao Jiahong paused and thought about the meaning behind Fu Xiuyuans words.

“If you guys want to take a break, I can book the flight for a later time.”

“I remember that the time between the semi-finals and the finals is not long”

“Two days.

The finals will be held two days after the results for the semi-finals are out,” Yao Jiahong explained.

“Ill book tickets later then”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

Yao Jiahong wrote down the date of the flight in his memo.

After dinner, Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin for a walk in the garden.

In the garden, one could see the Philharmonic Music Hall just by looking up.

The visual effects were excellent.

Fu Xiuyuan pointed into the distance and said, “Well walk from here tomorrow.

Itll only take about 15 minutes.

If we take the car, itll take two to three minutes.”

Shi Jin calculated that compared to other contestants, she could save about half an hour.

This meant that she could sleep for another half an hour.

“You seem very familiar with this place.” Shi Jin followed his finger and looked over.

With that, she recalled that Fu Heyan had also participated in a competition here.

It was normal for Fu Xiuyuan to be familiar with this place.

“Thankfully, I kept this villa.” Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes to look at her.

“I always thought that keeping it would be useful, and it turns out I was right.”

Shi Jin faced him.

“All the arrangements have their purpose.”

“I want to give you the best,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

Shi Jin nodded gently.

Just like this moment.

The next day, the semi-finals of the Chopin International Piano Competition officially began.

When Shi Jin woke up in the morning, Fu Xiuyuan accompanied her as she ate her breakfast slowly.

In the end, she didnt take the car and chose to walk to the Philharmonic Music Hall.

It was still early when they arrived.

Shi Jin entered the concert hall.

She did not expect there to be so many people inside so early in the morning.

The moment she and Fu Xiuyuan entered, Fu Heyan waved at her.

Shi Jin walked towards her.


“Come sit with me.” Fu Heyan cleared a few seats and asked, “Did you rest well”

“Pretty well.

Sis, youre not living in the villa with us”

“I live in another villa with your brother-in-law.” Fu Heyan smiled as she continued, “Its not too far away from your villa.”

Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li were speechless.

“I wanted to introduce you to the judges today… but I dont want people to gossip, so forget it.” Fu Heyan was a judge for the finals.

She didnt have to come to the semi-finals today, but she was here to see Shi Jin.

She said, “Moreover, these judges are inferior to President Song and me.

It doesnt matter if you meet them or not.”

Only the higher-ups of the Piano Association would dare to say such words.

Xiao Li originally thought that Shi Jin was just here as a formality.

When he saw Fu Heyan, he realized that he had misunderstood.

Although he didnt know Fu Heyan, he had done some research and found out that she was the champion of the Chopin competition 15 years ago.

She had a great reputation and was a god-like existence.

“When is President Song coming over” Shi Jin asked.

“Soon.” Fu Heyan glanced at the time.

“He didnt intend to come, but youre participating in the competition.

He said he would come to witness the birth of a miracle.”

Shi Jin smiled.


Outside the Philharmonic Music Hall.

Shi Xuexin had arrived early as well.

Warsaw had been full of people for the past few days, and the hotel they stayed in was very far away, so it took them some time to get there in the morning.

Because they were not invited and did not manage to get tickets, they could not enter.

However, Hu Lai did not necessarily have to go in.

She had asked Shi Xuexin to come over just to set up a persona for her.

At the same time, she wanted to help her get a good ranking in the upcoming Ivy League competition to familiarize herself with the venue.

It was Yu Xiuhuas first time standing at the entrance of such a grand and dignified concert hall, and a sense of pride rose in her heart.

She patted Shi Xuexin on the shoulder and said excitedly, “You can definitely enter the venue when you participate in the next Ivy League competition.”

Shi Xuexin nodded.

Hu Lai asked, “Do you want to go to the washroom”

“Theres no need.

Ill take a look here,” said Shi Xuexin with a nod.

“Then Ill go myself.

Wait for me here.” Hu Lai threw the bag to Shi Xuexin.

In comparison, Shi Xuexin was more like a manager than her.

She did all the chores, but whenever she thought of Chu Ling, she would gladly endure it.

As Shi Xuexin was speaking to Yuxiu Hua, a man walked over from the front.

He was tall and thin and looked rather charismatic.

He walked straight towards them.

This made Shi Xuexin feel slightly surprised.

Seeing that the person was approaching, she had no choice but to greet him, “Hello, Teacher Song.”

It was Song Huaixian.

He came specially to watch Shi Jins competition today.

Suddenly, he heard someone calling him.

He stopped in his tracks and glanced at the person.

He nodded as a greeting.

Shi Xuexin was in no mood to talk to him.

Song Huaixian was in a hurry as well, so he walked straight in.

Yu Xiuhua asked, “Do you know him, Xuexin”

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