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Chapter 375: Which Man Couldnt

Theoretically, there should be experiments and research done to produce this drug.

How had Shi Jin done it

Looking at his expression, Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

“Im only researching medicine, not other peoples bodies.

What are you thinking about”

Fu Xiuyuan was overthinking.

When Shi Jin pointed it out, he coughed awkwardly.

Shi Jin hugged his arm and said with a smile, “Do I have to observe someones anatomy when I drug them”

“Ahem.” Fu Xiuyuan stopped asking further.

Shi Jin continued to explain, “Even if I were to study the human anatomy, I wouldnt choose Hu Guangquan.”

Fu Xiuyuan remained silent.

The two of them walked into the private room together.

He Ziheng and the others had already come forward.

“Little sister-in-law, I heard that something happened over there.

What exactly went on”

“Yeah, what exactly is going on” Pei Junyi was also curious.

“I just heard Boss talking on the phone about something about a man not being good enough.

Which man is not good enough”

“I heard a name, I think he was called Hu Guangquan!” He Ziheng asked, “Wasnt Hu Guangquan mocking little sister-in-law on Weibo previously”

Since everyone was curious, Shi Jin briefly explained the situation.

Before she spoke, she realized that Lan Tian was also listening intently.

She covered her ears.

Lan Tians curiosity nearly killed her.

When Shi Jin finished speaking, all the men present felt a chill.

He Ziheng took two steps back and covered his crotch with both hands.

“Little sister-in-law, Ill listen to whatever you say.

Please dont ever drug me like that.”

Pei Junyi also raised his hands in surrender.

“Please dont experiment on me.”

Qiao Zhuoli silently moved his wine glass back a little, away from Shi Jin.

Shi Jin couldnt help laughing.

Lan Tian still heard some of it.

She leaned closer and said, “Teach me!”

Shi Jin placed a finger on her forehead.

“Focus on your studies first.

Well talk when you get into university.”

“Then you must teach me when I get into university.” Lan Tian became happy.

When He Ziheng and the others heard this, they were scared out of their wits.

They waved their hands and said, “Lets not meet again.”

Qiao Zhuoli said, “Someone like Hu Guangquan deserves it.”

Pei Junyi chimed in.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Sis-in-law, just drug that kind of person in the future! Dont waste your medicine!”

When they left, He Ziheng secretly ran over to ask Shi Jin, “Little sister-in-law, why do you think Boss blocked me”

“Didnt you ask him” Shi Jin asked curiously.

“I did.

Do you think someone like Boss would tell me directly If he would tell me the reason, he wouldnt have blocked me.”

He Ziheng had been conflicted for a long time.

Today, he finally got the chance to ask Shi Jin.

Shi Jin suddenly recalled the day of her birthday when He Ziheng sent Fu Xiuyuan those inappropriate videos.

She immediately realized that it was because of this that Fu Xiuyuan blocked He Ziheng.

He Ziheng was waiting for her to answer, but he saw a hint of red slowly rising from the corner of her eyes, dyeing her already charming face with a devilish glow.


I dont know either.” Shi Jins voice was pleasant, but her tone was perfunctory.

He Ziheng replied with an “Oh” and was deep in thought.

What did he do wrong

After the gathering ended, Shi Jin received a plane ticket from Yao Jiahong.

She then remembered that she was about to participate in the semi-finals of the Chopin piano competition.

The flight was tomorrow night.

She showed Fu Xiuyuan the ticket.

“Ill probably be gone for a few days.

When Im not around, remember to eat well.

You cant just skip meals because of work.”

“A few days Whos coming with you”

“Three or four days at most.

Brother Yao will definitely go.

Xiao Li will probably go too.”

Xiao Li was originally a chauffeur, but recently, he had been working as an assistant more and more.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned slightly, but didnt say anything.

“You havent agreed to what I said,” Shi Jin reminded him.

“Yes, I promise.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

Only then was Shi Jin satisfied.

She reached out to straighten his tie and a rewarding kiss landed on the corner of his lips.

The mans eyes lit up.

After coming out of the shower, Shi Jin went to pack her luggage.

Although she wont be there for long, she still had to dress carefully during the piano competition.

Fu Xiuyuan leaned against the door with his coffee cup and watched her pack.

Shi Jin raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

“How about this”

“Too revealing.” It was sleeveless, showing her two arms.

Wasnt that too revealing already

Shi Jin picked up another piece.

“What about this”

“Too short.” They were hot pants, so of course they were short.

Shi Jin took a few more items, but all of them were rejected by Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin took the clothes and walked towards Fu Xiuyuan.


Fu probably wants me to wear my school uniform to the competition”

“Well…” Fu Xiuyuans gaze landed on a few sets.

They were obviously formal wear, a white shirt and a black ladys coat.

It was normal, very classy.

“I think youre complaining that my suitcase isnt big enough.”

“Hm” Fu Xiuyuan drawled lazily.

“Not big enough to fit you inside.”

After Shi Jin finished speaking, Fu Xiuyuan let out a low chuckle.

Shi Jin was so close that she could hear his strong heartbeat.

Shi Jin finally finished packing and she returned to the bed.

The phone rang a few times, and a WeChat message came in.

She picked up her phone and clicked on it.

Shi Jin received Gu Qinghuas WeChat message.

“Shi Jin, have you heard Hu Guangquan quit the industry! I heard that he was forced to quit by his family.

He quit without any warning.” Gu Qinghua was both happy and puzzled.

“Thats good.

One less bad person around.”

Shi Jin had already scrolled to Weibo.

Hu Guangquan quitting the industry caused quite a stir.

The main reason was that when others quit, they quit silently.

On the other hand, he had his studio and manager release a statement together.

It was clear that he would not make a comeback.

The paparazzi even released photos of him being forced to quit by his grandmother.

Anyway, the matter was very big.

Gu Qinghua thought for a while before typing a line of words.

“Shi Jin, did you do it”

She kept feeling that this was Shi Jins doing.

Although it was hard for her to imagine how she did it.

Hu Guangquans fans were about to go crazy, but since their idol had left the industry, there was no point in discussing anything else.

“Yes, I did.” Shi Jin did not deny it.

Gu Qinghua was stunned.

It was really Shi Jin.

However, when she recalled the people she saw at Shi Jins birthday banquet, Gu Qinghua no longer found it strange.


The next day.

Shi Jin appeared at the airport punctually.

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