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Chapter 374: How Did You Figure It Out

Chu Ling turned around and saw Shi Jins mocking smile.

After weighing his options, he said in a low voice, “Shi Jin, let me help you call your manager and the police.”

He could tell that Madam Hu wanted to skin Shi Jin alive.

She would probably use underhanded methods to deal with her and release the video.

Shi Jins career could end right there and then.

Female artists were always afraid of getting involved in such scandals.

Of course, an idol like him was also afraid.

Shi Xuexin was rather looking forward to this scene.

She wondered if Shi Jin could get out of it.

Looking at Mrs.

Hus stance, Shi Xuexin guessed that it would be very difficult for Shi Jin to escape this calamity.

She really did not know how Shi Jin had managed to stir up such trouble!

Shi Jin was not even bothering to look at them!

Chu Ling and Shi Xuexin retreated.


Hu immediately went forward and wanted to tear off Shi Jins clothes.

Her own son had been destroyed, and now so was she.

She wanted to destroy everything that belonged to Shi Jin.

She would use the simplest and most brutal method!

She rushed towards Shi Jin.

Before her raised hand could land, another figure rushed over.

The figure grabbed her hand and slapped her twice.

Everyone realized that it was Hu Guangquans grandmother, Old Madam Hu.

Old Madam Hu gave Mrs.

Hu two tight slaps, and then did another two tight slaps to Hu Guangquan before saying sternly, “Hurry up and apologize to Miss Shi!”

“Wh-why” Both mother and son were furious.

“Apologize to Miss Shi immediately!” Old Madam Hus face was full of wrinkles.

When she straightened up, she looked stern and ruthless.

She had a high status in the family and Mrs.

Hu was very afraid of her.

However, Hu Guangquan said, “Impossible!”

Old Madam Hu took two more slaps, stunning Hu Guangquan.

Not only was Hu Guangquan stunned, even Chu Ling and Shi Xuexin, who were standing to one side, were motionless.

What kind of reversal was this


Hu and Hu Guangquan had no choice but to walk up to Shi Jin and apologize.

Old Madam Hu went over personally.

“Miss Shi, Im really sorry.

Its my fault for not disciplining my grandson and daughter-in-law properly and causing you so much trouble.

Please be kind and dont take issue with these petty people.”

Shi Jin said indifferently, “Apologizing after making a mistake You think you can erase all the hurt youve caused with just one sentence”

Old Madam Hu hastily replied, “Of course not, of course not.

I will properly discipline this grandson of mine later.

I will definitely not let him make any more mistakes!”

“Oh Is that so” Shi Jin asked calmly.

Her voice was emotionless, but it sounded pleasant.

Old Madam Hu made up her mind and said, “Ill make him leave the entertainment industry now and never step into it again!”

“Grandma cant…” Hu Guangquan was used to living a colorful life.

How could he quit

Shi Xuexin and Chu Ling were shocked as well.

The Hu family had a wide network and was very capable.

How could Old Madam Hu make such a huge concession just because of a word from Shi Jin

“Why not It isnt the only career path in this world.

Even if you quit, you wont starve to death!” Old Madam Hu immediately agreed and said, “Leave immediately.

Ill discuss it with your company and manager.”

Seeing that Shi Jins gaze was on the paparazzi behind her, she immediately said, “All of you, immediately announce to the public that Hu Guangquan is withdrawing from the entertainment circle now.

If he does make a comeback in the future, hell quit permanently.

Dont mention any of the nonsense about Shi Jin from before!”

The paparazzi looked at each other in dismay.

However, they knew that since Old Madam Hu had spoken, they could only follow her instructions.

Hu Guangquan and Mrs.

Hu stood rooted to the ground and watched as Mrs.

Hu made these arrangements.

Shi Jin looked down at her phone and said, “Can you move aside Let me pass.”

Old Madam Hu quickly stepped aside.

Shi Jin walked ahead while Old Madam Hu followed behind.

Although she said that she was following her, she was actually protecting her and not letting others have any ideas about her.

When they reached a place where no one was around, Old Madam Hu said in a low voice, “Miss Shi, I believe that you definitely have medicine that can make my grandson better.

We only have one child in our family, and he cant just be left alone.

Hes really letting my ancestors down!”

“Oh, make him go and be celibate for a month.

He will naturally recover after that.

This matter cannot be rushed.

The more urgent he is, the slower the recovery time will be,” Shi Jin then said calmly.

Even if she hadnt told them, Hu Guangquan would definitely have recovered after a while.

She had not used any heavy stuff when she drugged him.

However, even if Hu Guangquan recovered, he would still be traumatized.

And like the doctor said, he needed to slowly recover from the psychological trauma.

Hearing her words, Old Madam Hu was stunned.

She had never thought that the solution would be so simple.

However, she still did not dare to underestimate Shi Jin.

After all, when she came just now, it was that master who had found her…

Furthermore, if her grandson still dared to do anything in the future, she believed that Shi Jin would definitely not be so lenient again.

Thinking of this, Old Madam Hu immediately went back to discipline her grandson.

If she didnt discipline him properly, others would punish them strictly.

Old Madam Hu finally understood this principle.

She took Hu Guangquan and Mrs.

Hu back.

Shi Xuexin was stunned by what she saw.

The Hu family had not even given Chu Ling face.

However, the Old Madam, who had the most authority, had stepped forward and bowed to Shi Jin.

What kind of magical world was this

Chu Ling was also sweating profusely.

He had actually retreated from Shi Jins dangerous situation… If he had not retreated earlier and stood in front of Shi Jin, what would the situation be like now

With that thought in mind, he became completely distracted.

He did not even hear Shi Xuexin speak to him.

“Brother Chu Ling, you said that Shi Jin and the Hu family…” Shi Xuexin tugged at his sleeve.

“Dont talk nonsense,” Chu Ling interrupted her before she could finish.

He looked at Shi Xuexin seriously.

For some reason, he felt vexed.

He had a nagging feeling that Shi Xuexins imagination was getting better and better.

Shi Xuexin felt aggrieved.

She clearly had not said anything…


Shi Jin walked over.

Fu Xiuyuan was walking towards her.

“Has everything been settled” Fu Xiuyuan glanced coldly in the direction the Hu family had left in.

Shi Jin knew that Old Madam Hu had been sent by Fu Xiuyuan.

Even though she could resolve this matter, there were still many paparazzi present.

It was indeed better for Old Madam Hu to step in.

“Mm.” Shi Jin nodded lightly.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes and focused.

“So… how did you work out the drug you gave Hu Guangquan”

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