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Chapter 372: Crying Like A Fool

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“No matter what, we will always support him!”

Gu Qinghua was fine even when she was being scolded, but when she saw Shi Jin being abused online, her face turned red.

“What exactly happened to Hu Guangquan”

Shi Jin took her phone out and glanced at it.

“A grasshopper after autumn cant jump much.”

“Im really sorry, Shi Jin, for dragging you into my matters.”

“Was I supposed to just watch you get defiled by that beast” Shi Jin retorted.

“Mm… well, what should we do now” Gu Qinghua was very worried.

This kind of situation was difficult to resolve.

Moreover, these situations would always favor the male side in the end.

Women naturally had no advantage in this kind of battle of public opinion.

“Dont worry about that.

His fans dont have much of an advantage anyway.

Hell come and find me in a few days.

Youll just have to bear some pressure.”

Gu Qinghua nodded heavily.

Whatever Shi Jin said, she definitely had her reasons.

If she hadnt met Shi Jin, she would really be dead by now.

Hu Guangquans fans made a lot of noise, but if they really wanted to step on Shi Jin, her fans would not give them a chance.

Shi Jins fans quickly organized themselves and faced his fans without any fear.

“Theres no need for this, Little Stone.

If theres anything wrong with her, you guys can just say it out loud.

If your idols a man, then he just say it out loud too.

Whats there to hide”

“Little Stone has been very busy recently, so I dont have time to argue with you guys.

Please ask your so-called older brother what problems he has.”

Shi Jin had a lot of fans as well.

Although she had debuted as a celebrity, she had never had a direct confrontation with anyone in the industry.

Everyone wanted to see where Hu Guangquan was getting his courage from.

In the end, Hu Guangquans fans gave up.

Shi Jins songs were the first to be released in the industry.

The results that she had achieved were real and her contributions to the country were not to be underestimated.

As for Hu Guangquan, no one would recognize him when he spoke his own language.

His fans could only focus on scolding Gu Qinghua.

However, for a man to gather his fans to scold a female artist for no reason… This matter made passers-by feel very uncomfortable.

Everyone sympathized with Gu Qinghua instead.


On the weekend:

TheGoofy Sky Group was bustling with noise and excitement.

They had arranged to celebrate Shi Jin being admitted to university.

After arranging the time and place, He Ziheng went to make arrangements and shared the address in the group.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin followed the address and drove into the underground parking lot.

When the car entered, Shi Jin received a call.

She got out of the car while Fu Xiuyuan went to park.

She stood still and picked up the call.

It was Yao Jiahong calling to inform her about some work arrangements.

Shi Jin quickly ended the call and saw two people getting out of a car.

It was Shi Xuexin and Chu Jia.

Shi Xuexin walked forward.

“Shi Jin, what a coincidence.”

Chu Jia pouted and muttered, “What a coincidence.

Who knows if shes here to see my cousin”

Now that Shi Xuexin was facing Shi Jin, she felt more confident.

She smiled and said, “Shi Jin, are you here to meet your friend Do you want to come with us”

Chu Jia added, “This time, Xuexin won fourth place in the National Selection Competition! Fourth in the country! Were holding a celebration party for her here.”

Shi Jin lifted her eyelids and asked lightly, “Can someone ranked fourth participate in the semi-finals and finals”

Shi Xuexin and Chu Jia felt suffocated.

Only the top three could participate, unless there were other ways for someone to send their practice videos to the judges and get recommendations from those with authority.

Chu Jia was proud of Shi Xuexin.

“Although we cant go for the time being, getting fourth place out of the whole country is already impressive enough! This is classical music.

Furthermore, Xuexin has passed the preliminaries of the Ivy League Composer Competition.

These are completely different from those common songs!”

“Oh,” Shi Jin replied calmly.

Chu Jia had attacked with a heavy blow, thinking that she could catch Shi Jin off guard.

Unexpectedly, it was as if the punch had landed on cotton, making her unable to muster any more energy.

Shi Xuexin then said casually, “Say nothing more.

Jiajia, Brother Chu Ling wont even allow us to talk about these things.

Hes very low-key.

He will only announce our relationship after Ive won the Ivy League competition.

Dont say anymore.”

She thought that showing off about Chu Ling would cause Shi Jin to be moved.

Unfortunately, Shi Jin was looking down at her phone as if she had not heard the words at all.

“Shi Jin, did you hear that” Chu Jia asked.

“Hear what” Shi Jin really had not heard anything.

He Ziheng was talking in the group chat and she told them that she was in the parking lot.

Shi Xuexin smiled and said, “Its nothing.

Well be leaving then.”

Chu Jia said in a low voice, “Shi Jin is playing dumb.

Didnt you see it”

“Shes acting like this because shes sad,” Shi Xuexin said calmly.

“Shes pretending not to hear me, but who knows what shes thinking”

She had a premonition that on the day she and Chu Ling announced things in public, Shi Jin would cry like an idiot.

Shi Xuexin felt a special thrill of revenge.

Shi Jin had stayed with the Shi family for twelve more years, causing her to be forced to live a life without comfort for twelve years in a small town.

Every time she thought about the twelve years shed wasted, she thought that at the Shis, the piano and violin teachers would have been better than the ones in town, so her own efforts would have been more productive and she would be more talented now.

As she currently was, she could only get fourth place.

If she had learned from her aunt long ago, she would probably be able to appear at the finals of the Chopin competition now, right She would only be truly happy when she really beat Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was replying to a WeChat message when Fu Xiuyuan walked over and asked in a low voice, “Who was that just now”

“An unimportant passerby.” Shi Jin looked up and laughed.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out to take her hand and walked towards the elevator with her.

The Goofy Sky Group was already assembled in the private room.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin entered at the appointed time.

As soon as Shi Jin entered the room, ribbons and sparkling pieces fell on her and Fu Xiuyuan.

He Ziheng took the lead.

“Congratulations, sis-in-law! You got into the school you like!”

“Our Shi Jin is the best!”

Pei Junyi, Lan Tian, and Qiao Zhuolis smiles were also glittering.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Thank you, everyone.”

She looked up to see Fu Xiuyuan looking down at her with happy eyes.

Pei Junyi took out two bottles of Crimson Pearl wine.

“Although these two bottles arent as good as the ones Little Sister-in-law gave us last time, they taste pretty good.

Lets drink them tonight.”

Fu Xiuyuan said nothing.

He turned to look at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin didnt know if she should agree to let him drink it.

He leaned down and whispered, “Little Missy.”

It was very dangerous for a cold and abstinent man to act so flirtatiously..

Shi Jins ears were filled with him, and a deep shiver ran down her spine.

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