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Chapter 371: I Will Never Cooperate Again

Those female celebrities that he had drugged, after the incident, most of them kept quiet out of consideration for the resources and money.

Even if they could afford to offend him, they would not.

Hence, his reputation in the outside world was actually quite good.

Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua changed rooms to eat.

Gu Qinghua still felt a lingering fear at the mention of what had just happened.

Shi Jin then received a WeChat message.

She clicked on it and realized that it was a video call from Mrs.


Thinking that there was something wrong with Mr.

Tang, Shi Jin clicked on the link and put on her mask.

Then, she realized that there was nothing wrong with him.


Tang was livestreaming as she said, “Doctor Si, because of that Doctor Pan, I misunderstood your friend Shi Jin.

Now, Ill apologize to your friend.

At the same time, I have to smash Doctor Pans career to prevent others from being misled by him.”


Tang had been worried about her husbands condition for the past few days, so she hadnt thought about Dr.

Pan much yet.

She finally had time to consider him today.

Gu Qinghua also sat nearby and watched the livestream with Shi Jin.

At that moment, Doctor Pan was busy seeing many patients.

Previously, when he had been treating Old Madam Fu, because of the strict rules in the Fu family, he had not been able to publicize it, so he had not increased his own reputation, but it was different now.

The Tang family had always been active, and many people knew that the head of the Tangs was sick.

Their family didnt have as many rules as the Fus.

After he prescribed medicine for the head of the Tangs, he clearly stated that the medicine could be administered for three days.

Three days later, if the Tang family felt that the medicine was effective, they were to come and find him.

For the next few days, the Tang household was peaceful.

It was already the fourth day.

Although Mrs.

Tang hadnt come, Doctor Pan believed that his medicine was definitely effective.

With regards to Old Madam Fus condition, his confidence was boosted and he figured that Mr.

Tangs condition was not a problem.

Therefore, those who heard the news all came to see him.

At this moment, his small clinic was crowded.

On both sides of the clinic, there was a couplet which read “Kind Hands, Kind Hearts,” and “Helping the world”.

Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua looked at the things on the screen.

They could not help but find it funny when they heard Doctor Pan talking about Mr.

Tang while he was in a consultation.

Shi Jin briefly told Gu Qinghua the whole story.

Now that Gu Qinghua was looking at Doctor Pan, she felt even more amused.

When Mrs.

Tang entered, Doctor Pan stood up and said, “Mrs.

Tang! Mrs.

Tang, has your husbands condition improved”


Tang had always looked worried whenever she saw anyone.

Everything was because of her husbands illness that made her unable to sleep peacefully.

She was constantly worried every day.

It was naturally different now.

Once her husband recovered, her condition would also improve.

Doctor Pan observed her expression and felt even happier.

The patients family had come to thank him for his performance!

To receive gratitude in front of so many patients, there would be no need for him to say anything more in the future.

His clinic was already crowded.

“Hes much better,” Mrs.

Tang said calmly.

“Why did Mrs.

Tang come here personally Give me a call and let me go over to take a look.

That way, you wont have to make another trip,” Doctor Pan said as he stood up.


Tang didnt say anything.

She raised the tool in her hand and smashed it down on Dr.

Pans table.

Shi Jin could only hear a series of banging sounds.

The camera shook and there was a series of shouts from the other side.

When the camera finally settled down, Doctor Pan said angrily, “Mrs.

Tang, what are you doing”

“What are you doing Im telling you that my husband almost died from your treatment! Its all my fault for not listening to that little girl the other day and believing you! Alright, were even now.”

With that, Mrs.

Tang turned around and left.

She had bodyguards behind her, so Doctor Pan did not dare to say anything.

The other patients who were looking for Doctor Pan pointed and said, “Uh, wasnt that Mrs.


“In that case, Dr.

Pan didnt treat her husband well at all.”

“Forget it, forget it.

Lets go.”

The entrance of the clinic, which was filled with people, suddenly became completely empty.


Tang said to the camera, “Doctor Si, Ive destroyed his reputation.

Old Madam Fu hasnt been treated, and my husband hasnt been treated either.

How dare he use our familys reputation to cheat others I wont tolerate such people.”

“Mm.” Shi Jin nodded.


Tang knew that she had wasted Shi Jins time, so she said, “Ill hang up now.

Ill contact you later, Doctor Si.”

After Shi Jin hung up, Gu Qinghua did not find it strange at all that she knew about medicine.

Instead, she looked at her with admiration.

“Wow, so youre even more impressive than I imagined.”

“Were you expecting me to be powerful too”

“Of course,” Gu Qinghua said.

“Do you still remember the long scar on your chin I saw it with my own eyes, and I also saw it disappear with my own eyes! At that time, I knew that you werent simple.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I see.”

The two of them ate together.

Halfway through, she checked her phone and realized that Hu Guangquan had posted on Weibo.

“I dont want to work with anyone anymore.

Now I know what people are really like.”

The fans were all very concerned about what had happened to him and asked questions one after another.

Of course, Hu Guangquan would not reply.

However, there were still many people who deduced that the person he was talking about was Gu Qinghua based on the information he had given.

Previously, both of their studios had released their collaboration information.

As expected, their collaboration was set to be announced tonight.

However, other than his complaints, there was nothing else.

Of course, his fans defended him.

“I know, it must be Gu Qinghua who wanted to hurt our brother! So our brother quit!”

“Is it that woman who looks as calm as water Hehehe, she has the cheek to do that”

“Maybe shes not there to chase him, but anyway, shes that kind of woman.

I dont know what other things she did, but Ive long felt that my brother isnt suitable to work with her.

It seems like I was right.”

Male artists fans often harbored great malice towards female artists.

They always felt that female artists just wanted to ride on their popularity.

Seeing so many people scolding Gu Qinghua, Hu Guangquan felt a little better.

He sent a message: “Not only her, I wont cooperate with any of her good friends either.”

Gu Qinghua was introverted and had only been in the circle for a short period of time.

She did not have any other good friends.

The only good friend everyone knew was Shi Jin.

The fan continued to defend their idol.

“Hehe, looks like Gu Qinghuas good friend isnt a good person either.”

“I wonder what the two of them did to make our man so disgusted.”

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