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Chapter 370: Whats In The Coffee

“Qinghua is a very good friend of mine.

I am very grateful to you for taking care of her.

I want to toast to you too.” Shi Jin touched the coffee cup lightly.

Her smile was light, but there was an indescribable charm in her movements.

She held the coffee cup as if she was holding a cup of fine wine.

Hu Guangquan had long heard that Shi Jin was an untouchable flower in the entertainment industry and that Yao Jiahong protected her very well.

She never had any scandals and only relied on her talent to make a living.

Looking at her every frown and smile, it was clear that she was extremely seductive.

Clearly, the rumors could not be trusted.

Maybe Shi Jins methods were too sophisticated.

Or rather, there were not many people who could get her going.

That was why people thought she was innocent, right

With this thought in mind, Hu Guangquan felt that his charisma was extraordinary enough to tempt her.

He clinked his coffee cup against Shi Jins and said, “Ill drink it no matter what.”

When Gu Qinghuas manager saw Shi Jin being like this, she was puzzled and anxious.

Could it be that Shi Jin really wanted to take Gu Qinghuas resources Did this look like something Gu Qinghuas good friend would do

Hu Guangquan was sandwiched by two beauties.

He raised his head and slugged back all the coffee in his cup.

However, Shi Jins lips did not even touch the coffee.

After Hu Guangquan finished drinking, he became bolder.

He reached out to touch Shi Jins hand.

Shi Jin grabbed his hand and slammed it down onto the table.

He fell forward onto the table.

Feeling the pain and embarrassment, Hu Guangquan shouted, “Shi Jin, let go of me!”

Gu Qinghuas manager hurriedly yelled, “Shi Jin, dont be rash!”

“Why didnt you come and help me!” Hu Guangquan shouted at the bodyguards behind him.

He had spent a lot of money on this bodyguard, but he had not even noticed Shi Jins small movements.

Hu Guangquan felt even more humiliated.

Shi Jin glanced at the bodyguard indifferently.

It was clearly just an ordinary look, but the bodyguard was so frightened that he did not dare to come forward.

Gu Qinghua was concerned about Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, are you alright”

“Im fine.

You didnt take a sip of coffee, did you”

“No, after you kicked me, I didnt dare to drink anymore.” Gu Qinghua had always trusted Shi Jin and had long cooperated with her in the competition.

She had understood what Shi Jin meant.

Gu Qinghuas manager held her dizzy head and said, “So… whats in the coffee”

“I dont know exactly, but Hu Guangquan is up to no good,” Shi Jin explained.

The manager was on the verge of collapsing.

Soon, everything in front of her turned blurry.

Before she fainted, she knew that she had misunderstood Shi Jin.

She had thought that she wanted to snatch Gu Qinghuas resources, but it turned out that…

When Hu Guangquans scheme was exposed, he shouted angrily, “Who do you think you are Whos paying you Gu Qinghua, do you really think I want to sing those bullsh*t songs that you wrote If I hadnt seen how pretty you are, you think Id bother with you You agreed to cooperate, dont you know that means you have to work with me in bed”

Gu Qinghua was furious when she heard this and raised her hand.

However, when she thought of his background as the hedonistic son, she hesitated.

She knew that her slap would implicate her manager and company as well.

How could it be so easy for someone in the industry like her to do whatever they wanted

Shi Jin guessed her thoughts and said, “Give him a slap.

Ill protect you.”

She suddenly turned around.

“Are you going to call the police Youd better hurry up! You can show the police how your young master bullies weak women.”

The bodyguard, who had been planning to leave quietly to call the police, hesitated.

If this matter was reported, it would be difficult to resolve.

Gu Qinghua hesitated for a moment, but still believed Shi Jins words.

She raised her hand and slapped Hu Guangquans face.

“You…” Before Hu Guangquan could even utter the worddare, he was slapped so hard that his face burned.

After Gu Qinghua slapped him, she felt extremely relieved.

She recalled how Hu Guangquan had used his power to bully others and had done many other things like this.

She then gave him another hard slap, causing him to pant in anger.

Only then did Shi Jin let go of Hu Guangquan.

Hu Guangquan staggered for a moment before stabilizing himself.

He had never been treated like this in his entire life.

He laughed at Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua.

“Good, good, you guys are strong enough! And interesting enough! I want to see how you guys are going to kneel down and call me daddy! F*ck!”

Gu Qinghua trembled in fear.

Shi Jin calmly lifted her eyelids and looked at him lazily.

“How was your coffee”

How could Hu Guangquan remember the taste now

“Why are you keeping me in suspense” Hu Guangquan said angrily.

“Oh, its nothing.

Dont you like to add condiments to your coffee I also added some for you.

Remember, dont say anything about f*cking anymore.

After all, youre almost useless now.

Im afraid you wont be able to f*ck anyone ever again,” Shi Jin said coldly.

Hu Guangquan became even more furious.

The bodyguard reminded him softly, “Young Master, why dont we stop fooling around If the Old Master finds out…”

Hu Guangquan was used to drinking and being wild, but he was still afraid of his father scolding him.

Initially, he had thought that it would be fine to mess around with Gu Qinghua.

After all, he had a collaboration with her and he would give her a huge sum of money.

Even if something were to happen, he would just say that she was overly attached to him and the matter would be resolved.

Besides, there were many women who wanted to do this kind of thing for resources.

It just depended on whether he was in the mood to mess with them.

He had not expected things to go so sourly today.

“Just you wait!” Hu Guangquan turned and left.

He could not believe that he could not subdue two women!

After he left, Gu Qinghua asked nervously, “Shi Jin, this Hu Guangquan is not to be trifled with.

If he really makes trouble for us, it will be a big problem.

What should we do now”

“What I said just now is true.

He wont be able to afford it in the future unless he comes to me to get the medicine.

Do you think he will still dare to make trouble then”

Gu Qinghua was shocked.

“What did you drug him with”

“Good medicine!” Shi Jin said.

“Quick, take a picture of your manager! We can go and eat after she wakes up.”

Gu Qinghua patted her manager awake with wet hands.

Her manager widened her eyes and asked, “Wheres Young Master Quan”

“He has already left.” Gu Qinghua explained what Shi Jin had said to her manager.

The manager was so angry that she swore.

“So he only cooperated with us because he wanted to take liberties He drugged the coffee! That bastard!”

“It doesnt matter.

Shi Jin has already taken his lifeline.

He wont be able to do anything anymore.”

The manager felt extremely guilty for suspecting Shi Jin.

Fortunately, Shi Jin knew about her background and knew that she did not bring Gu Qinghua to sign this contract on purpose.

It was just that Hu Guangquans actions were too secretive and could not be easily detected.

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