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Chapter 369: Its Better If Youre Not Interested In Yourself


Tang looked at the paper happily.

After Shi Jin wrote it down, she passed the prescription to her.

“After you make the medicine this time, you can take it twice a day for three consecutive days.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill get someone to buy the ingredients and boil them.”

Shi Jin had to leave.


Tang went up to see her off and thanked her profusely.

“Go back and accompany your husband,” Shi Jin said calmly.

After Mrs.

Tang left, Doctor Wan came forward.

“Doctor Si, can I take a look at the prescriptions”

“They are all with Mrs.


You can go and take a look yourself,” said Shi Jin.

“Theyre your blood, sweat, and tears.

Its better for me to ask your permission before reading them.”

“Its no big deal.

You can read them all.”

Doctor Wan had not expected her to be so magnanimous at such a young age.

“Arent you afraid of being cheated by others”

Shi Jin shook her head.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine is different from Western Medicine.

It is true that the medicine is precise and strict, but the dosages are limited and cannot be changed by humans.

As such, naturally, their effects will be greatly reduced.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has countless variations and can be adjustmented to the patients condition.

One person, one day, one medicine.

All kinds of treatments can be adjusted at any time.

It has a very strong effect on the patients condition, so naturally, the effects are better.

If another patient uses this prescription, it might not be effective.”

Only then did Doctor Wan truly bow down to her.

Shi Jin did not look at him anymore.

She turned around and got into the car.

Li took her to the place where she was scheduled to meet Gu Qinghua.

They had agreed to meet at seven, but Shi Jin arrived a little early – it was only half past five.

She wanted to wait a little longer, but when the car stopped, Li reminded her, “Miss Shi, do you think Gu Qinghua is here yet”

Shi Jin looked over.

Gu Qinghua and her manager were standing to one side, seemingly waiting for someone.

Shi Jin had already changed into her original clothes.

She got out of the car and walked towards Gu Qinghua.

“Shi Jin!” Gu Qinghua exclaimed in surprise.

“Youre here so early”

“And youre even earlier” Shi Jin took off her mask and asked.

Gu Qinghuas manager had heard about Shi Jin from Gu Qinghua every day, so she was already very familiar with her.

She smiled and said, “Qinghua has a contract to sign, and the details have been discussed.

She only needs to sign it, so she came over early to do so.

I was just about to find you for dinner after signing it.”

Shi Jin understood that she was taking advantage of every opportunity.

Artists were always busy and indeed had all sorts of arrangements.

Gu Qinghua was very apologetic.

“Sorry, I have to make you wait a little longer.”

“Its okay.

Its not the time we agreed on anyway.” Shi Jin took out her phone.

“You can go ahead.”

Seeing that she was staying there alone, Gu Qinghua was rather uncomfortable and said, “Why dont you come with us”

When her manager heard that, she felt that there was nothing to object to.

Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua were not rivals.

Shi Jin might not even take Gu Qinghua seriously.

“Shi Jin, just think of it as accompanying Qinghua,” the manager said.

Shi Jin put on her mask, agreed, and walked in with them.

After walking in, the manager finally realized something.

If she let Shi Jin sit here, wouldnt Gu Qinghua be overshadowed by Shi Jins glory

However, since Shi Jin did not object, it seemed like she still cared a lot about this friend of hers.

If the manager were to suggest that Shi Jin should not come, wouldnt it be rude

With that thought, the manager calmed down.

Shi Jin took off her mask and began speaking to Gu Qinghua about some small matters between friends.

A moment later, a young man with a slightly foppish face walked in.

He looked like a currently popular idol singer.

“Master Quan!” The manager quickly jumped up and they shook hands.

It was only then that Shi Jin remembered that this person was called Hu Guangquan.

He had some background.

These so-called idol singers basically did not know how to sing or write.

They got into the industry through family backing and then just skated by on their looks.

Once they went on stage, they basically would not turn on the microphone at all.

Shi Jin did not have a good impression of such people, but since it was Gu Qinghuas affair, she would not say much.

Hu Guangquan didnt reach out his hand, but the bodyguard beside him pushed Gu Qinghuas manager back and said, “The one working with Master Quan is Gu Qinghua, right”

Gu Qinghua was slightly behind her manager.

She reached out her hand and smiled.

“Hello, Mr.


Only then did Hu Guangquan shake hands with her.

His grip was a little heavy and his demeanor was lecherous.

Gu Qinghua wanted to pull her hand away, but she didnt.

The smile on her face changed slightly, but she still maintained her good posture.

In this circle, it was inevitable to encounter such situations sometimes.

However, Gu Qinghuas luck had always been relatively good and usually everyone was civil toward her.

Hu Guangquan finally released his grip.

He glanced and saw Shi Jin.

Shi Jin wasnt there for work today, so she was dressed simply.

Her mask was pulled down to cover her chin.

Her eyebrows were light, but she looked attractive sitting there.

“Qinghua, this is…” Hu Guangquan began to ask.

“Shi Jin, my friend.

Shes here to sign the contract with me today.

Were going for dinner later.” Gu Qinghua had been shaken by Hu Guangquan earlier and was already regretting letting Shi Jin come with her.

During the previous few interactions, Hu Guangquans performance had been pretty good.

He had looked like he was not interested in anyone.

What Gu Qinghua wanted was for his attitude to stay like that.

It would be best if he wasnt interested in her and was only interested in her songs.

She had not expected him to shake her hand so… creepily.

She hoped that she was thinking too much and that it was just her imagination.

“Oh” Hu Guangquan didnt say anything else.

He pulled out a chair and sat down, as if the handshake was nothing.

Gu Qinghua was slightly relieved.

Soon, Hu Guangquans bodyguard brought over a few cups of coffee.

Hu Guangquan reached out his hand and said to everyone, “Arent we signing the contract today Lets celebrate with coffee instead of wine.”

“Alright, lets celebrate first.” The manager immediately served the coffee.

“I also wish Mr.

Quan and Qinghua a happy collaboration.”

Shi Jin also picked up the cup of coffee.

Just as she placed it to her lips, she frowned and kicked Gu Qinghua.

Gu Qinghua still hadnt drunk.

She looked at Shi Jin and asked, “Whats wrong”

Shi Jin held the cup of coffee and a faint smile appeared on her face.

“Arent you working with Master Quan Shall we toast to Master Quans kindness first”

Gu Qinghuas manager had already taken a big gulp of coffee.

When she heard what Shi Jin said, she didnt say anything even though she felt that something was off.

Gu Qinghua felt that Shi Jins suggestion made sense, so she picked up the coffee with her and said to Hu Guangquan, “Mr.

Quan, thank you for your favor this time.”

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