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Chapter 368: Writing the Prescription

“Much better.

Breathing is easier now.” His voice was filled with energy.

Doctor Wan couldnt accept it.

Didnt Doctor Pans medicine have the same effect at first too However, how long did it last before it wore off

At such a crucial moment, wouldnt they all still have to rely on a real doctor

He followed the couple in silence and returned to the hospital.

The hospital director did not dare to be negligent.

After personally coming over to check on Mr.

Tang, before he left, he called Doctor Wan over to the side.

“Youll have to work hard over the next two days.

Stay in the hospital to watch over him.

Dont let anything happen to Mr.


“I understand,” Doctor Wan agreed helplessly.

Every time Mrs.

Tang courted death, he would be the one to bear the consequences.

Taking advantage of the fact that Mr.

Tangs condition was still stable, Doctor Wan ran back to his office to rest and recuperate so that he could deal with any unexpected situations that might arise.

He instructed his assistant nurse, “Wake me up if anything happens with the Tangs.”

“Doctor Wan, you didnt sleep at all last night.

Hurry and rest.

Ill call you if anything happens.”

Doctor Wan guessed that he would be able to sleep for two hours.

He quickly grabbed the opportunity to rest.

When he woke up, the sun was already setting over the horizon.

It was almost dark.

He got to his feet just as the nurse from earlier was passing by with food.

He grabbed her.

“Didnt I tell you to call me Whats going on with the Tangs Why didnt you call me”

“Doctor Wan, Mrs.

Tang only sent a bowl of porridge over.

Nothing else has happened.”

Doctor Wan did not believe her and immediately ran over.

When he went to take a look, he saw that Mrs.

Tang was watching a variety show with her husband, smiling happily.

What was going on

“Doctor Wan, good timing,” Mrs.

Tang said with a smile.

“My husband hasnt had an asthma attack since he took Doctor Sis medicine.

I wanted to ask you, does he still have to be careful when eating”

Doctor Wan was stupefied.


Shi Jin soon received a video from Mrs.


The video was of what her husband had eaten and what he had just watched on television.

He was in a good mood.

At the same time, Mrs.

Tang asked Shi Jin if he needed any food.

Shi Jin replied, “Theres no need to be too cautious.

He can eat whatever he likes as long as its healthy.”

“Okay, Doctor Si, thank you so much.

My husband also said that he hasnt had such an easy time in many years.”

“Its fine.

You guys should take good care of yourselves,” Shi Jin replied.

The butler brought a parcel over and said to Shi Jin, “Miss Shi, your parcel.”

Shi Jin took it and glanced at it.

It was from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

If she wasnt mistaken, it should be an admission notice.

She opened it and saw that her guess was correct.

She was determined to go to this school.

After receiving the admission notice, she took a photo and posted it on Weibo as an explanation to her fans.

In just a moment, it was read by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Fans: “Although I dont understand why youve made such a choice, I still support you!”

Fans: “The fingers holding the notice are so beautiful.

Its not surprising that they can play the piano too!”

Fans: “Youve been waiting for so long for an acceptance letter.

Can you show us your face”

Fans: “Our Darling is the best.

Whatever you choose will be the best choice!”

This time, when Wen Yongwei saw that Shi Jin had revealed her admission notice, she finally revealed her own admission notice that she had received from Beijing University three days ago which said, “Beijing University would be honored to have you.”

She had been quiet for a long time, and her endorsement deals had always been mediocre.

Especially after the endorsement deal with theOmnipotent Answers app, many people had begun treating her like she was cursed.

In the past month, she had not received a single new endorsement.

And with the endorsements that she had signed previously, as soon as the contracts expired, someone else would replace her.

Now that she had chosen a good school, she could finally turn the situation around.

After all, it was a university in Beijing, which was very respectable.

In addition, she had recently acted in the movie Tomorrows Rescue, which was still very popular.

The fans naturally had to brag about it for a while.

Unsurprisingly, both idols began trending again and being compared.

However, Wen Yongweis popularity was only so-so now.

Compared to Shi Jin, her ratings were nothing much.

A moment later, a bunch of WeChat messages appeared on Shi Jins WeChat.

Shi Jin was pulled into a group.

She took a look at the groups name: “Goofy Sky Group”.

The members were obviously He Ziheng, Qiao Zhuoli, Pei Junyi, Lan Tian, and Fu Xiuyuan.

This group name was really silly.

He Ziheng: “Little sister-in-law has been accepted, when are we going out to drink and play to celebrate”

Qiao Zhuoli: “Im free.

You guys arrange the time.”

Lan Tian: “I need to revise.

I can only do it this weekend.”

Fu Xiuyuan: “Anything is fine.”

Shi Jin finally spoke up.

“Then lets do it on the weekend.

Its more fun with Sister Lan Tian around.”

He Ziheng: “Lost favor.jpg.”

Blue Sky: “Happy marshmallow.jpg”

Pei Jun: “Ok, no problem.”

Fu Xiuyuan: “Can I kick someone”

Blue Sky: “Shivering.jpg”

Shi Jin: “Burying my head.jpg”

Although Shi Jins picture was sent to everyone and not specifically Fu Xiuyuan, he still treated it as though he was the only one who had received it.

He looked at the emoticon in satisfaction and saved it.


Gu Qinghua also sent Shi Jin a WeChat message to congratulate her.

Coincidentally, both of them had agreed to meet up and eat together.

The dinner date was set at seven in the evening.

On the same day, Shi Jin happened to be going to treat Mr.


She got Li to take her to the hospital first.


Tang was already waiting at the entrance.

This time, even Doctor Wan was waiting there.

When Shi Jin got out of the car, Mrs.

Tang rushed forward and said, “Doctor Si!”

She was agitated and held Shi Jins hand tightly.

“How is he” Shi Jin asked.

“Its just like I said in the video.

Apart from being a little breathless after waking up in the morning, the rest of the time, hes really not panting anymore.

His condition is much better!” Mrs.

Tang was beaming with joy.

Shi Jin asked a few more questions.


Tang already answered everything.

When Shi Jin saw her patient, she saw that his face had already turned redder.

The moment Mr.

Tang saw Shi Jin, he laughed loudly and said, “Doctor Si is indeed brilliant.

These few days have been the happiest of my life! Thank you, thank you!”

Shi Jin went forward to take his pulse.

The head of the Tang family looked at her calmly.

After a while, Shi Jin said, “The prescription that I gave you last time needs some adjustments.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mrs.

Tang handed her a pen and paper.

Shi Jin did not stand on ceremony and wrote the prescription.

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