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Chapter 367: Not Good at Learning

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Just like Doctor Pan yesterday, this girl claimed that she was good, but in reality, she would surely only force people to their deaths.

This was the reason why Doctor Wan hated ancient Chinese medicine.

These people could not come up with any scientific explanations for their methods at all.

The medicine they prescribed was also eyeballed, and there was no accuracy at all.

How could that compare to the safety and rationality of modern medicine


Tang, make a decision.

Take your husband to a quiet place or continue to receive Doctor Wans treatment.” Shi Jin didnt want to waste her breath on Doctor Wan.

From where she stood, she was able to see Mr.

Tangs situation.

Looking at his face, Shi Jin already had some confidence in treating his condition.


Tang looked at Doctor Wan and Fu Heyan.

In the end, she made up her mind and said, “Lets go!”

Doctor Wan was furious.


Tang had always been so willful.

Every time she heard that there was a good place to treat her husbands illness, she would immediately leave with him.

Every time she suffered a setback outside, she would quickly turn around and ask Doctor Wan to handle the aftermath.

This made Doctor Wan very depressed.

However, the Tangs had power and influence.

They had donated a laboratory and annual research fees to the hospital, and Doctor Wan had no choice but to acquiesce.


Tang wanted to leave as soon as she could.

Her husband was still in a stable condition.

When he heard his wifes words, he did not object and immediately stood up.

Doctor Wan really wanted to tell them not to come back again this time.

Shi Jin went forward to support Mr.


As she was helping him up, she felt his pulse.

His condition was still good.

She already had a solution in her heart.

The Tangs had many staff with them, so they quickly packed their things.


Tang said respectfully to Shi Jin, “Doctor Si, we can leave now.”

Shi Jin nodded and followed them out.

In order to make the patient more comfortable, Mrs.

Tang used the RV this time.

It came with a new AC system, which was good for the patients respiratory system.

The RV was huge and could accommodate more than ten people.

After Shi Jin got into the car, she saw Doctor Wan getting in as well.

Seeing that she was looking at him, Doctor Wan said in a low voice, “Do you think I want to come If it wasnt because the hospital director told me to, I definitely wouldnt be here.”

Shi Jin did not say anything.

Doctor Wan continued, “Dont be fooled by how Mrs.

Tang treats you now.

If you cant treat her husband, shell come for you later.”

He sounded very experienced.

Shi Jin couldnt help but smile.

She could already tell what kind of person Mrs.

Tang was, but it was true that she loved her husband.

Shi Jin thought that she would not give Mrs.

Tang an excuse to place blame.

The car soon arrived at a villa.


Tang was helped out of the car.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Find a good environment and let me take his pulse.”


Tang complied.

After everything was settled, Shi Jin began to take the sick mans pulse and ask him about his daily life, past illnesses, and so on.

The others didnt even dare to breathe too loudly.

Only Doctor Wan kept frowning.


Tang had already been examined by all sorts of advanced machinery and had been checked countless times.

His asthma was natural.

It had started in his mothers womb.

He was like a machine, and when he left the factory, he had his own problems.

As time went on, he developed more problems.

He could only be maintained now, not refurbished.

If Shi Jin could find out the cause of the illness just by feeling his pulse, why would people need expensive equipment

Very soon, Shi Jin finished taking his pulse and said, “Ill write a prescription.

You guys go and grab the medicine and make him take it.

Take it three times a day with water.

Use the prescription for three consecutive days.

After three days, find me and well adjust the prescription.”


Tang hesitated.

“Is this Chinese medicine”

“Yes,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Mr Tangs condition needs to be treated slowly.

However, he should be fine after ten days.

In the future, I will give him some more medicine to ensure that he will not relapse.”

“But yesterday, Doctor Pan also gave him Chinese medicine…”

After taking Doctor Pans medicine, Mrs.

Tang still had lingering fears.

How could she dare to let her husband take Chinese medicine again

“The medicine Ill give him is different.” Shi Jins voice was calm, giving off a strong and reassuring feeling.


Tang hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Doctor Wan frowned even more deeply.

How much trouble would this medicine cause him

Shi Jin said, “Well, Mrs.

Tang, if theres nothing else, Ill take my leave now.

Remember to sort the medicine out.”

Seeing Shi Jin leaving, Fu Heyan bade Mrs.

Tang farewell and hurriedly caught up with her.

“Shi Jin, will it really work”

“Well see,” said Shi Jin.

“When did you study ancient Chinese medicine” Fu Heyan believed in her.

“It was a long time ago.

I wasnt good at it in the past, but after polishing my skill, Im not bad.”

Recalling her hand, Fu Heyan exclaimed, “You call thatnot bad”

Shi Jin did not say anything.

She called for a taxi and said with a smile, “Theres still a lot to learn.”

Fu Heyan was speechless.

She suddenly felt that since her idol was working so hard, she could play a few more songs when she got back.

Shortly after Shi Jin left, Mr.

Tangs asthma acted up again.

Doctor Wan rushed to give him medicine.

Modern drugs were effective in calming asthma, but they couldnt cure it.

After Mr.

Tang took a few breaths, his situation clearly improved.

However, within a few minutes, he started panting heavily again.

After treating him a few times, Doctor Wan said, “No, we still have to return to the hospital for the ventilator.

If this continues, it will be very dangerous.”

The butler had already prepared the medicine that Shi Jin gave and brought it over.

The smell of the Chinese medicine was pungent.

The taste was very similar to that of the medicine given by Doctor Pan.


Tang couldnt decide if she should give it to her husband or not.

Doctor Wan tried to persuade her.


Tang, if you continue like this, youll harm your husband!”

Her husband was panting heavily.

The medicine was no longer working.

He was gasping, his eyes wide and his face pale.


Tang!” Doctor Wan shouted.


Tang picked up the medicine with tears in her eyes.

“Honey, try this.

Well go back to the hospital after you drink it.”

Being unable to breathe was naturally painful.


Tang didnt care about anything anymore, he just wanted it to end.

He reached out to take the medicine and drank it all in one gulp.

“Lets go.

Get in the car, were going to the hospital!” Mrs.

Tang supported him and rushed him out.

She was afraid that something serious would happen again.

“I can walk by myself,” Mr.

Tang said.

After taking the medicine, his breathing had stabilized, and the bluish-white color of his face had faded.

Although he wasnt exactly brimming with vitality, his condition was much better than before.


Tang was delighted.

“Honey, are you feeling better”

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