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Chapter 366: Transferring Now

Butler Chen was stunned.

“This is…”

He had never seen this lady in the Lanting Residence.

“Im Master Fus new lover,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Butler Chen gaped.

Fu Xiuyuan narrowed his eyes slightly and reached out to bring Shi Jin over to his side.

Butler Chen wasnt stupid.

From his masters familiar smile and actions, he could tell that this wasnt some new flame.

It was clearly an old love.

However, it had to be said that Shi Jins makeup was quite effective.

If Butler Chen had been a little less observant, he really wouldnt have been able to tell.

“Are you going to treat Mr Tang” Fu Xiuyuan guessed the truth when he saw her outfit.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Since it was discussed in front of everyone yesterday and Sister has asked, I have to help.”

Fu Xiuyuan pulled out a chair for her.

“Have breakfast first.”

Before Shi Jin could finish eating, a car arrived outside.

Fu Heyan walked in under Fu Xiuyuans murderous gaze.

Shi Jin put down her bowl and chopsticks and said, “Lets go.”

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at Fu Heyan indifferently.

Fu Heyan made a promise that she would bring his wife back as soon as possible.

Shi Jin followed Fu Heyan into the car.


Tang was in the car, her eyes red and her hair messy.

She didnt care where Fu Heyan had found Dr.


At this juncture, she really had no options.

Seeing that this Doctor Si was exceptionally young, she had no choice but to smile.

“Doctor Si.”

“Hello.” Shi Jin saw that her forced smile was even uglier than her crying face and knew that the Tang family heads situation must be bad.

No wonder there had been so many missed calls from Fu Heyan.

“Doctor Si, my husbands asthma was very serious before, but after taking Chinese medicine yesterday, it became even worse.

Can you help him Ill be really grateful.”


Tang was filled with regret at this point.

Yesterday, she had listened to Doctor Pan and thought that he really had some skills.

He had prescribed a dose of medicine.

After taking it, the patient had indeed stopped being so asthmatic, but unexpectedly, it had then gotten worse in the middle of the night.

He had even been put on a ventilator.


Tang didnt dare to go to Doctor Pan again.

She remembered what Shi Jin had said yesterday and quickly called Fu Heyan.

Fu Heyan also felt a little regretful, but at that time, she had thought that no matter how terrible Doctor Pan was, he still had some use.

If he couldnt save him, his condition at least wouldnt worsen, right Unexpectedly, that was exactly what happened!

After all, this matter all began because she had publicized Doctor Pans abilities, so she couldnt reject Mrs.


That was why she had called Shi Jin.

Fortunately, the breathing machine in the hospital had stabilized Mr.


Shi Jin had not received the call in time, but it was not a big problem.

However, the situation was bad, so Mrs.

Tang was still very anxious.

Fu Heyan persuaded, “Since Doctor Si has already agreed to come, she will definitely take a look.


Tang, dont worry too much.”


Tang smiled gratefully at Shi Jin and urged the driver, “Mr.

Zhang, drive faster.”

By the time the car finally arrived at the hospital, Mrs.

Tang was already burning with anxiety.

Her eyes were red and swollen.

Shi Jin got out of the vehicle and walked towards the hospital.


Tang saw that although she was young, her attitude was calm and reassuring.

The hospital that the head of the Tang family used could be considered the best in the capital.

However, Mr.

Tangs illness could only be stabilized, not cured.

Last night, his condition had worsened after he took Doctor Pans medicine, so right now, there was an attending physician accompanying him.

The attending physicians surname was Wan.

When he saw Mrs.

Tang enter, he said, “Mrs.

Tang, the patients condition has stabilized.

He should stay in the hospital for observation.”

“Doctor Wan, whats going on with my husbands condition”

“The asthmas cause… weve ruled out allergies, viruses, and bacteria.

We can only take our time and help him recuperate.”


Tangs face turned cold.

“So theres no cure”


Tang, doctors can only treat illnesses and save lives as best they can.

Theyre not immortals.

Not every problem can be solved.” Doctor Wan, a practitioner of western medicine, had long been unhappy with Mrs.

Tangs decision to let the patient take Chinese medicine.

When he heard her being rude, his attitude turned cold.

“Besides, weve told you before that you cant just randomly take Chinese medicine.

If you continue to take it, we wont be able to handle the consequences.”

Doctor Wan had always been in charge of Mr.

Tangs condition.

Although he was not cured, his issue was being controlled.

Over the past few years, the Mr.

Tang had gone to various places for treatment, but to no avail.

Only Doctor Wans treatment was able to stabilize him.

Doctor Wan had always had pride as a doctor.

Now, when he saw that the patient had not followed the doctors orders, he could not help but speak more harshly.


Tang said, “Thank you.

Doctor Wan, theres nothing else for you to do here.

Ill go accompany my husband.”

Doctor Wan had no objections.

He opened the door and left.

“Doctor Si, please come in,” Mrs.

Tang said to Shi Jin eagerly.

Doctor Wan was about to leave when he heard this.

He frowned and asked, “Mrs.

Tang, whats going on”

He glanced at Shi Jin.

This young girl was actually a doctor Was Mrs.

Tang really that desperate

Doctor Wan couldnt help but try to dissuade her.


Tang, the patients respiratory system is already very weak, and he needs good rest to recover and strengthen it.

What youre doing will only be damaging to his condition.”

“Doctor Wan, Im just giving this a try.” Mrs.

Tang had personally witnessed the cruel scene of the doctor almost leaving when her husband was in trouble.

She couldnt be as rational as him.

Doctor Wan frowned.

“No, this Doctor Si is not a doctor from our hospital.

If something goes wrong, who will bear the responsibility We cant let her treat his illness here!”

“Then lets go somewhere else.” Mrs.

Tang was determined to treat her husband.

“His condition is very bad now.

Are you sure hell withstand another round of torture” Doctor Wan asked.


Tang hesitated.

Fu Heyan didnt know what to say.

Their words made sense, and she didnt know who was more correct.

Shi Jin, who had been silent all this while, finally said slowly, “I think its possible for Mr.

Tang to transfer hospitals now.”

Doctor Wan looked at Shi Jin in amusement.

“What do you know at such a young age Do you know that the unauthorized practice of medicine is against the rules”

He looked at Doctor Si in front of him, who looked to be in her twenties at most.

She did not look like she could get a medical certificate.

He suspected that she was a fake doctor.

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