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Chapter 363: Silly Girl

Doctor Pan quickly wrote down a prescription, and Fu Heyan took a look at it.

As usual, she had to hand it over to the butler to get the medicine.

Shi Jin said, “Sister, can I take a look”

Fu Heyan didnt pass it to the butler.

Instead, she passed it to Shi Jin and said, “Thats right.

I know you know about medicine too.

Take a look.”

Doctor Pan smiled disapprovingly when he heard that Shi Jin also had medical skills.

This artist in the entertainment industry was really strong.

She was not even satisfied with her field of singing and acting and still dared to talk about medical skills

He knew that Shi Jin wouldnt be able to understand anything, but Fu Xiuyuan was beside him and his gaze was fixed on Shi Jin.

Doctor Pan didnt dare to speak.

Shi Jin took a look and got an idea.

She said, “Doctor Pan, although this prescription is not harmful to humans, Grandma is old and her metabolism is slow.

It will take a lot of energy to metabolize these drugs.

She might as well not take it.”

Doctor Pan didnt want to say anything, but now that Shi Jin was showing him up like this, if he didnt say anything, he would lose his dignity as a doctor.

He immediately said, “It seems like you know a lot about medicine.

However, Im the one taking care of her.

The so-called benevolence of a doctor is also the so-called principle of helping a person right up to the end.

Since Ive already taken care of Old Madams body to this extent, theres still some time left.

Naturally, I cant not give her anything.”

Fu Heyan tried to smooth things over with a smile.

“Doctor Pan, you might have misunderstood.

Shi Jin does have medical skills.

She even treated my wounds before.

There must be some misunderstanding between the two of you.

Shi Jin, make yourself clear and see whats wrong.

If theres anything, we can discuss it together.”

After all, Doctor Pan was the doctor who had treated Old Madam Fu, so Fu Heyan was naturally polite to him.

“Can I see his prescription from before” Shi Jin asked.

The butler immediately took out all the old papers.

Ever since Shi Jin had delivered the piano, he couldnt help but regard her more highly.

Shi Jin flipped through all the prescriptions in detail and shook her head.

“They are all prescriptions to improve breathing and blood circulation.

There are no side effects after taking them, but I will still say the same thing.

Grandma is old and her body is not well.

Its better for her not to take these medicines that have no side effects but are basically useless.”

Doctor Pan could no longer sit still.

His voice was cold as he said, “So, your medical skills can treat external injuries Im afraid youve studied western medicine, right However, its obvious that Western medicine wouldnt find any problems with Old Madam Fus illness.

Even their medicine cant improve her condition.

If she hadnt taken my medicine, she would have been bedridden long ago.

Now, youre saying that my way isnt effective Are you looking down on ancient Chinese medicine I advise you young people to behave yourselves.

Dont express your opinions on things you dont understand.”

Old Madam Fu also felt that Doctor Pan had a point.

She said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, why dont I take another round of Doctor Pans pills and see how it works”

“Grandma, youre suffering from insomnia, dreams, and dizziness because your nerves are weak.

Only by calming your mind and mind can you recuperate.

As for your qi and blood, you dont lack any at all.

Your silver hair and rosy complexion are proof of that.

Your eyes are yellowish, your temples are mottled, and your eyebags are severe.

All of this is caused by your nervous system.

Youre treating the symptoms but not the root cause.

It will only increase the burden on your body.”

“Silly girl, youre making things up!” Doctor Pan said angrily.

Then, sensing Fu Xiuyuans sudden anger, Doctor Pan hurriedly sat back down.

Fu Xiuyuan looked at him.

“If you dont want your tongue, we can remove it.”

Doctor Pan was ashamed and angry, but he did not dare to say anything.

Old Madam Fu was confused, but she did not dare to believe Shi Jin completely.

At this moment, the butler entered and said, “Old Madam, Elder Miss, Master Fu, the Tang family wants to see Doctor Pan.”

The Tang family had never been famous in the outside world, but because they were close to the authorities, they were actually very powerful.

Seeing that Fu Heyan and Fu Xiuyuan had no objections, Old Madam Fu said, “Invite them in.”

Fu Heyan said in a low voice, “Perhaps Mrs.

Tang is here.

The head of the Tang family is sick.

Maybe shes here to see Doctor Pan.”

Old Madam Fu understood, because she had been cured, Fu Heyan naturally respected Doctor Pan.

The head of the Tang family had never been able to discover the cause of his illness, and it wasnt easy to cure either, so the entire family was very worried.

It was no surprise that they were able to find this place.

A moment later, the butler brought in a graceful and elegant woman in her forties.

She was dignified and generous.

After she entered, she greeted him politely.

When she saw Shi Jin, she also greeted her without batting an eyelid.

She did not look surprised at all and was very well-mannered.

“Sister Heyan, its been a long time since Ive come to see Old Madam.

Forgive me.” Mrs.

Tang smiled and continued, “Please dont blame me.”

“Ah, Im already very happy that youve come to see this old woman.” Old Madam Fu smiled.

Fu Heyan got the butler to serve tea.

“Its our honor that sister-in-law is here.

Lets not stand on ceremony.”

Everyone exchanged some pleasantries.


Tang even included Shi Jin and praised her for her beauty.

The scene was very lively.

Then, she changed the topic and said, “Sister Heyan, can you introduce me to Doctor Pan”

“Hes here.” Fu Heyan had nothing to hide.

“Doctor Pan, this is Mrs.

Tang, a friend of the Fu family.”


Pan immediately stood up and greeted her.

He could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

He knew that he had made a name for himself in the capital after treating Old Madam Fu.


Tang had come here especially for him.

Fu Heyan asked, “Wheres your husband Has he been well”

“I wont beat around the bush anymore.

My husbands health hasnt been good for a while, and its been getting worse recently.

So, Id like to invite Dr.

Pan back to check on my husband.

Old Madam, Sister, Master Fu, you dont mind, right”

Of course, everyone acquiesced.

“Thank you very much.”

Actually, if she wanted to hire a doctor, she could have just asked for one.

There was no need for the Fu family to say anything, but Mrs.

Tang wanted to show her respect to the Fu family.

After all, this miracle doctor had been discovered by them.

What if the Fus wanted him to be a family doctor and was unwilling to share him with the outside world

It was normal for wealthy families to keep good doctors.

She could not completely ignore the wishes of the Fu family.

Secondly, she wanted to see Old Madam Fus condition in person to see if she was as blessed as the rumors said.

She wanted to see if she had really recovered so quickly.

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