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Chapter 362: Wait and See!

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“Filming a variety show is much easier than filming a television drama.

Maybe shes just too smart and has long wanted to change to a more relaxing job”

The blame was placed on Huang Kaiqin.

She had thought that she would be able to enjoy this wave of popularity, but in the end, she was suffering a backlash from it.

She was not as innocent as she was before.

“Our Life” was also criticized badly because Ye Peiwen had been replaced by Huang Kaiqin.

Ye Peiwen had a loud personality and sang well, so she gained a lot of fans in the first episode.

Now that the fans of the show found out that she had been replaced by Huang Kaiqin, they all ran over to scold the production team, “Brainless fools, dont you know whos better”

“Sigh, I hope your program gets cancelled soon.”

The production team could not resist the public pressure.

Although they did not terminate the contract with Huang Kaiqin, they reduced the number of publicity photos, teasers, and so on to avoid the limelight.

Huang Kaiqin had already experienced the contract termination and signing of the new contract.

She could not argue with the production team and could only endure it.

She just needed this wave of infamy to die down.

If she were to make a fuss again, she would have no chance of surviving.

Fortunately, her fans were especially touched about her quitting acting in “Twilight Years” and were still protecting her.

The clip of Shi Jin playing the piano did not diminish the popularity of the incident.

On the contrary, it spread widely.

The fans were very happy to repost it.

Shi Baozhi and Shi Xuexin naturally saw the video as well.

Shi Xuexin was a little worried.

“Auntie, they all say that Shi Jin plays well.

What do you think”

Shi Baozhi took a few glances and said, “Her finger technique is still passable, but the piano has never been prepared for common music.

With Shi Jins movements, its too tacky.

This is just to appease the fans.

“And you think she plays classical music Not everyone can play classical music.

Its blasphemy to play the compositions of geniuses like Liszt and Chopin if youre not up to scratch.”

Shi Xuexin finally felt relieved.

After watching the video, her heart had been hanging in the air, afraid that Shi Jin would snatch the limelight away.

She was relieved when she heard Shi Baozhis words.

Indeed, she was worrying too much.

Piano was a skill that required hard work and practice.

If one randomly studied it, they could only play pop music.

Speaking of which, Shi Jin hadnt learned much in the past.

Why should she be afraid of her


The filming of “Twilight Years” went smoothly.

Ye Peiwen was good with her lines and willing to train hard.

If there was anything she did not understand, she would consult the director.

She wasnt one to shirk hard work.

Hence, her acting skills advanced by leaps and bounds.

Shi Jin only had a few scenes as a guest star.

After she was done, she packed up her things.

Ye Peiwen walked over after she was done filming.

“Shi Jin, I heard that you wont be coming again after today”

“Yes, I have nothing else to do here,” said Shi Jin.

“Okay then.

Well meet again sometime.”

Shi Jin waved at her.

Xiao Li came over to carry her things and they walked towards the car together.

Huang Kaiqins assistant ran over.

“Shi Jin.”

Shi Jin was about to get into the car when she blocked the door.

She could only look at her patiently.

She said, “Im sorry, Shi Jin.

The video I uploaded previously was really my mistake.

I didnt expect it to bring you so much trouble.

Those netizens and anti-fans outside are really too much.

They always like to make wild guesses and stir up trouble.”

She had come specially to apologize, perhaps because she didnt want their relationship to be too strained.

Xiao Li pouted.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Theres no need.”

“Im being sincere.

I didnt do it on purpose…”

“But I dont need to forgive the person who brought me trouble, nor do I need an apology.

As for whether it was intentional or not, its fine as long as you can be sure of that in your heart.” Shi Jin lifted her lashes lazily.

“Can you move aside now”

Huang Kaiqins assistant had no choice but to step aside.

Shi Jin got into the car without even glancing at her.

Huang Kaiqins assistant was even angrier.

She had never met such a person.

In the entertainment industry, everyone would always see when someone lowered their heads, and anyone who saw such humility would have to smile.

Given Shi Jins attitude, the assistant did not believe that she would go far!

Just wait and see!

She was clenching her fists when the exhaust from the car sprayed her in the face.

This was done by Li, the driver.

He couldnt stand such people.

He stepped on the accelerator.

Shi Jin noticed and pursed her lips.

Her car did not return to the Lanting Residence, but rushed to the house of the Fus.

According to Fu Heyan, Old Madam Fu had been recovering well recently and she was in high spirits.

She had invited Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan to a meal.

Shi Jin did not have a lot of work on and could make time for this, so she did not reject her.

When she arrived, Fu Xiuyuans car also rolled up.

He got out of the car and the driver drove on.

When he saw Shi Jins car, his expression softened.

He walked forward and Li parked in front of him.

Fu Xiuyuan opened the car door for Shi Jin.

When the door opened, the rays of the setting sun shone into the vehicle, dyeing Shi Jin a faint golden color.

The two of them walked into the villa together.

Old Madam Fu was sitting on the sofa while Doctor Pan took her pulse.

Seeing Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan enter, Old Madam Fu greeted them with a smile.

“Quick, come over and sit with Grandma.”

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan walked over together.

Doctor Pan let go of the older womans hand.

When he saw Fu Xiuyuan, his expression couldnt help but turn slightly cold.

He was suppressed by Fu Xiuyuans aura and stopped breathing for a moment.

He immediately understood that this must be Master Fu.

As for Shi Jin, she was just an artist.

Although she had an imposing aura, her status and profession naturally reduced the respect and fear he felt for her.

“Doctor Pan, how is my grandmothers health” Fu Heyan asked with a smile, her tone filled with respect.

There was a hint of pride in Doctor Pans respectful attitude.

“Old Madams condition has improved a lot recently.

If Im not mistaken, the symptoms of insomnia, dreams, and dizziness have all been greatly reduced, right”

“Thats right,” Old Madam Fu immediately replied.

“Doctor Pan, your medicine is really good.

Its not like I havent treated my previous illness before.

Ive taken a lot of medicine over the years, but while it was effective when I first took it, it wouldnt work again after two days.

Yours is still the best.

Recently, my body has been very light.

Its really been a long time since Ive been like this.”

“Old Madam, its your good fortune to have been able to receive this medicine of mine.

Its fate.

Chinese medicine emphasizes the role of fate.

Ill give you another prescription.

After you take it, you wont need to take medicine anymore.”

“Okay, okay,” Old Madam Fu said happily.

When Fu Heyan saw this, she was also very happy and asked the butler to prepare some generous gifts..

On top of that, they would pay double the consultation fee.

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