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Chapter 360: Shi Jin Relies On Her Beauty

“Everyone just needs to take a look.

People feel that an artist from a talent show is not as innocent and harmless as they may appear on the surface.

In just half a year, Ive learned everything about the entertainment industry.

Its really impressive.

When this long Weibo post was published, it attributed the reason for Huang Kaiqins departure to Shi Jin.

Remaining neutral, Huang Kaiqin became an innocent person who had been replaced.

Actually, with just a little thought, one could tell that Huang Kaiqin was a wealthy lady now and had strong backing.

How could such ordinary methods deal with her However, as long as someone believed it, it meant that the method was successful.

Huang Kaiqins own logical chain of departure smoothly shifted the blame to Shi Jin.

Right after that, everyone started to doubt Shi Jins ability to play the piano.

Why did she need someone to replace her Was the music that everyone heard from the single really hers or someone elses

# Ye Peiwen Replaces Huang Kaiqin #

# Huang Kaiqins Innocence #

# Shi Jins Piano Substitute #

A few hot searches began trending.

Huang Kaiqin was naturally not afraid of everyone digging deeper.

She had not really had a falling out with the production team, and her methods were very secretive, so no one could find fault with her, but as for Shi Jin… She had seen Shi Jin on set for a long time and had never seen her play the piano.

She was probably lying.

Indeed, they could ignore Huang Kaiqin, everyone was now just concerned about whether Shi Jin was lying.

When Shi Jin saw the news, it was already nighttime.

Yao Jiahong messaged Shi Jin on WeChat, but she didnt reply for a long time.

He knew better than to pursue the matter.

He knew that if he made another call at this time, Fu Xiuyuan might come to kill him.

He messaged Liu Ning: “Its fine as long as it gets settled tomorrow.”

“Does she know how to play the piano” Liu Ning only knew that she knew how to write scripts, but he was not sure about her playing the piano.

“Dont worry about that.”

Ye Peiwen was also with Liu Ning at this moment.

She said, “Huang Kaiqin doesnt want this role for herself.

Before she leaves, she has to act pitiful and say that she was coerced by Shi Jin.

When she goes on variety shows, her popularity will increase, not decrease.

With this scheme, what about Shi Jin”

“Shi Jin has her ways of dealing with and resolving such issues.

As for Huang Kaiqin, Im not sure if she can get her hands on fame properly.”

Ye Peiwen said apologetically, “Its all my fault.

I should be the one Huang Kaiqin looks down on.”

“How can I blame you Didnt you realize that she was attacking whoever she could get hold of” Liu Ning shook her head.

Shi Jin only saw the messages sent by everyone the next day.

She poked her head out from under the covers and met Fu Xiuyuans deep and satisfied gaze.

She said nothing and only got out of bed slowly with him after giving him a kiss.

When it was time for breakfast, she finally had time to return to Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, make the arrangements.”

Yao Jiahong said, “Okay, lets start the live broadcast of you playing the piano at 8 pm.

Your fans have been waiting for your live broadcast for a long time.”

“Sure.” Shi Jin did not object.

The two of them announced the live broadcast on Weibo.

Fans: “Ah ah ah ah, finally! Little Stone is going to do a live broadcast!”

Fans: “To put it bluntly, if theres a clarification and a live broadcast, I really want to hear her gossip.”

Fans: “I wonder what she will say.”

Passerby: “Im a little curious too.

I want to see what shell say.”

The anti-fan said, “Im guessing that Shi Jin must be practicing the piano now.

Didnt you say that piano is easy to learn A few hours should be enough for her to finish, right”

The anti-fans: “Hahahahaha, what if the live-stream is just a way for them to find a substitute player”

Fan: “The haters are all jealous.

Does Little Stone need someone to play for her”

Fans: “Our darlings the best!”

Huang Kaiqin did not panic.

Even if Shi Jin could play the piano, Huang Kaiqin would not lose anything.

She hadnt publicly dissed Shi Jin for not knowing how to play the piano.

It was all the imagination of passersby and anti-fans.

She had done nothing.

Even her assistant had onlyslipped and sent a video.

She had already apologized countless times.

She had earned enough popularity, fame, and attention by now.

At 8 p.m:

Shi Jins fans were already waiting in the broadcast room.

Shi Jin had never appeared much on Weibo and rarely posted, although it was obvious that she doted on her fans.

However, her fans still felt that they didnt get to see her enough.

Now, everyone was guessing what she was going to say during the live broadcast.

The live broadcast was being shot at Lanting Residence.

After she confirmed that she wanted to practice the piano with Song Huai, Fu Xiuyuan had gotten someone to customize a piano according to her preferences and strengths.

The piano had just been delivered and was still brand new.

Yao Jiahong set up the live-stream.

When the clock struck eight, he gave an OK sign and left the piano room.

Fu Xiuyuan was sitting opposite Shi Jin tonight.

Of course, he couldnt stay and be a third wheel, and Shi Jin couldnt withstand the torture of Fu Xiuyuans gaze.

When Shi Jins face appeared on the screen, the comments exploded.



“Little Stone!”

Shi Jin asked softly into the lens, “Can everyone hear me”

“I can hear you! I can hear you! Darling, your skin is great!”

An anti-fan: “This livestream channels beauty plan is number one in the country.

Even if some 70-year-old Old Lady Wang from next door streamed, she could also wipe away all the wrinkles and flaws.”

“Sisters lipstick is really pretty.”

The anti-fans: “Stunning!”

“Little Stone, you look good today.”

The anti-fans: “Stunning!”

“What kind of filter do you use Share it.”

The anti-fans: “Gorgeous!”

Many people were asking for the filter, but this was the first time Shi Jin had used this livestream app.

She could not find where to adjust the filter, so she asked directly, “Where do I check”

The bullet screen showed her the way and told her the details.

Shi Jin tried to take a look and said, “Oh, theres no filter.”

“AHHHHHHHHHH! No way! I told you she wasnt using a filter, and you guys didnt believe me!”

“Thats right, thats right.

How can people be anti-fans, asking what the filter is”

Shi Jin tried adjusting the filter and choosing a pretty one.

Everyone watched helplessly as her palm-sized face became weirdly small.

It was only when she pulled them all off that her body returned to normal.

“Those fans are new, right Dont they know that she has never used beauty filters Is this the first time you guys are looking at her properly”

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