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Shi Xuexin only later learned that the Fu family was pretty well-to-do.

The Li family accidentally got to know the Fu family and arranged the marriage.

Fu Xiuyuan showed no interest in the Li family at all, so Shi Xuexin knew that she would have low standing in the family if they got married.

Also, she happened to meet Fu Xiuyuans mother once.

She was in her sixties and was an ugly woman, so Shi Xuexin got a shock.

Considering how old she was, Young Master Fu ought to be in his forties and was probably an ugly old man.

Hence, she could not wait to call off the engagement after she returned to the Shi family.

Chu Ling was dashing, talented, and came from a prominent family, so she was delighted with this match made in heaven.

The two of them quickly fell for each other.

She was happy for Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan to be together.

Shi Xuexin could not wait for them to get married and be together forever so that Shi Jin would never come after her fiancé.

Since Old Master Shis health had taken a good turn and was able to see, Shi Jin spent a little more time with him.

By the time she went back to Repulse Bay Villa, it was already afternoon.

The butler had recently changed his opinion of her, but looked absolutely disappointed when he saw her.

“Where is Xiuyuan” asked Shi Jin.

The butler sneered, “Miss Shi, when are you going to stop hurting Young Master”

Shi Jin was perplexed, “”

Butler Chen was furious when she wanted to deny it, so he threw a temper at her.

“Young Master Fu passed out from a stomach ache after lunch and got sent to the hospital”

Since Shi Jin had a history of drugging Fu Xiuyuan, the butler naturally thought Shi Jin was behind it when Fu Xiuyuan fell sick this time.

He really felt sorry for Young Master Fu.

However, Young Master Fu kept falling for Shi Jins ploys, so even if it was poison, he would take it without batting an eye.

Shi Jin ran out the moment she heard about it.

Butler Chen stomped his feet.

“God! That heartless woman Why didnt she visit Young Master Fu”

After Shi Jin found out which hospital Fu Xiuyuan was in, she hurried to his hospital ward with some soup from a restaurant.

Shi Jin told the nurse she was his wife and the nurse let her into the ward.

Shi Jin lowered her head and looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

His face was pale and made him look even more cold and distant.

However, he looked surprisingly vulnerable while he was asleep.

Shi Jin knew his condition well.

Since his stomach was already ruined from taking the wrong medicine and irregular eating, he was either suffering from a stomach ulcer or acute gastric bleeding.

A look of sadness swept across her eyes as she walked softly to the visitors area outside the ward to open the soup and retrieved a pack of medicine.

After adding the medicine to the soup, she stirred it with a spoon.

Just as she was about to pour out the soup, a womans high-pitched voice could be heard.

“Shi Jin, what do you think youre doing Havent you done enough damage Are you going to drug him again”

Shi Jin raised her head to see Fu Heyan walking over furiously.

Her mature-looking face was filled with fury.

Fu Heyan was Fu Xiuyuans older sister.

Despite her feminine name, she had an explosive temper.

She was emotional and outspoken.

Her voice could already be heard from a distance.

Since she brought up Fu Xiuyuan, she was very close to Fu Xiuyuan.

Even though she was a good woman, Shi Jin had already fallen out with her because of Fu Xiuyuan.

The moment Fu Heyan charged over, Shi Jin greeted her, “Hi, Big Sis.”

“I am no sister of yours,” sneered Fu Heyan coldly.

“Dont ever call me that again!”

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