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Chapter 358: That Kind of Feeling

Ye Peiwen, who did not know the inside story, was still puzzled.

“Say, Teacher Huang really works hard.

You guys should be quite busy filming here, right Shes back in the variety show again.

She has to take care of both things at the same time.

She must need a lot of energy to cope.”

“She terminated her contract here,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“The contract has been terminated” Ye Peiwen was surprised and envious at the same time.


Such a good opportunity, yet she just wasted it.”

Shi Jin did not say anything else.

Huang Kaiqin had been willful for a long time.

On the one hand, she was reckless, but on the other hand, she cared about what others thought of her.

She was very divided.

Shi Jin finished reading Ye Peiwens entire piece.

“Teacher Ye, its very good.

I think everything is fine and theres nothing to fix.”

Ye Peiwen stood up and said, “I was afraid that Id be rusty after not writing for so long.

Since youre almost done, lets finish the recording early.

I should go back now.”

Shi Jin suddenly asked, “Teacher Ye, are you willing to act”


Ye Peiwen was still in a daze when she got sent to the fitting room.

Of course, she wasnt confused.

She just hadnt expected the crew to follow Shi Jins instructions.

Although she had never officially participated in any film or television series, she had filmed many MVs and advertisements.

She had also taken on quite a number of variety shows in the past six months.

Her expression was quite natural in front of the camera.

She did not panic at all.

A makeup artist quickly helped her put on her makeup and change her clothes.

She smiled and said, “I have to say, she really does look like her.”

When the director was called over, he held back his emotions.

After Huang Kaiqin left, his expression remained the same.

Although they could shoot the supporting roles scenes first, the director was the type who would find it difficult to get into thinking about other roles if he could not grasp the image and temperament of his main lead.

Liu Ning called him over to watch the auditions for the new actor, but he was a little emotionless.

Liu Ning had not expected Shi Jin to make such a bold decision.

It was true that Ye Peiwen sang well, but her acting skills and image should be quite different from Huang Kaiqins, right Especially since Ye Peiwen was older than Huang Kaiqin by a few years, he did not know if she could grasp this feeling.

Huang Kaiqins assistant stayed behind as she still had some things to pack.

When she heard that Ye Peiwen had been summoned for a fitting, she did not leave in a hurry.

Instead, she stayed behind to take a look.

She realized that this production team was really indulging in fantasy.

It was obvious that they needed to improve their acting skills for this show.

They were actually choosing a singer to act

Liu Ning and the director waited patiently.

Yao Jiahong asked Shi Jin, “Do you think Teacher Ye can really do it”

“She filmed an MV before, and her appearance suits this scene.”

Yao Jiahong believed in Shi Jins judgment and was looking forward to seeing Ye Peiwen perform.

Ye Peiwen was not very confident in herself.

Forget acting, she had only picked up singing after helping Shi Jin sing, but when she thought of Shi Jin…

The audition today was all set up for her by Shi Jin.

If she could not get it, Shi Jin would be under a lot of pressure.

No matter what, she had to do her best.

Even if she couldnt get this role, she couldnt let others look down on Shi Jin.

Ye Peiwen composed herself.

The makeup artist patted her shoulder.

“Teacher Ye, you can go.”

Ye Peiwen walked out.

The director was originally disinterested, but when Ye Peiwen walked out, his eyebrows twitched and he was a little moved.

Liu Ning also realized that Ye Peiwen was younger than he had been expecting.

After her makeup and hair was done, she fit the female leads age very well.

Perhaps it was because she had been practicing for a long time, but she was not afraid at all in front of so many cameras.

Her expression was full of confidence.

The director nodded at his assistant, who handed him a box.

“Teacher Ye, you can choose a scene to try out.

You have ten minutes to prepare.”

Ordinary actors usually took three to five minutes to prepare for their audition.

Since Ye Peiwen was a singer, the production team gave her extra time.

Ye Peiwen gasped.

Her luck was not good and she had drawn the most difficult part that Huang Kaiqin wanted to change.

It was the part where the character had a lot of lines and a strong emotional outburst.

The directors assistant silently mourned for her.

This was the most difficult part available.

Even Huang Kaiqins acting skills hadnt been enough for it.

The assistant went back and told the director.

The director also felt that the womans luck was really bad.

Everyone was discussing things in low voices, thinking that Ye Peiwen was in trouble this time.

They didnt know why Liu Ning wanted her to audition.

Ye Peiwen had only heard about the contents of the script from Shi Jin and did not know the details.

She didnt know which parts were difficult, so she didnt feel put off.

She heard that she had ten minutes to prepare.

Looking at the big paragraphs of lines, she used her specialty of remembering lyrics and read the words a few times.

Then, she started to gather her emotions.

Ten minutes flew by.

Ye Peiwen said to the director, “Director, can I start now”

“Lets begin.”

Huang Kaiqins assistant stood and watched as Ye Peiwen stood in the middle of the stage.

The first move she made was very young and inexperienced, with a kind of pretentiousness that only a singer could have.

It was totally not as natural as a professional actors movements.

Huang Kaiqins assistant did not take another look.

He got into the car and sent a message to Huang Kaiqin.

“Liu Ning is really indulging in fantasy.

He asked Ye Peiwen to audition over here.

Hahahaha, her acting skills make me laugh.”

“He probably wants to annoy me by making people feel that even a random singer can be better than me,” Huang Kaiqin replied.

However, she didnt care.

It didnt matter whether she suffered or not.

It wasnt as important as her fans.

After being retired for a few years, she had returned and realized that the entertainment industry was no longer the same.

Now, it was the world of the fans.

She had to protect her fans feelings and not let them down.

Ye Peiwen was indeed very inexperienced at the beginning.

However, she quickly got into character.

She spat out a lot of lines.

Not only was she angry, but she was also confused about her life and emotions.

Why did she work so hard for her family, when in the end, she couldnt get their understanding Why did her husband have to be distracted

It was hard for her to calm down, and the torment was obvious in her eyes.

Her acting skills were not particularly outstanding, but she had personal experience of such events.

So she understood the misery and confusion of women of this age.

The large paragraph of lines was even recited without any hesitation.

With the foundation of a singer, her pronunciation was clear and her words were not impeded at all.

The directors assistant was stunned for a moment.

He secretly gave her a thumbs up in his heart.

He had originally thought that such singers needed teleprompters to sing, but now it seemed that it was purely done through memorization.

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