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Chapter 357: Useless Song

Huang Kaiqin scrolled through Weibo, and when she saw Shi Jins current situation, she felt somewhat regretful.

If she hadnt fallen out with Yao Jiahong back then, would the situation be different

Shi Baozhi heard Shi Jins song in Old Master Shis ward.

“Dad, you still need to rest.

This kind of… song, you should listen to it less.”

“You dont understand.” Old Master Shi shook his head.

Why didnt Shi Baozhi understand This kind of piano music was really too simple.

There was no difficulty to it at all.

Although the piano was the king of the instruments, it was very easy to learn the basics.

It was very easy for a singer to play the piano.

How could it be compared to a real piano performance

It was easy to get started with piano, but the difficulty threshold was high.

Shi Jin was still far from being able to play the works of a master.

As expected, Shi Jins song took first place in the charts very quickly.

Every time she released a new song, the download count would skyrocket.

The anti-fans naturally had to say, “This is because the other singers were slow in releasing their songs.

Thats why Shi Jin has a chance.”

However, who said that a fast release of a song was not a skill in itself

If someone had inspiration, they could write.

Once finished, they could record very quickly.

The efficiency was so high that the entire management board of Supreme Entertainment was laughing like crazy.

In the past, they would call Yao Jiahong over from time to time for a discussion.

They had not been satisfied with Shi Jins plan.

Now, everyone was throwing their hands at Yao Jiahong and completely ignoring him.


It had been two days since there were any results regarding the change of scenes in the production team of “Twilight Years”.

Because of this, all the supporting roles were being filmed, and only Huang Kaiqin had stopped.

Teacher Luo was already prepared and had to change the script.

There was no choice.

The screenwriter could not argue with the artist, and nor could she.

In the end, she could only accept fates arrangements.

It was noon.

She went to collect a lunch box from the crew and returned to her lounge.

Liu Ning called.

She had barely taken two bites when she saw the call and decided to answer it.

“Teacher Luo, theres no need to change the main characters scenes.

Theres a part for a supporting role that doesnt make much sense.

The director said that it might not be very good to film like this, so you have to cooperate and make some changes in the afternoon.”

“What” Teacher Luo didnt understand at all.

Liu Ning repeated himself patiently.

Teacher Luo was so excited that she knocked over the lunch box on the table.

There was no need to change the role for Huang Kaiqin!

She couldnt be bothered to eat anymore and rushed out.

She saw Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong sitting in the corner eating together.

She quickly walked over and greeted them.

“Has Teacher Luo not eaten yet” Yao Jiahong asked.

“Do you want to join us”

“No need.

I have something on,” Teacher Luo said with a smile.

She then said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, thank you for your kind words.”

Although Shi Jin did not have much authority in the production team, she still remembered her words of comfort.

“Its fine.

Ill have to trouble you to change the supporting role first,” said Shi Jin.

Teacher Luo turned around and walked towards the director.

She couldnt wait to get editing.

Someone had raised a logical question and even said that it was not a good role.

She had to humbly accept this suggestion.

After taking a few steps, she turned back to look at Shi Jin.

It was a little strange.

Shi Jin was just a guest actor and had not started filming yet.

How did she know that the director wanted to change the script

After Liu Ning called Teacher Luo, Huang Kaiqin also came to his office.

Liu Ning invited Huang Kaiqin to sit down before saying slowly, “Teacher Huang, I heard from your manager that if we dont change the script, you may quit”

“Its not that serious,” Huang Kaiqin said calmly.

“Producer Liu, you know that this show is for mothers to watch.

Itll be better to make it so that they can relate to the characters.

Without this depth, they wont understand it.”

“When the audience sits in front of the screen, its like their IQ will magically increase by 20%,” Liu Ning said.

Huang Kaiqin nodded.

“Producer Liu, look at me.

I put in a lot of work to be here.

I must have wanted this work to be better so that everyones path would be easier.

If not for this belief, who would care about what the content is”

This meant that they couldnt negotiate anymore.

Liu Ning calmly said, “In that case, I have to respect your opinion as well as Teacher Luos.”

“Then Ill get my manager to talk to you.” Huang Kaiqin was under a lot of pressure.

The fans opinions came ceaselessly and she did not want to delay any further.

Her manager arrived before long.

Since she had already made her decision, the contract termination was resolved very quickly.

Logically speaking, this matter had all started because of Huang Kaiqin.

She had broken the contract first and should compensate them for a portion of the money.

However, Liu Ning did not ask them to compensate him.

Instead, he asked Huang Kaiqin to leave.

Once Huang Kaiqin left, Liu Ning started to worry.

It would not be easy to find another suitable female lead.

The director had quite a strong opinion as well.

He had had high hopes for Huang Kaiqin.

With this change, he would need someone who had acting skills and was suitable for the role.

He would also need someone with a suitable schedule.

That would be extremely difficult.

“Producer Liu, now that the character is gone, how can I continue filming” The director shrugged at Liu Ning.

“You can film the supporting roles scenes first.”

He walked out with his hands behind his back.

Shi Jin was talking to Ye Peiwen.

Logically speaking, it should have been a tense period for Ye Peiwen with her filming the second episode of “Our Life”.

Shi Jin was also quite surprised to see her suddenly appear on set.

“Teacher Ye, you…”

Shi Jin saw that she was still carrying her luggage.

Ye Peiwen smiled and said, “Ill give you the score first before heading to the hotel.”

“Are we filming at the hotel then” Shi Jin asked casually.


My role has been replaced.

I need to find a place to stay now.

My assistant went to book a room for me.

She has a lot of things, so Im carrying my own luggage.”

“Didnt you sign a contract How did you change it” Shi Jin was puzzled.

“When the original guest came back, I had to give up my spot.

But thats normal.

That role was hers to begin with.

It was expected that I would give it back to her.”

Shi Jin recalled hearing her mention that the guest was Huang Kaiqin.

She immediately understood that Huang Kaiqin did not want to offend her fans, so she had terminated her contract with “Twilight Years” and immediately went back to “Our Life”.

She had requested to change the script previously probably because she had backup plans, so she could be fearless.

At worst, she would go back to filming a variety show.

Thinking of this little drama, Shi Jin knew what Huang Kaiqin was playing at.

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