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Chapter 356: More Drama

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Teacher Luo saw how polite Shi Jin was and knew her status.

She stood up in embarrassment.

“Shi Jin, you really cant change this part.”

When she saw Shi Jin enter, Teacher Luo could not help but pull her over.

“Even if you advise me, I cant change it.

Think about it.

In this part, the character has realized that her husband had an ambiguous relationship with other women.

The child at home is sick, and there is a problem between her parents.

Its when her emotions get the most intense that she explodes.

Its precisely this long line that can push this emotion to its peak.

If we change it according to what she says and change all the long sentences into short ones, making her converse with the husband, the tension in this segment will be gone.

After she finished speaking, she recalled that Shi Jin was only a singer and had never acted in any other productions.

She did not understand the script at all.

What was the point of saying all this

She took a sip of tea to calm herself..

Shi Jin nodded and said, “I think that makes sense.”

Teacher Luo looked up at her and felt a little comforted.

Although Shi Jin didnt understand, Teacher Luo was just venting her emotions.

It was nice that someone could listen and stand on her side.

She then said, “If she has a reasonable request, its not impossible to change things, but I heard her chatting with her assistant in private.

It turns out that she feels that the lines are too awkward to say and too difficult to act.

Her mood fluctuates too much, and shes afraid that it will be easy to get into character and difficult to get out of it.

Thats why she wants to hold back and asked me to change the script.

I absolutely cant agree to this.

For the sake of the actors and for her own convenience, she changed the script.

Why didnt she also just share some of her earnings with others”

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

Teacher Luos ridicule was quite sharp.

Seeing her smile, Ms.

Luo knew that she had said something wrong.

If her criticism got out, who knew what people would say Fans nowadays were really not to be trifled with.

“I didnt mean it that way.

I just thought… when everyone should be professional, they should make the effort to behave,” she added.


Luo, what youve said makes sense.

If you cant change it, you definitely shouldnt agree to change it.”

Of course, Teacher Luo did not believe that she could change anything.

She had been in several groups before, and it was not unusual for actors to change their scenes for various reasons.

In many production teams, directors and producers did not have as much say as the actors did.

She had lost her temper today because she was too angry.

Now that she thought about it, she felt a little regretful.

After all, Huang Kaiqin would still be able to live a good life if she were to change locations.

A scriptwriter like her, who had put in so much effort, would most likely end up with nothing.

“Its rare that youre willing to listen to my complaints.

Thank you for your consolation, Shi Jin.

I feel much better now.”

If Liu Ning was on Huang Kaiqins side, then so be it.

It was more important to earn a living.

As for what Shi Jin said, Teacher Luo took it as her kind advice.

Meanwhile, Liu Ning and Huang Kaiqin had already communicated.

Shi Jin walked out.

Liu Ning secretly shook her head at Shi Jin.

“This is not the only thing that she wants to change.

She also wants to add more scenes.

She feels that the three female leads scenes are too average and dont highlight her.”

“Producer Liu, you have to be mentally prepared.” It was Shi Jins turn to speak.

Liu Ning glanced at her and nodded.

The assistant massaged Huang Kaiqins shoulders and neck, saying, “I wonder if they will really change the script after this mess.”

“If it changes, I will continue to act.

If not… then forget it.”

After Huang Kaiqin accepted the role, the fans objections were especially loud.

Now that filming had just started, the VIP had already called her assistant.

Everyone still hoped that she would consider the impact of filming this television drama and not make any meaningful compromises for her rich husband.

She should be determined to walk her own path.

With the fans in such an uproar, Huang Kaiqin had to consider their feelings.

However, the drama had already started filming.

If she broke the contract, it would implicate her too.

Now, she could only see if Liu Ning would break it off for her.

“Ill find a suitable time to upload that video,” the assistant said.

Huang Kaiqin did not say much and just nodded casually.

On Weibo, when Shi Jin said that she wanted to release a new song, the fans emotions were stirred.

They thought that they would have to wait a few more days, but the next day, Shi Jins new song came out.

“Im really amazed by Little Stones speed!” One fan sighed.

“Im so happy to be her fan.”

“This piano piece is really nice to listen to.

I heard that it was composed by Shi Jin herself, and she even played it herself.

Isnt she too awesome”

“Its not like this is the first time something like this has happened.

She has always been this awesome!”

“I can never get tired of listening to this piece.

Its so nice!”

“This new song,Fairytale, is both romantic and affectionate.

If Little Stone is really in love, then the guy must be a very good man, right”

“Dont remind me that she has someone she likes.

I want to be her boyfriend!”

“Darling Shi Jin, youre still young.

Its fine if you like someone, but dont get married too early! Marriage makes people old, really!”

Although the fans didnt unanimously accept her dating and having someone she liked, they all had different opinions about it.

This was really a unique situation for the entertainment industry.

In the entertainment industry now, the acceptance towards marriage was much higher than it had been in the past, and there were still people who became famous through marriage and childbirth, but on the whole, for idols, especially those that were sponsored, dating was still a taboo topic.

Once young idols relationships were exposed, they would have no choice but to lose their fans, their image would collapse, and they would be mocked by the public until they became D-list celebrities.

Only Shi Jin was an exception.

She didnt care if she annoyed her fans, because her fans were all there to listen to her songs.

As long as the song was good, she would have the ability to continue attracting fans.

She didnt put on much of a public front.

If she had someone she liked, shed just openly share it with her fans.

Therefore, the entire fanbase had completely accepted the fact that she could fall in love at the age of twenty.

Many young idols hid their true selves.

They were so envious of what Shi Jin had.

Even a top celebrity like Chu Ling did not dare to say that he was going to date.

Every time he was interviewed, he had to say, “My lifes focus will always be on my career.”

After all, the previous top celebrity who was about the same rank as him had fallen silent for three years because he had announced his relationship.

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