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Chapter 355: Invisible Love

Yao Jiahong was indeed the best in the industry when it came to treating fans rationally and guiding them.

Therefore, even though Shi Jin had been defamed in all sorts of ways, her fans were rarely foolish enough to let these things happen on their own.

When it was about time, they would digest it internally.

Her fans were also amongst the most rational and intelligent ones.

After reading it, Shi Jin replied to Liu Ning, “I hope she can hold on.

It would be silly for her to be led by the nose by her fans.”

She was replying to WeChat when a pair of hands landed on her shoulder.

Without turning around, she knew it was Fu Xiuyuan.

He was massaging her shoulders with just the right amount of strength and his hands conveniently trailed down to her waist.

He asked, “Are you still sore”

Shi Jin had been running around the entire day.

In fact, her waist was no longer sore.

However, when his hands pressed down on her, that familiar sweet feeling still came over her.

She smiled helplessly.

“Lets hope it doesnt get worse tonight.”

She could feel the heat coming from her ears.

She knew that it would be hard to stop.

Those who cannot object can only accept.


“Twilight Years” was still in production.

Even though there were all sorts of disturbances, filming continued as scheduled.

Shi Jin did not have many scenes, only a small cameo.

Hence, although she was on set, she stayed busy writing songs.

Liu Ning knew that she had never acted before, so she asked her to take a look first to get a feel for the atmosphere of the production team and observe her seniors acting skills.

“Who knows, you might even become the female lead in the future,” Liu Ning teased.

“Thank you for your kind words.” Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Heyan was coming today.

When she heard that Shi Jin was going to participate in the Ivy League competition, she had become quite interested.

She hadnt expected Shi Jin to be able to compose.

A top-notch pianist might not be a composer, and Fu Heyan certainly wasnt, but they were usually top-notch musicians who could tell good from bad with just one ear.

Hence, after hearing Song Huaixians words, she wanted to come over to take a look.

As a very familiar fan, she wouldnt pressure her idol.

After she informed Shi Jin, she drove straight to the set.

When she reached the door, Yao Jiahong went to fetch Fu Heyan and invited her in.

Shi Jin was sitting in a corner, writing a song.

There was a piano beside her.

It was a prop for the production team.

Shi Jin posted on Weibo: “For the next song, I will personally play a piece of piano music as the background track.

Does anyone want to hear it”

The comments were filled with screams.

“Im looking forward to it! Im looking forward to it!”

There were tens of thousands of likes below this post.

“Does Shi Jin know how to play the piano What kind of fairy sister is she”

“Shes a Goddess!”

“Shes my immortal wife.”

Shi Jin hadnt released a song for a long time.

Under Yao Jiahongs watchful gaze, she had posted this teaser.

She was reading the comments when Fu Heyan came in.

Fu Heyan smiled and greeted, “Shi Jin!”

“Sister, sit.” Shi Jin pointed at the seat opposite her.

Fu Heyan looked at her seriously.

“You look better today.”

“You see me differently since you have a fan filter.”

“Oh cmon, I dont care.

Youre just beautiful.” Fu Heyan sat down and saw her stop writing.

She said eagerly, “Can I take a look”

Shi Jin passed the paper to her.

Fu Heyan exclaimed, “Its actually not a piano score!”

“Its a new song I wrote.”

“Ah!” Fu Heyan was even more surprised than before.

“Is it the song that you said you wanted to play in the background Im actually the first to see it”

“No, Fu Xiuyuan was first.”

Facing this subtle display of affection, Fu Heyan did not know whether she should roll her eyes.

“Even if Im second, Im still satisfied.

Wow! Im so happy that Im going to faint!” She made an exaggerated hand-on-heart gesture.

Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Heyan finished reading the score.

Although it was pop music, it had its own spirit.

She used to think poorly of popular music in the entertainment industry and felt that it was not as good as piano music, especially classical music.

Only classical music could be considered real music.

It was Shi Jin who had changed her mind.

“Can I try to play this new song of yours” Fu Heyan was itching to play it.

Coincidentally, there was a piano beside her, and her hands were all ready to go.

“Try it.” Shi Jin got up, pulled out her chair, and gave her some space.

Fu Heyan immediately sat in front of the piano with Shi Jins manuscript.

As she played the song, she found an excitement that she had not felt in a long time.

Meanwhile, filming was ongoing.

After Huang Kaiqin finished her part, she looked over.

She had already felt that it was strange that Shi Jin came to the set frequently, but today, she was actually seeing Fu Heyan

She doubted her eyes.

Fu Heyan was a pianist who only appeared in high-end music halls.

She was the champion of the Chopin piano competition.

As she did not appear on the show to avoid hyping things up, others might not be familiar with her, but Huang Kaiqin could still recognize her.

After she married into a rich family, she had to watch the piano concerts to improve her mood, so naturally, she knew that Fu Heyan had a powerful background.

Fu Heyan had come to visit and even to play the piano with Shi Jin

She glanced at her assistant, who immediately understood and whipped out his phone to look over.

After Fu Heyan finished playing, she swept her fingers over a row of keys with a satisfied expression.

“Thats great.

I think that if this song doesnt become popular, the heavens will not tolerate it.”

“Which song of mine isnt popular” Shi Jin smiled faintly and asked.

Fu Heyan couldnt refute her.

“Idol, humility makes one improve, but as my idol, your strength wont allow you to be humble.”

Although she hadnt seen Shi Jins full piano score, Fu Heyan was very satisfied after seeing her new song score.

After she left, Liu Ning walked over to Shi Jin and said in a low voice, “Shi Jin, Huang Kaiqin wants to change the script.”

“If her suggestion is reasonable, let her change it.” Shi Jin didnt mind changing the script.

After all, it was inevitable that she would miss something when she wrote it.

Even though she was not the one who had written the script, she had to admit that.

As long as it was a kind and reasonable suggestion, it was normal for changes to be made.

“She and the screenwriter are already arguing.

Ill go persuade her.

I hope you can persuade the screenwriter.”

Since Shi Jin knew the script and could communicate better with the scriptwriter, Liu Ning delegated this task to her.

Shi Jin stood up.

The scriptwriter was a young woman in her thirties.

She was also the one who had written the original novel.

It could be said that it was the product of her blood, sweat, and tears.

Shi Jin understood how she felt.

“Teacher Luo, drink some water to calm yourself down.” Shi Jin brought the water in.

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