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Chapter 354: Im Joining That Competition

Shi Baozhi had some status in the domestic piano world.

Although she had never won the world championship in a top competition, she had won several domestic championships and was very famous.

After joining the Zither Faction a few years ago, her popularity was unprecedentedly high.

The entire Shi family depended on her.

She did not have any children herself and didnt want to have children, so she was very concerned about the Shi familys children.

Previously, she had considered teaching Shi Jin, but Shi Jin actually said in public that her playing skills were average.

Maybe she shouldnt have been so calculative back then, but she had fallen in love with Shi Xuexin and could not be bothered with her anymore.

When Shi Xuexin returned, she could tell that she was obedient and sensible, so she had accepted her.

Shi Baozhi snorted inwardly.

“Regret now Its too late.”

She said, “Study the score you want for the competition properly.

Bring it to me when youre done.

The fourth place in the country cannot hinder your footsteps.

There are fewer competitors in the composition competition.

Try to get into the top three and participate in the competition overseas.”

“Ill bring it to you when Im done.”

“Alright.” Shi Baozhi was very pleased.

“Although the Ivy League composing competition is not as important as the Chopin competition, if you really have talent, it will not be buried.

It will be good for you to enter the eyes of those big shots.”

Shi Xuexin understood this, which was why she had been practicing diligently.

She had also made an appointment with Chu Ling.

As long as she participated in this competition and obtained a ranking, Chu Ling would immediately announce their engagement.

Even Xiuli Entertainment agreed to this.

Without this opportunity, Shi Xuexin did not know how many years she would have to wait before she could announce it.

Hu Lai analyzed the pros and cons for her.

“Only by getting a good ranking in the high-end competitions will the opposition from the outside world be reduced to a minimum.

It will be the least harmful to you and Chu Ling.

When the two of you combine, you will be able to absorb a large number of CP fans.

It will be beneficial to both of your careers.”

Initially, Shi Xuexin had expected herself to be one of the top three contestants in the national competition to participate in the finals of the State of Xiao, but in the end, things didnt go as planned.

She could only do her best in the Ivy League match.

Shi Jin understood about the Ivy League competition and realized that this competition had a history of several years.

The main purpose of this competition was to motivate the current pianists to work towards original composition.

Not only did they have to play, but they also had to compose independently.

The weight of this competition was far inferior to the International Chopin Piano Competition.

However, having motivated batches of pianists and composers, as well as producing pretty good scores, this competition still had some value and its influence grew.

This year, the organizers even chose the venue for the finals to be held in Warsaw, the hometown of Chopin, which was also the venue of the Chopin International Piano Competition.

Shi Jin sent Song Huai a message on WeChat: “Teacher Song, Im joining that competition.”

She was informing him, not asking for his permission.

She had already made her decision.

Song Huai quickly replied: “You are willing to participate in the composing competition Thats great! However, the two competitions are just days apart from each other.

Are you sure about this”

“Yes.” Shi Jin replied curtly.

Song Huaixian saw her response and only hesitated for a moment before replying, “If one works, it works all the time.

I believe you can do it.

Since the preliminaries havent ended, Ill get someone to register for you.”

A message quickly came from Ye Peiwen.

“Shi Jin, I already heard about it.

Listen to these few lines.

I think it works—Long have you known that sadness is inevitable;

Why keep at it

Because one is often loath to part in love.

Why care about that little bit of warmth

She sang a few lines and Shi Jin replied, “Its not bad.

I feel that way.”

“Then Ill continue writing.” Ye Peiwen was inspired.

Recording variety shows was obviously busy, but she did not feel tired at all.

Liu Ning also sent Huang Kaiqins photo.

It had to be said that Huang Kaiqin was indeed an artist Yao Jiahong had trained before.

She took good care of herself, and after putting on makeup, she really looked like whatever she was acting in.

Her eyes were stubborn yet gentle.

It was hard to say that she was a stunning beauty in the entertainment industry.

However, it was rare for her to have such a look.

It suited the female lead very well.

“I think its pretty good,” Shi Jin replied.

As long as Huang Kaiqin didnt play any tricks, this movie would definitely make her famous again.

She didnt need to look for Yao Jiahong anymore.

Her acting career could be expanded.

Liu Ning: “I think its not bad either.

As long as there are no variables, everything is fine.”

“Is there any change in her” Shi Jin asked.

Logically speaking, Huang Kaiqin did not have many choices.

She had not acted in a film for several years and the team that came back this time was not bad.

She would cherish it.

“Maybe Im worrying for nothing.

Her fans are against her taking on our show.

I hope she can hold on.

After all, there arent many artistés that can be kidnapped by fans these days.”

Upon hearing Liu Nings words, Shi Jin opened her Weibo and scrolled through it.

After reading for a while, she had more or less grasped everything.

It turned out that after Huang Kaiqin married that rich husband, he was in a half-retired state.

A few years ago, she had quite enjoyed that lifestyle.

Her Weibo was filled with famous cars and luxury houses.

However, she seemed to have a relationship problem with her husband, so she wanted to make a comeback.

Her husband used the excuse of “a woman who has married into a rich family should be a full-time housewife with peace of mind, take care of her husband, educate her children, and take care of internal affairs” to prevent her from making a comeback.

There were many rumors circulating outside.

Her fans were originally very supportive of her comeback and were especially happy, especially her career fans.

They felt that they had finally waited for her day.

Then, some big fan who had read the original novel of “The Twilight Years” realized that the character Huang Kaiqin was playing was actually a role in which her husband had requested her to be a full-time housewife at home.

Even after her husband cheated on her, she still gave up her career to support her husband.

This hit the nail on the head.

They were originally very happy to see Huang Kaiqin rush out of that fence and develop her career, becoming a role model for women.

Now, it turned out that she was going to act in such a drama.

Wouldnt that be a compromise with her husband

Everyone vented their feelings on Huang Kaiqin, leaving comments, exhorting her not to take the role.

Everyone left comments on her teams Weibo, scolding them for not considering her career development and for not accepting a suitable role for her.

Even though, from the industrys point of view, the role that Huang Kaiqin could get this time was already top-notch within her capabilities.

When Shi Jin saw this, she understood why Huang Kaiqin wanted to look for Yao Jiahong.

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