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Chapter 352: A Born Champion

Song Huaixian pointed at his piano.

Shi Jin sat in his seat and gently played two notes.

The pianos sound was simple and outstanding.

It was indeed a top-class instrument.

She played Chopins tune faithfully.

The tune flowed out and was very close to what Song Huaixian had expected.

He closed his eyes and listened carefully.

Then, he made one or two constructive comments.

“I didnt know that I could get a better sound that way…” Shi Jin had never undergone professional training before and had relied solely on her own passion.

Being guided like this, she felt quite satisfied.

Her understanding of music was already very strong.

In the past, when she had only been creating lyrics and melodies, she had used the piano as a support.

Now, she finally understood how to learn music professionally.

It was all very different.

Following Song Huaixians guidance, she practiced again.

Song Huaixian remained calm and collected, but he was extremely surprised by her talent.

He had only given her a few pointers and Shi Jin had already reached such a level.

In the future, she would have unlimited potential.

Who would have thought that she had learned how to play the piano by herself

After he was done, Song Huaixian gave Shi Jin a schedule.

When Shi Jin took it, she forwarded it to Yao Jiahong so that he could arrange work around it.

After leaving the Piano Association, Shi Jin went to Beijing University to meet Gu Jingyuan.

It was summer vacation now, and most of the teachers and students had left.

However, there were still quite a few who had stayed behind.

The modern medical laboratory at Beijing University had unique advantages, so Gu Jingyuan would occasionally go back there to do experiments.

Shi Jin wanted to give Gu Jingyuan what Liu Ning had given her.

After entering the school, she put on a mask and walked towards the medical laboratory.

She sent a WeChat message to Gu Jingyuan.

“You have to wait for me for half an hour, okay I cant leave with this experiment going on.

Or I can get someone to pick you up.”

“Then Ill wait for you to finish your work before coming over.

I need to drink something first anyway.” Shi Jin had expected this to happen.

When she passed by the convenience store, she bought two bottles of cola.

While paying with her phone, she heard Shi Xuexins voice behind her.

“Auntie, you should drink something warm.

It wont be good for your stomach if its cold.”

“Youre so considerate.

Then my lychee milk tea should be warm.”

That was Shi Baozhis voice.

Shi Jin took the cola and was about to leave when Shi Baozhi said, “You ranked fourth in the country for this piano competition.

Its a pretty good result.

Although you cant represent the country by participating in the finals of the Chopin competition in Warsaw, its still very impressive.” Shi Baozhis voice was brimming with joy.

Shi Jin recalled that the top three could participate in the Chopin competition.

It turned out that Shi Xuexin had come in fourth.

She had quietly gone to participate in that competition, but that wasnt important.

Shi Jin didnt take it to heart and walked out with the colas.

Shi Baozhi and Shi Xuexins milk teas were ready.

The two of them walked out with their drinks.

They were wearing sun hats and did not notice Shi Jin at all.

Shi Baozhi said earnestly, “Although you got fourth place this time, you cant be too proud.

With the upcoming Ivy League piano composition competition, youll have to continue working hard.”

“Auntie, I will.

That one is for original compositions.

I believe that I can get good results.

Im also very confident about todays preliminaries,” said Shi Xuexin.

Shi Jin didnt want to walk with them, but to get to the laboratory, this path had to be taken.

Otherwise, she would have to go around the back door and loop around half the school.

It would be an unnecessary pain.

Hence, she slowed down and distanced herself from them.

Fortunately, Gu Jingyuan was not free yet, so it was fine for Shi Jin to go slowly.

After she deliberately slowed down, she was soon left behind by the two of them.

Shi Jin only strode forward when she could no longer see them.

When she passed by the music hall, she saw a sign outside that read, “Ivy League International Piano Composer Tournament No.

7 Preliminaries – Beijing University Branch.”

Many students were gathered outside.

The sounds of discussion rang through the air.

“Were only at the preliminaries, but its already so intense.

Its really exciting!”

“In my opinion, we shouldnt hold too much hope with Shi Xuexin here.

Such a talented girl is not someone that ordinary people can defeat.”

“It doesnt matter.

Even if she was born to be the champion, it wouldnt stop me from being the runner-up, right”

“Hahaha, youre admitting defeat before participating in the competition.”

“I wonder if there are any more seats inside My friend is here to cheer me on.

Weve been queuing for more than half an hour and still havent squeezed in.”

“Shi Xuexins really too popular.

There are so many people cheering for her.”

Shi Jin quickened her pace and walked past.

She had just passed by the concert hall when a young boy ran over.

“Shi Jin”

“Mm.” Shi Jin took off her mask.

“Im Doctor Gus assistant at school.

Im here to pick you up.” He had just finished speaking when he saw Shi Jin taking off her mask.

His eyes went blank for a moment before he regained his senses.

“Shi Jin, this way please.”

Shi Jin caught up with him.

“Is my brother still busy”

“He said he was afraid that it would be too hot for you to stroll around the school, so he asked me to bring you a parasol.”

Only then did he recall and take out the parasol from his bag.

Shi Jin took it and walked forward with him.

When she reached the laboratory, she returned the parasol to the boy.

“Thank you.”

The boy took it and held it for a long time before saying, “Wait a bit.

Doctor Gu will be here soon.

By the way, do you want tea or something”

Shi Jin waved the cola in her hand.

He smiled sheepishly and did not ask further.

When he ran back over to Gu Jingyuans side, his gait was a little messy.

After a few minutes, Gu Jingyuan arrived.

He was wearing a white coat and looked handsome.

He smiled and said, “Why did you come to see me”

“You said that you happened to be working nearby.

Wont it hurt your heart”

Gu Jingyuan feigned having a heart attack.

“I want to learn some advanced and pure methods of extracting essential oil.

Can you teach me, Big Brother”

“Of course! The ancient technique extraction you told me about last time has its own outstanding and profound qualities, but modern medical instruments also have interesting advantages.

Ive thought about it, and using them together should be best.”

“I think so too.” Shi Jin nodded.

She opened her bag and took out a box.

“Producer Liu asked me to pass this to you.”

Gu Jingyuan glanced at it and said, “Hes spending money again.

I told him not to buy it, but this is just right for use.”

He shouted into the room, “Take this to locker number two and keep it warm!”

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