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Chapter 35: Isnt It a Pity Not to Marry Him

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It finally dawned on Shi Qing that Old Master Shi managed to take the eye drops from him twice with great accuracy earlier on.

Even though Shi Jin did not say a word when she came in, Old Master Shi was able to spot her right away.

How could this be

He had lost his sight for over a decade.

Even though he sought treatment from renowned doctors, his condition only aggravated, and showed no signs of recovery.

Had he really regained his sight now

“I can see, but not clearly,” said Old Master Shi.

“I need to keep using the eye drops.”

Initially, his sight was blurry, but he woke up last night to realize it was gone after he stopped using the eye drops, so he flew into a rage and passed out from anxiety.

He was keenly aware that most of his health problems derived from his bad temper.

However, he never got used to the helplessness of losing his sight and relying on everyone for help.

After he regained his sight partially, it ended up taken away from him, so he felt exceptionally powerless.

Shi Qing gaped slightly.

“How is this possible”

Yu Xiuhua secretly wondered if it was just a flash of lucidity before his demise.

Shi Xuexin did not buy it at all.

Since her grandfather doted on Shi Jin, he always found ways to prove that it was the right choice to let her remain in the family.

However, regardless of what he did, no one liked Shi Jin.

This time, what he said was simply hilarious.

“Why dont you reach your face over and find out whether it is true” said Old Master Shi in Shi Qings direction.

Shi Qing found it unbelievable, but he had to accept it.

Old Master Shis murky eyes now looked brighter.

His eyes could undoubtedly focus when he looked at them.

They looked completely different from when they were blind.

Hmm He instinctively looked at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was wearing a mask.

She did not like to make eye contact with others and only looked warm when she looked at Old Master Shi.

Old Master Shi reached his hand out to touch Shi Jins hair.

“Why are you still so skinny now that youre all grown up”

Judging from his unhesitant and accurate actions, he did not seem blind.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Qing had to accept the truth, but how did Shi Jin get the eye drops

The three of them left the room first.

Everyone found it unbelievable that Shi Jin was capable of obtaining such medicine.

The good for nothing was a disgrace to the family.

She was completely useless and kept failing at school and kept repeating her second year in middle school.

Also, she kept chasing after Chu Ling.

When had she ever done something impressive

Shi Xuexin contemplated before she said, “Maybe Young Master Fu helped to get the medicine.”

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Qing found that it made complete sense.

No wonder.

Fu Xiuyuan was initially engaged to Shi Xuexin.

She had already learned that he was a prodigy when she was still a part of the Li family.

However, after Shi Xuexin and Shi Jins identities were reverted, so did their fiancés.

Yu Xiuhua could not help asking, “Isnt it a pity not to marry him if he is that capable”

Shi Xuexin smiled and said, “Ling is the one I like.

Also, he is my legitimate fiance.”

Yu Xiuhua smiled warmly.

Her daughter was just like her.

She was kind, poised, and confident.

Shi Xuexin could not help smiling.

In reality, she was too young to know anything about the Li familys standing.

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