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Chapter 349: He Likes To Tell The Truth

This was a problem caused by her subconscious mind.

She actually controlled herself very well.

Ordinary people would not be able to tell, but Song Huaixian could tell.

She thought for a while before saying, “Alright, Ill confirm the meeting place with you when I have time.”


When Shi Jin went to Jia Entertainment, she almost bumped into a woman.

The womans assistant was about to flare up when she looked up and saw that it was Shi Jin.

She then swallowed her words.

Shi Jin stepped aside and the charming female artisté got into the car.

Her assistant whispered behind her, “Yao Jiahong is really something.

I want to see if he will regret it…”

When Shi Jin arrived at Yao Jiahongs office, he instructed his assistant, “Pour me a cup of hot water, add wolfberries, chrysanthemums, and ice sugar.”

Shi Jin was used to this and let him do whatever he wanted.

She replied to Fu Heyans WeChat message about Song Huaixian.

She then asked about Old Madam Fus condition.

“Grandmas condition has improved a lot over the past few days.

Not only is Traditional Chinese Medicine really useful, but after that Dr.

Pan came over to prescribe medicine, she slept well.

Her mental state was also better during the day and she hasnt been fainting anymore.”

“Thats good,” Shi Jin replied.

“It has something to do with you and Xiuyuan coming back for dinner.

Grandma is looking forward to seeing you guys again.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then lets come back more often in the future.”

She put down her phone just as the assistant arrived with hot water.

Although it was summer, Supreme Entertainment had a good central air conditioning.

Shi Jin didnt reject Yao Jiahongs good intentions and took the mug.

She asked casually, “Did someone come to you just now”

The assistant could not help but say, “That Huang Kaiqin, I dont know how she had the nerve to come back and look for Brother Yao.

She was the one who ignored the conditions of the agreement and sought help from the old man.

Brother Yao only gave her a few words of advice before she angrily terminated the contract with Supreme Entertainment, causing both sides to suffer.

Actually, she had already made up her mind to leave, but she still pushed everything onto Brother Yao.”

Yao Jiahong said calmly, “Thats old news.

Why are you still bringing that up”

“Then why is she here again today” Shi Jin took a sip of hot water and asked.

“Its all because shes jealous of Brother Yaos resources and wants Brother Yao to specially take care of her.

She even said that she wanted Brother Yao to give up on you…” The assistant was very indignant.

“She said that she would come to you personally and give you a chance to win the music award so that youd leave Brother Yao.

She knew how Shi Jins results had come about.

Her attitude changed from disdain to respect.

Huang Kaiqin was willful, returning whenever she wanted to.

Did she really think that this place was her private property

Shi Jin remained silent.

The assistant asked again, “Shi Jin, could she have come here for you”

“No,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Even if she did, would I give in”

The assistant patted her chest and said in relief, “I knew you wouldnt!”

Yao Jiahong said, “Shi Jin, dont worry about these rumors.”

He had actually gone through a lot of things in the past and had long planned to give up his managerial role.

Anyone would get tired of the constant scheming and infighting.

However, ever since he met Shi Jin, his waist stopped being sore and his legs didnt hurt.

He had recovered and felt that he could fight for another fifty years.

Shi Jin nodded and didnt continue the topic.

Instead, she listened to Yao Jiahong discuss work.

“Producer Liu said that forTwilight Years, he hopes that you can guest star in the role of a young girl.

Youre also a small singer in the show.

I hope you can participate in the new movie, which hasnt been confirmed yet.

Theres also a singing program that wants you to be their judge…”

Shi Jin said, “Forget about the judges.

I plan to study piano now.”

Yao Jiahong did not hesitate and said to his assistant, “Cancel the judging work.

Shi Jin, how did you arrange the piano lessons”

“I havent scheduled them yet, but its settled.

Ill give you the timetable after Ive made the arrangements.”

“Alright, then well have time to discuss it.

We still have two endorsements to do.

When do you think well have time”

“Lets finish them tomorrow,” said Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong and the assistant coordinated the time.

Shi Jin glanced at her phone and saw a message from Ye Peiwen.

“Shi Jin, Im coming to the capital to film a new variety show.

Ill treat you to a meal then!”

Ye Peiwen had been silent for many years.

She had become famous overnight because she had been Shi Jins celebrity guest partner in “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”.

Although she was only a third or fourth tier celebrity, she was still very satisfied with her job and earning a lot of money.

“Sure.” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

“Oh right, theres another theme song I want you to sing.

Is that okay”

“I only have three days for each recording.

The theme song will be totally fine!” Ye Peiwen agreed immediately.

Even if she didnt come to the capital, she would sing when Shi Jin asked her to.

She did not ask what the song was about or who it was for.

She simply told her manager to make time for Shi Jins job.

Meanwhile, Shi Jin was thinking about how the theme song for “The Twilight Years” had yet to be confirmed.

The television series focused on the most popular topics in recent years and was an important chance to discuss the marital status of women in their thirties or forties.

She and the other young singers were not used to singing such theme songs.

However, at Ye Peiwens age, her singing voice was really suitable.

After she informed Liu Ning, Liu Ning said, “Sure, let her come over.

Teacher Yes voice is perfect.”

The next day, Shi Jin went to the airport to pick up Ye Peiwen after doing a photo shoot.

Ye Peiwen was already in her early forties, but she still looked extremely young.

She did not look like someone in her forties at all.

Even Shi Jin was surprised.

The difference between her now and the last time they met was too great.

“Teacher Ye, youre getting younger and younger.” Xiao Li, who was driving Shi Jin, could not help but say.

“Young man, you have a sweet mouth.

Is everyone around you like this” Ye Peiwen went forward and gave Shi Jin a hug.

“No, he likes to tell the truth,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Ye Peiwen beamed as she distributed the gifts that she had brought.

She was a meticulous person and even Xiao Li got treated.

After getting into the car, she said, “I still tell people about the ice mint you gave me last time.

After I went back from the capital, my rhinitis was really getting better by the day.

I can sing songs that I couldnt sing in the past, and I couldnt sleep well before, but now I can sleep with a pillow beneath my head every day.

Hasnt my skin improved”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Sure has.”

“Its all thanks to you.”

“Its just down to your good luck that the medicine was effective.” Shi Jin did not claim credit.

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