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Chapter 348: The Li Family Never Loses Money

“Its me.

My name is Song Huaixian.” Song Huaixian extended his hand and shook her hand politely.

The girl in front of him was far from the artisté he had been imagining.

He rarely paid attention to the entertainment industry and knew nothing about which artistés were popular.

However, he had seen countless celebrities on various occasions.

Normally, even male celebrities had to put on makeup, but Shi Jin had a natural face, and her skin was clear and beautiful.


I may not have time to talk to you tonight…”

“Forgive me for coming uninvited.” Song Huaixian already knew that Shi Jin had said that she was busy today.

She had things to do during the day and at night, so she had asked him to come another day, but he really wanted to see Shi Jin sooner.

That was why he had come over immediately and waited for five hours downstairs.

He said, “Its okay.

I just wanted to meet you.

You can go ahead and do your work.”

He gave off a refreshing feeling.

Shi Jin smiled and nodded.

“Im waiting for someone to pick me up.

Teacher Song, why were you looking for me so urgently”

“I saw the video of your performance.

I really want to take you in as my disciple and teach you.

I wonder if youre interested”

Previously, Fu Heyan had asked her to be her disciple and now, Song Huaixian was doing so too.

Actually, Shi Jin was not very knowledgeable about the standard of his piano performance.

She really did not have the time.

She explained her working conditions and said regretfully, “Teacher Song, Im really sorry…”

“Shi Jin, youre perfect for piano! Show me your hands!” Hearing her reject him, Song Huaixian was no longer as restrained as before and became a little anxious.

Shi Jin stretched out her hands.

“Your fingers are very long and slender.

Although your joints are very thin, I can tell that you have a strong sense of power.

You are born to play the piano.

Many songwriters are men, so many of their songs are more suitable for people who were born with long fingers to play.

You naturally have an advantage! Furthermore, your sense of sound and color is also very talented.

Shi Jin, dont waste your talent!”

Song Huaisian reached out as though he wanted to caress Shi Jins hands.

However, he restrained himself and maintained his etiquette.

There was the sound of a car honking behind him.

Shi Jin looked in that direction.

The familiar car had stopped and Fu Xiuyuan was now walking in their direction.

Shi Jins heart skipped a beat.

So when she had reached out just now, it looked like she was holding Song Huaians hands

Regardless of whether he had seen or not, she took the lead and walked towards Fu Xiuyuan.

Before he could say anything, she was already lifting her head and kissing him.

Fu Xiuyuan looked up and her kiss only landed on his chin.

However, this action still dissolved all of Fu Xiuyuans anger.

He visibly calmed down and looked down at her, then reached out to hold her waist silently.

He looked up at Song Huaixian.

Song Huaixian knew that Fu Xiuyuans personality was naturally cold, so he didnt mind.

Nodding, he greeted, “Xiuyuan.”

This was what Fu Heyan called him.

However, Song Huaixian was a little surprised… The passionate couple was actually still together.

So that was why Shi Jin had indeed been a little abrupt just now.

He really had not known that it would be Fu Xiuyuan coming to pick up Shi Jin.

After explaining Song Huaixians intentions, Shi Jin said, “Im still considering Teacher Songs invitation.”

Song Huaixian said eagerly, “I hope youll decide soon.”

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at Song Huaixian indifferently.

Because of Fu Heyan, he had some understanding of this person.

He knew that Song Huaixian had always been obsessed with practicing the piano and never got close to women.

Hence, he would leave the decision to Shi Jin.

After saying goodbye to Song Huaixian, Shi Jin got into Fu Xiuyuans car.

Seeing that he had calmed down, she started to think about Song Huaixians words.

“Do you want to go” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

For some reason, Shi Jin could hear jealousy in his tone.

Or had she been spending too little time with him

Shi Jin had a lot of work to do, so her time with him had been greatly reduced.

This man couldnt wait to tie her to him, and he was naturally jealous.

“I heard that the Piano Association is quite powerful” Shi Jin asked.

Fu Xiuyuan explained seriously, “Its not only a place for practicing piano, there are also many economic powers in Europe there.

The upper echelons of the association are more powerful than the He, Qiao and Lan families.”

The He, Qiao, and Lan families were existences that surpassed the Big Four Families.

Shi Jin hadnt expected the people from the Piano Association to be stronger than them.

Shi Jin asked, “So the Piano Association is worth entering”

“Depends on whether you like it or not.”

“The Li family used to be one of the Big Four Families.

Later on, they gradually declined… That was also related to this, right” Shi Jin asked.

She had originally thought that the Li family declined because they had no money left.

It was only later that she realized that the Li family had never lacked money.

In which case, it had to be because of some issues that caused the Li family to be completely excluded from the Big Four Families and other influential families.

“More or less.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

He turned his head and the light from the street lamps shone in through the car window, falling over his face.

“But whether you should enter or not just depends on whether you like it.

You dont have to avoid it for me.”

He loved her, so he had to let her make her own choice.

He would not let his love become a cage to imprison her.

He hadnt understood it before, but now he would learn to work a little harder to make her happy.

The bright street lights shone into his eyes.

As the car moved forward, he became hidden in the darkness again.

Shi Jin leaned toward him.

“I will make my own careful choice.”


At night, Shi Jin was writing her script after dinner.

There came a message from Song Huaixian on WeChat.

She opened it and saw that he had written, “Shi Jin, when you were playing, you used the wrong amount of force on your right pinky.

How could that have happened If you have time, lets set up a date to talk about it.”

When Shi Jin saw this, she finally understood how shrewd Song Huaixian was.

He was probably watching the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that Fu Heyan had recorded.

It was very basic and could be played with any finger technique.

Shi Jins issue was so small that even Fu Heyan had not noticed.

Other people would not have been able to tell either.

However, Song Huaixian had immediately seen it.

Before he mentioned it, Shi Jin herself had not even noticed it.

Hearing his words, she raised her hand and recalled that in her previous life, Fu Xiuyuan had laid still in her arms.

No matter what, she had not been able to help him recover his heartbeat.

His blood had covered her hands, and his fingers only gripped the pinky of her right hand.

Hence, when Shi Jin was playing, she subconsciously tried to conserve the strength of this pinky and refused to exert too much force.

Even though Fu Xiuyuan was not far away from her and she could see him just by looking up, Shi Jins nervous habit could not be changed.

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