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Chapter 347: Showing Piano Skills

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She had gone too far.

Shi Jin felt suffocated just remembering it.

Therefore, when the news of the location of “Louis XV” came from Europe, she got someone to collect it.

Initially, she had planned to send it directly to Fu Heyan, but then she decided to check it first before sending it over.

After Fu Heyan finished screeching, her face flushed as he said, “I already told you not to compensate me.

Youre really silly.

How can I accept such a valuable item”

Behind her, the butler was instructing people to move the item into the elevator.

“Be careful, dont touch it at all! You must carry it into Missys room like you would carry your infant son!”

If not for this scene, Shi Jin would have believed Fu Heyan more.

Fu Heyan quickly said, “Anyway, youre busy, I wont disturb you further.”

“Okay, bye.” Shi Jin turned off the video call.

“Producer Liu, lets continue our discussion,” said Shi Jin as she put down her phone.

“If its just this plot, I think it might need to be optimized…” Liu Ning handed over the script.

Shi Jin took a look.

“Hmm, please change the scriptwriter a little.

Since the female lead has already left her role as a housewife, she will have to rely on herself to grow and change in the future.

She cant expect some man to save her.

Otherwise, wouldnt she be in a different situation”

The script was called “The Year of Standing”.

It discussed the difficulties faced by many people who had just entered middle age.

Liu Ning, on the other hand, was already in his forties, so he naturally had a lot of insight into these things.

Even though the script portrayed the struggle and confusion of a female character at this age, there were many things that he could empathize with.

Shi Jin, on the other hand, was just a young woman who had just passed her 20th birthday.

How could she have such deep thoughts

He glanced at Shi Jin and saw that she was reading the script seriously.

He didnt ask further.


Meanwhile, in Fu Heyans room, after setting up the piano, she stretched her hand out and caressed the instrument with great care.

She cherished and loved it more than her first crush.

Song Huaixian and the butler stood to one side, unwilling to leave.

Even though they knew that this was her private room and it was inconvenient for them to stay, neither of them suggested leaving.

After Fu Heyan had had her fill of admiring it, she lifted the cover and sat down to play a song.

After the song was over, she was still reluctant to go and did not care about the men nearby.

She turned around and saw that they were still standing there.

The butler knew that it was inappropriate for him to be there, so he apologized and went downstairs.

Song Huaixian stood in his original position.

Fu Heyan then remembered something and said, “Oh right, Teacher Song, let me show you something.”

She quickly picked up her phone, opened a video, and handed it to Song Huaixian.

Usually, when she was practicing the piano, she would record it and review her performance.

That night, she had also recorded a video of Shi Jin playing the piano.

Song Huaixian took a look.

In the video, a girl was playing an entry-level song.

Although the content was very basic, it could be clearly seen that her standard surpassed that of most people from the Piano Association.

“How is it Alright” Fu Heyan had become the champion of the Chopin World piano competition when she was 18 years old.

She had a professional grasp of sound and rhythm.

At present, she was also an important member of the Piano Association.

As the former champion of the Chopin Piano Competition, it would take 15 years for her to become a judge and return to the top of the competition.

She did not participate in the Chopin Piano Competition anymore.

However, she had participated in countless other competitions of the same level.

Every year, when she watched the Chopin Competition, she also silently evaluated each player.

Every time, the evaluation was almost the same as the final evaluation given by the true judges.

Her hearing and evaluation were as professional as the experts.

Song Huaixian, on the other hand, was the champion of her previous competition.

Upon hearing this performance, his expression turned grave.

Then, his brows slowly relaxed.

Obviously, he agreed with Fu Heyan and was very curious about this contestant.

“Who is she Why dont you take her in as your disciple”

Song Huaixian was not much older than Fu Heyan, but he was much more experienced than her, especially when it came to theory.

He was one of the best.

Currently, he was already the de facto leader of the Piano Association.

Even though he had not played for a long time, all the students who received his guidance improved their skills.

If Fu Heyan was a pianist, then he was undoubtedly a mentor.

“She refused and only said she was busy.

And I guess even if I accepted her, I wouldnt be able to give her much guidance.

Thats why I want to introduce her to you.”

Fu Heyan was a little embarrassed to be the sole owner of the Louis XV.

Hence, she was introducing Shi Jin to Song Huaixian.

Song Huaixian said, “I want to see her.”

“Shes probably busy shooting advertisements or something.

Anyway, dont miss this star pupil.

Ill tell her to send you a WeChat message.”

Fu Heyan immediately rang and asked for Shi Jins opinion.

Shi Jin replied, “I might not have the time.”

“Im bold enough to tell you that he will definitely be worth your time.” Fu Heyan looked at Song Huaixian and spoke with certainty.

“Alright then,” Shi Jin replied.

“But Im on set now, so I might not have time to see him for now.”

“Its okay, no problem.

Go ahead and do what you need to do.

Everything is up to you.”

When Song Huaixian heard that Shi Jin was filming an advertisement and was with the production team, he asked, “Shes also an artisté”

That was strange.

As far as he knew, artistés were usually very busy and there were not many who were truly talented.

When had Shi Jin learned to play the piano so well Then, he thought of something and asked, “Is it that Shi Jin from the Li family”



Thats not so strange,” Song Huaixian thought to himself.

In the old days, which one of the Li family members hadnt been a top-notch expert in their industry How many outstanding talents could the Li family produce

He immediately added Shi Jin on WeChat and asked for her location.

Shi Jin and Liu Ning went out after discussing the content.

It was already late.

She didnt know how long she would be busy for today, so she didnt ask Yao Jiahong to wait with Xiao Li.

Besides, Fu Xiuyuan had said he would pick her up tonight and they would have dinner together.

Liu Ning had dropped her off and insisted on picking her up, but Shi Jin would not let him.

She walked out and saw a tall and thin young man.

He looked very scholarly.

When he saw her, he asked politely, “Shi Jin”

“Are you… Teacher Song”

When Fu Heyan had sent the WeChat message, she told Shi Jin about Song Huaixians identity.

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