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Chapter 346: Can You Allow Me to Scream A Bit

Song Huaixian also stood up and asked, “Who sent this”

“Shi Jin,” Fu Heyan said.

“Shi Jin” Song Huaixian glanced at her.

Like Fu Heyan, he had seen many good pianos.

He had seen and touched all kinds of expensive and high-class ones.

Playing the piano was a money-burning hobby for normal people to begin with, let alone people like them who participated in various large-scale competitions.

Upon hearing that it was a gift from Shi Jin, Song Huaixian knew that it was probably an ordinary piano.

“Why would she give you a piano” he asked.

“We had a small misunderstanding before,” Fu Heyan said generously.

“I told her not to send it, but she refused to listen.”

She said to the butler, “Open it and take a look.

Help me check it.

If theres no problem, Ill sign.”

After saying that, she sat down with Song Huaixian to continue drinking tea.

Song Huaixian nodded and picked up his teacup.

The Li family that Shi Jin was from had some connections with Song Huaixian.

He thought that now that Shi Jin was not short of money, she might buy a top-notch piano and send it over.

However, no matter how top-notch it was, it would not be anything much.

Famous pianists all had their own favorite brands.

They rarely bought mass-produced products.

Even if it was a gift, Fu Heyan would not use it often.

Fu Heyan had the same thought, but since it was a gift from Shi Jin, there was no reason for her to give it away.

Luckily, the Fu familys residence was big, so she could just choose a random place to keep it.

Just as she was thinking this, the butler walked over and said, “Miss Yun, you might have to check it yourself.

This piano… I dont really understand it.”

Fu Heyan stood up in amusement.

“How could you not understand”

The butler of the Fu family knew how to play the piano too.

He had graduated from a professional school and Fu Heyan had been with him since she was young.

She had just finished laughing when she saw the piano in front of her.

She could not help but be stunned.

“Huaixian, come and take a look!” Fu Heyan called out to Song Huaixian.

Song Huaixian slowly put down his teacup, stood up, and looked over.

The piano had been wrapped up nicely just now, so he hadnt seen how it was inside.

Now that it had been completely unwrapped, everything could be seen clearly.

The simple and unadorned body of the piano was revealed.

It was not the latest style.

Some parts were even covered with a layer of dust.

It was obvious that it was an old piano.

Song Huaixian cried out, “This… is a BechsteinLouis XV”

The butler was stunned as well.


Song, are you sure”

“Is it reallyLouis XV by Bechstein” Fu Heyan could not believe it either.

In the classical music world, Bechstein was a living legend.

It had been Liszts favorite piano brand when he was alive.

Back then, when the piano scholar was worried about finding a suitable piano for himself, Karl Bechstein had made him a piano that could withstand the force of his playing and difficult techniques.

It was called “Louis XV.”

Liszt had used it to play all kinds of classical songs that shocked the world.

He had also created countless famous songs that had been passed down over the years.

“During the war years ago, BechsteinsLouis XV was lost,” Song Huaixian murmured.

“After that, its whereabouts were unknown.”

The butler could not help being fascinated as well.

“So, is this a fake”

In order to recreate the brilliance of “Louis XV”, on his 160th birthday, Besistan had found a custom-made blueprint and assembled 140 professional technicians, including a music producer, sculptor, and painter.

After three years, he built this piano with his own hands.

The entire piano was worth 20 million yuan, making it the most expensive piano in the world.

To ordinary people, even a fake would be expensive, and they would still flock to it, but for those who truly loved piano, the Louis XV that Liszt used was the ultimate classic.

Every pianist had different skills and strengths, but Liszt was of the highest overall standard.

The piano that he had used before, whether it be in terms of form or content, would never allow any musician to make a mistake.

Therefore, if it was the real one, it could be said to be priceless.

Fu Heyan went up to touch it and played a tune.

Despite enduring the passage of time, the sound of the piano was still filled with charm.

She said confidently, “This is the original, the one that Liszt used!”

After she flicked it, Song Huaixian confirmed that this was the original version! Whether it was the tone or the material, it was indeed a classic.

The butler was flabbergasted… This was actually something that Shi Jin, who had been working so hard, had sent over Could it be that Young Master had given it to her and she was now passing on the gift

“Miss Fu, can we sign now”

Fu Heyan was startled back to reality and looked at the piano carefully.

After confirming that there were no defects, she signed.

She stepped forward and pattedLouis XVI affectionately.

She looked like a woman who had fallen in love.

Song Huaixian looked at the piano enviously.

It was an honor for him to be able to see “Louis XV” in his lifetime.

“Butler, quick, carry the piano to my room upstairs.”

The piano that Fu Heyan liked was in her room.

Now that she had “Louis XV”, she had to put it in her room.

All of her favorite things had to be within easy reach!

“Tell everyone to be careful.

It mustnt get scraped!”

The butler was even more cautious than her.

“I wont let the piano get bumped even if it kills me.”

Fu Heyan calmed herself before connecting with Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was by Liu Nings side, listening to him talk about the casting and filming.

She made anexcuse me gesture and clicked on the video.

Fu Heyans face appeared on the screen.

“Shi Jin…” Fu Heyan didnt know what to say.

“Whats wrong By the way, I got someone to deliver the piano to you.

Did you see it”

“I saw it.

Thats why Im calling you! Shi Jin, where did you find it I really dont know what to say! Can you let me scream a few times”

Liu Ning quietly put on his earphones.

Which crazy fan was this

“Go ahead.” Shi Jin smiled.

Previously, she had personally poured a cup of iced coffee into Fu Heyans favorite pianos keys right in front of her.

Then, she had picked up a hammer and smashed at the keys seriously for a long time.

Fu Heyan was now screaming the same way as she had back then.

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