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Chapter 345: Little Sister, Give Big Sister a Chance

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Fu Xiuyuan stood up.

Fu Heyan looked radiant as she said something to Shi Jin.

Shi Jins expression was calm, and one could tell that she was being very patient with Fu Heyan.

No matter what she said, Shi Jin nodded.

“What are you talking about Why are you so happy” Qin Sinian asked as he poured tea for them.

Fu Heyan said, “Im trying to convince Shi Jin to learn piano from me.

You dont know that she just casually played an introductory song, but she definitely has the technique of a master.

I think as long as shes willing to learn, shell definitely win an international award.”

“Do you think that Shi Jin is like you with a head full of music” Qin Sinian asked helplessly and dotingly.

“Im telling the truth!” Fu Heyan said angrily.

“If you dont believe me, I can show you the video!”

She would record videos when she was practicing the piano so that she could review her own skills and improve herself.

Qin Sinian smiled.

“I believe you.”

“Sister, Shi Jin is already busy enough.” Fu Xiuyuan, who had not spoken much tonight, brought Shi Jin over to his side.

“Dont try to snatch her free time again.

Were leaving.

If anything happens with Grandma, remember to call me.”

Fu Heyan had no temper when facing Fu Xiuyuan.

She could only watch as he took Shi Jin away.

Qin Sinian massaged her shoulders.

“Alright, dont you know how busy Shi Jinnian is Fu Xiuyuan already said it, so dont take it to heart.”


Once Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were in the car, Shi Jin said softly, “Grandmas condition isnt that bad.”

“You have a solution” Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head to look at her.

Although he hadnt said much today, his mood was visibly good.

“I still need something,” Shi Jin said.

Perhaps next time, she would need her grandfather to send some plants instead of a chicken, duck, or fish.

After saying that, she looked down at her WeChat.

Fu Heyan had sent her a message: “Sister, give me a chance.”

They had become as close as sisters in just one day, Shi Jin could not help but laugh.


Liu Ning accepted a good script and happily ran to Supreme Entertainment to show it to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took a glance and nodded.

“Its a little tacky, but the social issues it deals with are pretty good.

We should be able to become famous and earn money.”

“Its indeed quite vulgar.

The lead is a mistress and has had a traumatic experience in her family.

She even talks about whether women should give up their careers for the sake of their families,” Liu Ning said.

“But I did some market research.

As you said, the probability of this becoming popular is very high.”

Now that Liu Ning had returned to this market, in order to not be controlled by others, he had discussed things with Gu Jingyuan and decided to set up a company himself to produce films and television series.

Of course, although it had been a discussion, Gu Jingyuan actually hadnt cared about anything, but the money.

Since he had a company, he had to provide for them.

If he wanted to provide for others, he couldnt just make cool works.

He had to make things that were suitable for the market.

Shi Jin understood this very well too, so she agreed with Liu Ning.

“You can do it.

Producer Liu, your taste is getting better.”

Liu Ning laughed out loud.

After laughing, he said, “Well, you can keep yourself busy when it comes to this then.”

“Sure.” Shi Jin did not reject.

After all, she had lived another lifetime already.

She had experience with what was popular on the market.

In addition to her own opinion, it would indeed be easier for her to win if she were to check things out.

In the past, she still remembered many songs and movies and their places in the market.

However, she wouldnt plagiarize.

Nevertheless, as the economy improved and the number of people with free time increased, discussing social phenomena in film and television works and triggering peoples thoughts and discussions had become more of a possibility.

It should be the responsibility of industry professionals to produce works that could make people think.


Fu Heyan welcomed a doctor into the house.

Although Old Madam Fu had said that she didnt need a check-up, Fu Heyan had still discussed it with Fu Xiuyuan and invited a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor over to take a look at Old Madam Fu.

Since she had already tried Western medicine, they might as well seek help from Chinese medicine.

The old Chinese doctors hair and beard were all white, and he appeared to be quite skilled.

“Doctor Pan, how is my grandmother” Fu Heyan asked.

“Itll be easy to heal.

She just has low blood pressure.

Ill prescribe her some Chinese medicine.

She can improve if she takes it consistently.”

Doctor Pan quickly wrote down the prescription.

Fu Heyan had found this doctor among the common folk.

She had heard many rumors that his medical skills were pretty good, and others illnesses had been cured by him.

Otherwise, a person like Fu Heyan, who believed in modern medicine, would not try such a thing.

“After you get the medicine, you should take it three times a day.

After taking it three times a day, there should be a huge improvement,” Doctor Pan said.

“Thank you, Doctor Pan.

Butler, see Doctor Pan off.” Fu Heyan took the prescription.

Once Doctor Pan had left, she passed the prescription to the butler.

“Go to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and ask about this medicine.

If theres no problem, buy it and prepare it for Grandma.”

When Fu Heyan finished practicing piano, the butler came back and told her, “The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said that theres no problem with the prescription.

It can be used to replenish her blood and vital energy.

The medicine has been bought and prepared.”

“Okay.” Fu Heyan nodded.

As they were speaking, a servant walked in with a young man.

“Sister Lotus,” the young man said as he walked.

“Im here to see Grandma Fu.”

“Theres nothing wrong with Grandma.

She just happened to get some medicine, so she should be fine after taking it.

Have a seat, Huaixian.”

Song Huaixian and Fu Heyan were both from the Piano Association and had a good relationship.

Having heard that Old Madam Fu was not doing well, he had come to visit.

“Thats good.” Song Huaixian nodded.


Song, please have some tea.” The butler brought him some tea.

He was a frequent visitor and the Fu Family was very familiar with him.

As they were talking, the butler heard a commotion outside and said, “Ill go out and take a look first.”

Fu Heyan continued to drink tea and chat with Song Huaixian.

A moment later, the butler came back and said, “Miss, someone has sent a piano over.

They said they want you to sign for it.”

Fu Heyan suddenly remembered Shi Jins words.

She hadnt expected her to really send such a thing over so quickly.

She smiled and said, “That girl…”

When Shi Jin had broken her favorite piano, she was indeed furious.

However, now that the enmity between them had dissipated, she no longer cared about the past.

However, Shi Jin was a woman of her word.

She had delivered the piano right to the doorstep.

“Let them bring it in.”

Since it was a mark of Shi Jins good will, Fu Heyan didnt reject it.

A few workers carefully moved the item in.

“Miss Fu Heyan, please sign here.” The leader took out the receipt.

Fu Heyan was about to write her name.

“Miss Fu, this is very valuable..

Please check that everything is correct,” the deliveryman reminded her.

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