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Chapter 344: Shi Jins Fondness

“Is that so Xiuyuans sleep disorder has been alleviated” Old Madam Fu asked happily, the wrinkles on her face disappearing.

“Look at his face.

Isnt he looking better Also, his gastric problem is almost cured.

All of this is thanks to Shi Jin.” Fu Heyan praised Shi Jin generously.

Qin Sinian was shocked as he watched from the side.

His handsome face was filled with doubt.

When had this happened His wife had actually become a fan of Shi Jin

Old Madam Fu looked at her grandson and saw that he was radiant and his face was flushed.

When she looked at Shi Jin again, she was obviously pleased.

She was already old and not much mattered anymore, but Fu Heyan and Fu Xiuyuan were her lifeblood.

As long as they were okay, she had nothing else to ask for.

They began dinner.

Old Madam Fu instructed the butler to place the non-spicy and more easily digested dishes in front of Fu Xiuyuan.

This was all for his stomach.

In the past, when his stomach had been at its worst, there were times when he couldnt eat anything for a few consecutive days.

Although Fu Heyan said that his condition had improved, Old Madam Fu didnt dare to be careless.

It was not like she had not seen Fu Xiuyuans stomach ache to the point of him vomiting blood.

The dishes were laid on the table.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up his chopsticks and took some of the various foods.

They were cold, hot, spicy, and chewy.

He ate almost all of them.

This made Old Madam Fus heart skip a beat.

She wanted him to be more careful, but felt that she was being too harsh.

After the meal, Old Madam Fu observed Fu Xiuyuan several times.

Seeing that he was calm and did not show any signs of illness, she finally believed Fu Heyans words.

Old Madam Fus expression became livelier.

She then asked about Old Master Li and Li Juekai.

After sitting for a while, she became a little tired.

Shi Jin tactfully stood up and said, “Grandma, I still have something to attend to.

Please rest easy now.”

“Okay, come again soon.” Old Madam Fu stood up, but she felt the world spinning around her.

A few of them went forward to support her.


“Grandma, whats wrong” Fu Heyan anxiously asked, “Butler, call the doctor over!”

“Im fine, just a little dizzy.

Its an old problem.” Old Madam Fu opened her eyes.

“Theres no need to trouble yourself.

No matter how many times I call for a doctor, it will only be like this.

Forget it.”

Fu Heyan and Fu Xiuyuan were aware of this situation as well and hurriedly helped her sit down.

“Maybe she got up too quickly and the blood couldnt get to her head quickly enough.

Thats why she almost fainted.”

“Then Ill help you go and lie down,” Fu Heyan said.

Shi Jin also went forward to support Old Madam Fu.

When she felt her pulse, she had a good idea and took out a bottle of essential oil from her bag.

When she was settling Old Madam Fu down, she placed the extra bottle of essential oil on her bedside table before walking out with Fu Heyan.

“Grandmas dizziness is an old illness.

All the hospitals have examined her, and they all say that its just part of the aging process.” Fu Heyan sighed.

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Its worrying to see her in this state.”

“Its a good thing that Grandma is still in pretty good health,” Shi Jin said.

She was prepared to go back and prepare more essential oil.

She had just found out about her situation.

She could make the essential oils more targeted and the effects would be better.

Fu Heyan changed the topic.

“Right, you havent checked the recovery of my hand, right Lets go and take a look!”

Shi Jin had actually seen the video she had sent many times.

However, since she had invited her so enthusiastically, Shi Jin could not refuse and entered her room with her.

Fu Heyan was already married, but she kept some clothes in her room so that she could come back to stay every other day.

The large room was elegantly decorated.

It was divided into two parts.

One part was a normal bedroom, while the other part was filled with musical instruments.

The two sides were split, making it convenient to use each.

“I used to have a piano room at home, but Im a lazy person.

I feel safe when I have everything in a place where I can reach it.”

Fu Heyan opened the piano and said, “Take a look.”

She sat down and played.

She was already at the pinnacle of the piano scene in Country S, so even if she just casually flicked her fingers, the ability she could display would still be very outstanding.

“How do you feel” Shi Jin asked.

“I think Im fine now.” Fu Heyan turned around.

“By the way, Shi Jin, how did you get such good medical skills If you were the one who operated on me, I would never have had a problem.”

“I learned from a master,” said Shi Jin with a smile.

“Well, Im really convinced by you.”

Fu Heyan had been chasing celebrities recently and knew so much about Shi Jin.

She was already numb to her abilities.

She also felt that she had been too prejudiced against Shi Jin previously, which was why she hadnt seen the outstanding parts of her personality.

“Sister, I have a piano for you.

Take it as an apology for what happened back then,” Shi Jin suddenly said.

“Sure, thank you.” Fu Heyan was already using a top-notch piano, so it didnt matter if Shi Jin gave one to her or not.

She only thought that Shi Jin had broken her piano previously and wanted to make up for it now, so she agreed immediately.

She asked, “Do you know how to play Do you want to try mine”

“Sure.” Shi Jin sat down and casually began playingTwinkle Twinkle Little Star.

It was so entry level that Fu Heyan laughed.

After a little chuckle, she couldnt laugh anymore.

The depth of a songs difficulty was never the focus of a persons ability.

It was their playing technique, the performance of every tone, and the expression of their emotions.

Shi Jin was doing the simplest song, but Fu Heyan could tell that she was different.

“How long have you been practicing”

“Two to three years” Shi Jin had trained in her previous life, and she really liked it.

Fu Heyan, on the other hand, felt that this wasnt something that could be achieved in two or three years.

However, when she thought about Shi Jins age, she wasnt surprised that Shi Jin had studied somewhere.

Still, she had not studied this when she was at the Shi family.

After she finished playing, Fu Heyan held her shoulders and said, “Shi Jin, come and learn with me!”

Fu Xiuyuan and Qin Sinian were sitting in the living room drinking tea when the butler came to report on Old Madam Fus condition.

The two of them were slightly relieved.

Sitting together with Fu Xiuyuan, Qin Sinian didnt have much to say.

However, he was still very indulgent towards this brother-in-law of his.

He checked the green tea he had personally brewed and poured Fu Xiuyuan a full cup.

Then, they saw Fu Heyan and Shi Jin coming down the stairs.

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