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Chapter 343: Really Put in a Lot of Effort

As for Shi Jin, she was definitely not wrong.

Fu Xiuyuan was the one who had lied!

“Ask yourself.” Fu Xiuyuans tone was still extremely calm.

Fu Heyan was stunned.

She immediately understood many things.

When her palm was injured, she had been at her most agitated state.

The doctor had repeatedly said that she needed to rest, and every time she had seen Shi Jin, she felt so angry that her head and stomach would hurt.

She hadnt been able to calm down at all.

However, the person who had healed her hand was Shi Jin!

Shi Jin had disguised herself in order to prevent her from getting agitated!

After thinking this through, Fu Heyan felt that she had gone overboard.

It was clearly Shi Jin who had treated her, yet she had still gone to steal Fu Xiuyuan away from her.

And now, she was the one trying to interfere with Fu Xiuyuans love triangle!

She was so embarrassed that her toes curled.

She wanted to disappear…


Shi Jin was free the next day.

It felt good for her to wake up naturally.

As she ate her breakfast, she opened WeChat.

Fu Heyan sent a voice message.

“Shi Jin, are you free Do you want to go home for dinner with Xiuyuan You can also meet Grandma.”

Fu Heyan was pretending that nothing had happened.

As long as she was not embarrassed, the embarrassment wouldnt catch up with her.

Shi Jin thought for a moment and replied, “I can spare some time if Xiuyuan is free.”

“Then ask him.” Fu Heyan decided that it was more convenient for Shi Jin to ask.

Shi Jin didnt reject her and asked Fu Xiuyuan if he wanted to go.

After receiving an affirmative reply, Shi Jin took a screenshot and sent it to Fu Heyan.

She then got up to look for her clothes.

She remembered that she had a terrible relationship with Old Madam Fu, just like her relationship with Fu Heyan.

Now, she had been able to reconcile with Fu Heyan very quickly due to the treatment she had given Fu Heyan before.

However, the relationship between her and Old Madam Fu had not reached a stage where they could interact freely.

Thinking about how she had to make up for what she had done in her previous life, she felt a little vexed.

As she was looking for her clothes, Fu Heyan sent her another WeChat message.

“Shi Jin, Ive said a lot of good things about you in front of Grandma.

Dont worry too much when you come over tonight.”

“Thank you, Sister,” Shi Jin replied.

Fu Heyan looked at the words “thank you” and felt a little guilty.

In reality, she had never put in a good word for Shi Jin in front of Grandma.

Every time she praised Shi Jin, she had not mentioned her actual name, afraid that Grandma would not be able to take it.

She had praised Si Jin a few times though.


At night, Fu Xiuyuan returned to Lanting Residence to fetch Shi Jin.

When Shi Jin saw him, she picked up her bag and stood up from the sofa.

Fu Xiuyuans eyes darkened.

The girl was dressed very simply today.

She was wearing a white doll dress that she had never worn before.

Unexpectedly, it really suited her, completely highlighting her innocent side, which was very studious.

It was like looking at an excellent prefect.

After getting into the car, Shi Jin asked, “I heard your grandma has been suffering from insomnia and strange dreams, right”

“Yeah, the doctor said its a common thing with the elderly,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

Shi Jin had brought a few bottles of essential oil in her bag as a gift.

In her previous life, she had rarely gone to the Fu Family.

After a few times, she had had a few disagreements with Old Madam Fu and had never gone back after that.

When the car stopped at the Fu familys villa, Fu Heyan walked out quickly to welcome Shi Jin.

Her actions and attitude were very familiar.

“Shi Jin.” She went forward and took Shi Jins arm, speaking in a familiar tone.

To be able to hold her idols arm was something she had never dared to imagine doing before.

She had originally planned to deny that she was a fan of Shi Jin.

However, after the misunderstanding was cleared up that day, she had realized that her little pride was completely useless.

There was no point in pretending not to know about her.

She might as well just admit it.

She felt great after coming clean!

Fu Heyan regretted discovering the truth so late.

“Lets go inside.” She pulled Shi Jin in.

The younger brother was thrown aside.

Fu Heyan was not taking her husband seriously either.

The two men smiled helplessly and followed her in.

Old Madam Fu was sitting in the living room with a head of snow-white silver hair, looking very amiable.

When she saw Shi Jin, her gaze dimmed involuntarily.

When she thought of the past, she felt unhappy.

If it wasnt for Fu Heyans words, Old Madam Fu wouldnt have allowed Shi Jin to even come back for dinner.

Although Shi Jin had been a little more restrained in front of the elders in the past… the way she treated Fu Xiuyuan had long chilled the hearts of the elders.

“Grandma, Shi Jin is here!” Fu Heyan smiled and led Shi Jin forward.

Old Madam Fu lifted her eyelids and glanced at her indifferently.

“Hello, Grandma,” Shi Jin greeted.

“Sit down.” Only when the old woman saw Fu Xiuyuan, whom she had not seen for a long time, did she smile.

“Grandma, Ive already told you that my hand was cured by Shi Jin.

Take a look and see, theres no problem at all! You cant even see a single scar, right” Fu Heyan extended her slender hands to Old Madam Fu.

Old Madam Fu knew about Fu Heyans injury.

At that time, she had been overseas.

Although she did not rush back, she had looked for many doctors.

She had been extremely worried.

Later on, she booked an overnight plane and went to Fu Heyan.

At the thought of this, her expression softened and she asked Shi Jin, “Are you living with Fu Xiuyuan now”

“Yes, Grandma,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“Ever since that competition, Ive been living with him.”

Old Madam Fu did not hate Shi Jin.

Besides, the Fu family had always been on good terms with the Lis.

Logically speaking, she should take care of Shi Jin.

However, when she thought of the past, she felt troubled.

Seeing how obedient she was being and how Fu Xiuyuan was doing, Old Madam Fu had nothing to say.

She asked a few more questions, but Shi Jins replies were rather sincere and unlike before, Old Madam Fu secretly nodded.

Besides, it had not been easy for her grandson to find a suitable person.

She understood his personality too well.

She didnt say much.

Shi Jin stood up and took out two bottles of essential oils.

She handed them to Old Madam Fu.

“Grandma, these are essential oils that can help you sleep better.

Put drops of them on your pillow.”

Old Madam Fu let the butler take them and put them in her room.

When Fu Heyan saw this, she smiled and said, “Grandma, I heard that this essential oil was prepared by Shi Jin herself.

Even Xiuyuan uses them.

She really put in a lot of effort to bring you this gift.”

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