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Chapter 342: There Is No Way To Be Matched

“Ahem, Ive caught a cold recently.” Fu Heyan coughed lightly to prove it.

The other party was one of the staff members from the event.

Previously, when they had been hosting Fu Heyans piano concert, they had crossed paths and asked kindly, “Do you need me to take you to a hospital”

“No need, no need.

Hurry up and go.

I need to go home as well.”

Seeing that she was in good spirits and didnt need any help, the person locked the door and left after saying goodbye.

Fu Heyan let out a sigh of relief.

She took out her phone and scrolled through Weibo.

She realized that some of Chu Lings fans were still boasting that Shi Jin had evil intentions towards Chu Ling.

She disagreed immediately.

“Shi Jin falling for a top celebrity A couple whose looks and talent are not compatible is destined to fail! The person with evil intentions is the person who stole someone elses song back then, right”

After sending the message, she looked at her phone in satisfaction.

She walked towards the parking lot.

It was already late at night and almost no one was around.

She saw a couple kissing passionately.

Fu Heyan was not in the mood to invade other peoples privacy, so she walked forward indifferently.

Something wasnt right.

She looked over at the two people who were kissing passionately.

Why was the mans figure so familiar It was as if she had seen that slender waist somewhere before.

Fu Heyan stopped in her tracks and looked at them carefully.

When she looked over, her blood rushed to her head.

How could they not be familiar Wasnt that man Fu Xiuyuan and the girl Shi Jin

Without thinking further, she strode towards them!

Fu Xiuyuan seemed to have sensed something and stopped what he was doing.

He pressed Shi Jin into his arms and saw a woman wearing a cap, mask, and sunglasses walking over aggressively.

An anti-fan

When she took two steps closer, Fu Xiuyuan realized who it was and frowned slightly.

“Fu Xiuyuan, youre really too much!” Fu Heyan quickly removed her disguise.

“How can you be with Shi Jin”

Fu Xiuyuan pursed his thin lips and whispered to Shi Jin, “Lets go.”

“Stop right there, both of you!” Fu Heyan usually had a loud voice.

When she got angry, she was like a firecracker.

“Who asked you to leave Fu Xiuyuan, werent you with Jinxin How could you cheat like this Jinxin was still concerned about my health last night.

She gave me essential oils to help me recuperate in peace and sleep well.

She was very concerned about me and asked about your condition.

She hoped that you could get better.

She has done everything for you, and what about you What are you doing”

“Sis, I…”

“Dont say that!” Fu Heyan cut her off.

“I know that Shi Jin is very nice too.

Shes beautiful, generous, decent, talented, and has a nice voice.

Shes beautiful and kind.

Everyone wants to treat her as a sister or a daughter, but you cant ruin two good girls!”

“Erm…” Shi Jin didnt know if she was being praised or mocked.

She lifted her head from Fu Xiuyuans embrace and looked at Fu Heyan quietly.

The two eyes that she revealed were bright and spirited.

They were indifferent, but still had a strong presence.

When Fu Heyan saw Shi Jin, she couldnt bring herself to reprimand her.

She only felt that Fu Xiuyuan was in the wrong.

She had liked Shi Jin ever since she finished watchingUltimate Singer Songwriter.

However, due to her former grudges against Shi Jin, she had kept a low profile.

Although she would not dare to publicize her newfound affection, it did not stop her from continuously doing research, making investments, downloading Shi Jins songs, and listening to them secretly.

When she was free, she would go to watch her live.

She had come to the Zhongxia Music Festival tonight because she knew that Shi Jin was coming.

The more she looked at Shi Jin, the more she liked this talented and beautiful girl.

However, in her heart, Shi Jin was just an idol, an incarnation, an unreal, distant, brilliant star.

It was completely different from the Shi Jin she had hated in the past.

However, Fu Xiuyuans actions had brought her back to reality.

Fu Xiuyuan was doing this to both Si Jin and Shi Jin!

Fu Heyan glanced at Shi Jin and said, “Do you know that Fu Xiuyuan has a girlfriend Dont waste your time on him.

A man like him is not worth it!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt a cold gaze on her.

Afraid She was naturally afraid.

This guy had had a unique ability to instill fear since he was young, but she still had to speak.

Otherwise, how would this matter end

Fu Heyan looked worried.

“Look… do you think Si Jin is good and Shi Jin is also good” Fu Xiuyuan asked calmly.

“I…” Fu Heyan sighed.

“Both are good, so you want to two-time Seriously! If you really need to choose, you should choose Si Jin! ”

Shi Jin should live more freely.

Shi Jin belonged to everyone! Not just him!

“If Shi Jin isnt all that, why do you always go to her events” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

Fu Heyan felt embarrassed after being exposed.

Other than practicing the piano, she spent most of her time on Shi Jin.

It had made Qin Sinian very unhappy with her, and he got jealous.

How could she admit that she often attended Shi Jins events in front of Shi Jin herself

“Dont talk nonsense.

I dont even know when she releases songs.”

“Oh, dont you Then theres no need for you to interfere with Shi Jins life,” the aloof Fu Xiuyuan teased.

When Fu Heyan saw Shi Jin, she actually wanted to get close to her.

However, her heart was in turmoil and she pouted in anger.

“Thats not right.

Im the one who came to question you.

Why are you blaming me”

Shi Jin squeezed Fu Xiuyuans arm and said seriously, “Xiuyuan, tell her.”

Fu Xiuyuan then said calmly, “Shi Jin is Si Jin.

Si Jin is Shi Jin.”

“What” Fu Heyans eyes widened.

Actually, she had heard him just fine.

She just didnt realize what he meant.

Her mind was not functioning.

After a moment, she realized what Fu Xiuyuan was saying.

Recalling how Fu Xiuyuan had listened to everything Doctor Si said and smiled gently, she had initially been glad that Fu Xiuyuan had changed.

He was no longer being inflexible and had found another path for himself.

So that was how it was…

So Fu Heyan was the fool here

She was furious.

“Fu Xiuyuan, how could you lie to your sister like this”

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