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Chapter 341: He Cut His Clothes in Public

“Gu Zehan did well, really! He should have kept his mouth shut!”

“Hahahaha, I remember Little Rose cutting the orchids with a snip! Those siblings are werewolves!”

“I like this kind of personality that doesnt accept any disrespect!”

“This is too much! Gu Zehan is indeed our nations star.

Hes still so domineering even after retiring!”

“Gu Zehan might be the biggest winner tonight!”

“Am I the only one who wants to know what happened after Shi Jin cut those orchids Didnt they say that they would grow back better”

Chu Lings fans desperately wanted to comment.

He really couldnt control them.

Currently, the fans of Shi Jin, Gu Zehan, and Yu Guannan had gathered together.

Chu Ling was the one at fault in this matter.

How could he control the situation

His angry fans suffered consecutive blows tonight.

They could only vent their anger on Chu Lings team.

“Change your staff! What kind of **ty team is this”

“Chu Ling has always been the one to take the blame for you guys.

You guys did something wrong, yet you dont even care”

“Chu Ling is really pitiful.

Does he even care about those clothes Look at what you guys are doing.

I told you guys before that borrowing clothes from GU was lame.

That brand is too outdated.

Now, Gu Zehan has slapped him in the face!”

“Thats right, Gu Zehan is really too much! Its just a small misunderstanding.

He cut his clothes in front of everyone! What is the team doing”

“Hehehe, in my opinion, Gu Zehan did this to attract Chu Lings attention and Shi Jin! Shi Jin really hasnt given up on her evil intentions towards our idol!”

After Yu Ruilin and Chu Ling left, the others also tactfully took their leave.

Chu Ling got into the car and asked Hu Lai sternly, “What happened to the clothes”

“At that time, Gu Zehans assistant had just sent the clothes over and Gu Zehan said that he wanted to take them back.

I was so angry that I casually sent one piece back.

I thought that since they were the ones who were immoral first, they would have nothing to say even if we wore their clothes.

Who would have thought that later…”

It was too much of a coincidence and was out of Hu Lais control.

After what had happened tonight, she was furious.

Chu Ling was also very angry.

Hu Lai trembled in fear and did not dare to continue speaking.

Gu Zehan was the one who had broken the contract in the beginning, but now that things had developed to this point, Hu Lai had to take the blame.

She also felt extremely unlucky.

“I know.” Chu Ling snorted.

“Gu Zehan did this on purpose because I dumped Shi Jin.

Hes come to seek justice.”

Hu Lai saw him reveal a strange smile.

She wondered what he was thinking.

Chu Lings thoughts were very simple.

Since Shi Jin and the people around her still cared so much about his attitude and wanted to step on him, did this mean that Shi Jin had never let him go Since she couldnt let go, she would be unable to calm down.

Wouldnt Shi Jin regret this

Of course, Shi Jin did not know what Chu Ling was thinking.

She could guess that Gu Zehan wanted to take back the clothes to avenge her, though.

Gu Zehan had gone overboard in cutting the clothes.

Still, he had received a lot of positive comments online.

It was really hard to guess what the fans were thinking.

Brother Xing and Xiao Lin sent Shi Jin and Gu Zehan to the car.

Xiao Lin reminded Gu Zehan in a low voice, “Designer Gu, Chu Lings fans are nuts.

Youd better not go on Weibo for a bit.”

“Whatever.” Gu Zehan didnt take it to heart.

Xiao Lin felt that he still did not understand how scary the fans were, so she kindly said, “The craziness of fans is not to be trifled with.

Designer Gu, in the future… when it comes to fans, you should actually be more gentle.”

Gu Zehan understood what she meant.

“You want me to stop scolding Chu Ling so that his fans will be more restrained Why should I be afraid of them Besides, if I dont scold Chu Ling, will they stop scolding me What logic can there be with crazy people”

Xiao Lin suddenly felt that her worries were groundless.

Compared to Gu Zehans carefree attitude, she was being too cautious.

She could not help but envy Gu Zehan.

Brother Xing asked, “Why dont I send the two of you back”

“No need.

You can go back with Teacher Yu first.” Gu Zehan waved his hand.

“Then lets go.” Brother Xing was indeed busy and bade them farewell.

That evening, Yu Guannan had received the best male singer award.

His company had already called him countless times, and he still had to arrange interviews, celebratory feasts, and follow-up work.

Shi Jin saw that someone on the Internet was asking her about the growth of the yao orchid.

She posted two photos that she had taken.

“Its growing well.”

It was just two photos, but Shi Jins fans, who rarely saw their idol post things like that, regarded them as treasures.

“As expected, Shi Jin didnt lie.

It looks really good after getting cut!”

“Haha, thats right.

Its just like how girls who leave scumbags are blessed.

Their lives only get happier!”

“Blessings, blessings!”

“Little Stone has to be as good as her yao orchids.”

“Darling, Mommy loves you!”

“Am I the only one who wants Shi Jin to be my sister Im fine with being a sister-in-law too!”

“Then Im different.

I hope that Shi Jin will be mine.

Wannabe-hubby fans are considered fans too, right”

When Shi Jin saw this, she couldnt help but smile.

Gu Zehan was about to start driving when someone knocked on the car window.

He lowered the window and saw Fu Xiuyuans stoic face, which seemingly hadnt changed for thousands of years, covered in snow.

“Whats up Didnt we agree that Shi Jin would follow me tonight”

“The event is over,” Fu Xiuyuan said mildly, sounding a little cold.

Gu Zehan lost his temper.

“Fine, fine, fine.

You can take her.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt stand on ceremony as he walked over to Shi Jins side.

He opened the car door and led her out.

When Gu Zehan saw the smile on Shi Jins face, he sighed.

“Shes female, but barely human.”

“Second Brother, drive carefully.” Shi Jin waved at him.

Gu Zehan ignored the fact that she was leaning against Fu Xiuyuan as if she was boneless and sped away.

Most of the people at the event location had already left.

Except for a certain sneaky figure.

It was summer and she was wearing a hat and a scarf.

She also had a pair of sunglasses and a mask on.

Those who didnt know would have thought that she was some superstar hiding from the paparazzi.

She stuck her head out and looked outside.

Seeing that there was really no one around, she walked out.

Someone patted her shoulder.

She turned around and asked curiously, “Miss Fu, is that you”


With that, Fu Heyan realized that she had forgotten to change her voice.

Having had her identity exposed, Fu Heyan removed her sunglasses and coughed.

“I have something to do.”

“Arent you hot in that outfit”

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