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Chapter 340: Slapped On The Spot

After all, people in the industry would always take note when others lowered their heads.

No one would go against their words and act recklessly.

However, Gu Zehan said, “You dont have to apologize.

Anyway, I didnt want to continue working with you at that point.”

Everyone was silent.

Chu Ling felt awkward.

His apology today indeed seemed a little irrational.

It was obvious that he wanted to take the limelight off of Yu Guannan.

However, he didnt care about what method he used.

He just wanted to see Shi Jins reaction.

He had also predicted that Gu Zehan would not speak rudely in public, but he had misjudged Gu Zehans character.

Gu Zehan continued, “By the way, I already told you that I didnt want to work with you, so I asked you to return the clothes.

You did return them, but why did you return only one of the items and confiscate my designs That would have been fine, but then you said on Weibo that you didnt want to work with me anymore.

Im really confused.”

“When did I…” Chu Ling adjusted his tone.” I think I have already returned it to you ”

“Of course not.

The design that I sent and then collected is a mess.

You must still have my own, right Its good that I met you today.

Lets get things clear.

The clothes are still here, right If they are, then return them to me now.

I dont want to waste any more of my own time on you.”

When the reporters heard their conversation, they could already roughly guess what was going on.

It turned out that Gu Zehan had not wanted to work with Chu Ling for a long time.

It had all been Chu Lings wishful thinking.

He had even posted on Weibo that he was cutting ties with Gu Zehan and made use of his popularity to the extreme.

Now, seeing Gu Zehans open and honest expression, Chu Lings face was full of embarrassment.

Everyone couldnt help but feel embarrassed for him.

Hu Lai was even more embarrassed than him.

“The clothes are still here,” she said quietly.

“Maybe the delivery man made a mistake.”

“Then why didnt you send them over” Chu Ling was furious.

Why hadnt he known that Gu Zehan didnt want to work with him before that What had Hu Lai been hiding from him

Hu Lai was also trembling with fear.

She had never thought that she would be exposed like this.

Back then, she had taken the clothes because she had wanted to take advantage of Gu Zehans popularity.

However, she had not expected that she would get into such an ugly fight with him.

What was even more unexpected was that Gu Zehan actually wanted them to return the clothes on the spot!

Everyone in the entertainment industry had always liked to behave in public.

They would also give each other some face.

Even if they allowed the outside world to speculate, they would not fall out with each other in case they met again.

How could there be a straight shooter like Gu Zehan now

Gu Zehan lifted his almond-shaped eyes to meet Chu Lings.

“Then Ill wait for you!”

Chu Ling could hardly restrain himself.

Since Gu Zehan had already spoken, the reporters wouldnt leave.

They would just wait for Hu Lais men to bring Gu Zehans clothes over.

Although no one was saying anything, Chu Ling could tell from their expressions that they were feeling sorry for him and secretly mocking the nad decisions he had made.

Chu Ling could not just leave, so he could only sit and wait.

Gu Zehan and Yu Guannan were the winners tonight.

They drank the coffee bought by their assistants and chatted happily with the reporters.

It was not difficult for them at all.

However, to Chu Ling and Yu Ruilin, the seconds felt like years.

Time seemed to have frozen.

Shi Jin lowered her eyes and played with her phone.

She did not look at anyone, but would occasionally respond to Gu Zehans teasing.

Finally, Hu Lais men retrieved the outfit that Gu Zehan had given to Chu Ling.

Chu Ling held back his anger.

“Designer Gu, please check it.

Well leave after were done.”

Brother Xing and Xiao Lin immediately went forward and took the set of clothes from Hu Lai before carefully placing it in front of Gu Zehan.

It was clearly just a dark black suit without any fancy detail, but there was something special about it, attracting everyones attention and making them unable to look away.

So this was Gu Zehans original design.

If Chu Ling were to wear it, he would definitely surpass everyone else.

If he had not posted on Weibo that he had split with Gu Zehan, he would definitely have worn it tonight.

“What a pity, what a pity.”

Even the reporters were secretly shaking their heads.

They didnt know if they were talking about Chu Lings pity or something else.

“All okay” Chu Ling asked.

“Yep, those are mine,” Gu Zehan smiled and said.

“Im glad Ive got this back.

I hope this wont happen again.”

When Chu Ling and Xiao Lin heard this, they carefully planned to take the clothes back.

This set of clothes was extremely exquisite.

Even if Chu Ling couldnt wear it, others still could.

They definitely couldnt damage them.

“Dont accept it yet,” Gu Zehan said.

Everyones vision blurred and a cold light flashed past.

Gu Zehan took out a pair of scissors from somewhere.

Everyone looked at him in surprise, not knowing what he was going to do.

Was he going to trim it on the spot to make it suitable for someone else

Without waiting for anyone to finish guessing, Gu Zehan raised his hand and cut down the center of the clothes with a snipping sound.

Half of it was in Brother Xings hands, and the other half was in Xiao Lins.

“Designer Gu, what does this mean” the reporters asked in confusion.

As for Chu Lings face, no matter how good his professionalism was, it could no longer hide his extremely ugly expression.

His expression went out of control and his lips twitched.

“These are my clothes.

I dont want them anymore.

Isnt it okay to cut them”

“Of course, no problem!” He was free to do whatever he wanted with his own clothes.

Chu Ling turned around and left.

Yu Ruilin and Hu Lai immediately followed.

Their footsteps were unsteady and they couldnt conceal their dispiritedness.

Gu Zehan smiled and said to everyone, “Thank you, everyone.

See you tonight.”

Naturally, the reporters didnt skip this part and directly posted it on Weibo.

# Gu Zehan Cut His Clothes #

The news was soon trending.

The reporters didnt try to cover it up.

Instead, they recorded everything that had happened in detail.

Then, the netizens exploded.

“So Gu Zehan didnt want to work with Chu Ling from the start and secretly asked him to return the clothes”

“In the end, Chu Ling returned fake ones and left the real ones behind”

“I have reason to believe that Chu Ling wanted to wear Gu Zehans clothes to create hype.

In the end, their team thought that Gu Zehan was from Country H and directly cut ties with him.

In the end, Chu Ling had no choice but to wear GUs clothes.”

“Whos going to give us the deets Gu Zehan really didnt explain this matter clearly.

But I didnt expect him to be so stubborn.

He couldnt be bothered to talk to Chu Ling, so he just asked for the clothes back and cut them up.

He didnt give him any face at all!”

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