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Chapter 34: Such a Troublemaker

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Shi Jin had quickly made the eye drops after she was reborn.

Since the ingredients were rare, she was unable to produce another bottle at such short notice.

After hanging up the phone, Shi Qing asked the nurse what the eye drops looked like and got one in the same packaging and brought it over to Old Master Shi.

Old Master Shi was ecstatic when he brought it over.

He took it from Shi Qing and applied them himself.

The moment he applied the eye drops, he detected something amiss and threw them away.

“Where are my eye drops”

The bottle of eye drops struck Shi Qing with great accuracy.

Shi Jin had to leave without even eating breakfast.

Fu Xiuyuan furrowed his brows.

“Xiuyuan, are you coming home for dinner” Shi Jin smiled brightly.

Fu Xiuyuan stopped frowning.

“Uh huh.”

“Me too.

See you at night.” Shi Jin smiled and continued, “Im heading out.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at her deeply as she took her bag and left through the door.

However, he was particularly calm.

The entire hospital backyard was littered with garbage when Shi Jin got there.

Old Master Shi had already developed a very bad temper ever since he lost his sight and it was even more explosive today.

However, he had single-handedly built the Shi clans success and was still the majority stockholder, so no one dared to oppose him.

All the trash was sent back from the refuse collection point.

The nurses in charge of Old Master Shi along with dozens of janitors were combing through the trash for a bottle of eye drops barely 20 milliliters in volume.

Shi Qing was furious with Yu Xiuhua, but she was unrepentant.

Instead, she threw her temper at Shi Jin.

“Why did she have to give him those stupid eye drops She is such a troublemaker!”

The moment she saw Shi Jin, she looked angry.

Shi Xuexin stayed with her mother while her father supervised the search.

Fortunately, they finally managed to find the eye drops after many people were sent to join the search.

Shi Qing cleaned it up and bumped into Shi Jin at the room door when he hurried back.

Shi Qing held the tiny bottle of eye drops in his hands begrudgingly.

He had already postponed two meetings today because of this incident.

“Shi Jin, it doesnt matter if you want to get your grandfather stuff but stop bringing this useless medication to fool him.

He needs real medicine,” said Shi Qing lukewarmly.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin walked past Shi Jin and followed behind Shi Qing as they entered the hospital ward.

Old Master Shi felt much better after applying the eye drops, so he sighed in relief.

He energetically put the eye drops away personally and was afraid to leave them in someone elses hands.

He raised his head to say, “Youre here, Jin! Get over here!”

Everyone was shocked.

How did he know Shi Jin was here when she was standing right at the back

“Youve grown taller,” sighed Old Master Shi as he looked at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled as she looked at Old Master Shi.

She felt delighted when she saw the light in his eyes.

“Grandpa, Im glad youre well now.”

Old Master Shi glanced at Shi Qing once more and said, “Why do you look so haggard Are you having trouble with the company”

Shi Qing had not slept last night and was busy searching for the eye drops, so he naturally seemed a little more tired than usual.

“I only just found the medicine for you and havent gotten any rest…”

His words abruptly stopped and his voice was filled with shock.

“Dad, are you able to see me”

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