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Chapter 339: More Support

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After all, a famous singer does not become famous for nothing.

Yu Guannan did not have a large number of fans, so he could not fight against Chu Lings fans.

The people in the industry were also very reserved.

Not many people stood out to speak up for him, so he could only silently endure the abuse.

There were even rumors on the internet that he was living a double life and was being kept by rich ladies and wealthy businessmen at the same time.

The more rumors spread, the more ridiculous they became, and it greatly affected his creative ability.

In his previous life, the award that Yu Guannan had received was not the beginning of his life.

Instead, it was his only glory before his downfall.

It was only later that Shi Jin remembered this matter.

At that time, she had had no interaction with Yu Guannan, but in this life, the situation after Yu Guannan won the award was very different.

The fact that he was wearing Gu Zehans outfit had already laid a foundation for him to step into the industry, letting people know of his special qualities and making many fans willing to dig out his personal talents.

By the time he won the award, he had already become a treasured celebrity and had been looked into by his fans.

He had become the hottest person that night.

With his talent, he won an award.

Even though Chu Lings fans were creating a huge commotion, it was useless.

Yu Guannan had already formed his own fanbase in a short period of time, using his own personal characteristics.

When he received this award, the public only felt that the production team was being fair.

They also felt that such singers deserved an award.

Therefore, even though there were jeers, there were more voices of support.

Yu Guannan took the trophy and left the stage.

He walked over to Shi Jin and Gu Zehan.

Shi Jin gave him a big hug.

“Congratulations, Teacher Yu.”

“Thank you.” Yu Guannans temperament was calm.

After getting over the initial surprise, he immediately returned to his proper and refined manner.

Xiao Lin, Brother Xing, and the others were seated at the bottom row, not sitting with Yu Guannan.

When they found out that Yu Guannan had won the award, the first thing they did was immediately pay attention to the news online.

They were afraid that the fans of the other singers would cause trouble.

Both of them had experienced the bloodbaths of the entertainment industry.

They knew very well how many people would be affected by the award and how many fans would discuss it.

In the end, after scrolling through Weibo, they realized that Yu Guannans reputation was actually very good and he wasnt being trolled too much.

After browsing through the comments, one could see how much Shi Jin and Gu Zehan had helped Yu Guannan this time around.

Everyone was mouthing off about their master-disciple relationship and brotherly love, and the atmosphere was rather nice.

There were actually more blessings than hate comments.

Obviously, they were really approving toward Shi Jin.

Xia Peifeng glanced in Yu Guannans direction.

He was whispering something to Shi Jin.

There was a vividness in Shi Jins eyes.

When she did not speak, there was also a liveliness.

He pursed his lips.

Xia Peifeng was not envious or jealous of what Yu Guannan had obtained.

However, he was filled with regret over not being able to obtain Shi Jins smile.

If he had trusted Shi Jin more back then, would the situation be completely different now

He took out his phone and opened Weibo.

He sincerely sent a message: “Congratulations, Professor Yu.

You deserve it.

@Yu Guannan”

He was jumping on the band wagon.

After he posted this on Weibo, many fans rushed to congratulate Yu Guannan too.

With him being so magnanimous, the other three nominees could not remain calm and gave their blessings one after another.

Only Chu Ling was a little reluctant to post.

From being a popular contender for the championship title to only being able to post one Blessing Weibo post, his psychological disparity could no longer be described with words.

After the four nominees had expressed their blessings, everyones fans completely stopped talking.

Those who had been mocking Yu Guannan only had a few words left to say.

After the award ceremony, Chu Lings team only received one “Best Production Award”.

As for Yu Ruilin, the hot searches that he had expected, the popularity, and his dream of bringing GU to greater heights had all been shattered at this moment.

If he had agreed to lend Yu Guannan the clothes he had originally promised, would he be the one on the trending page with Yu Guannan now, being widely praised by everyone

He didnt dare to think too much about it since the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt.

As soon as the ceremony ended, the reporters surrounded Yu Guannan, clamoring for an interview.

As Shi Jin and Gu Zehan were walking together with Yu Guannan, they were soon surrounded by reporters.

Chu Ling looked over.

When he met Shi Jins gaze, he couldnt help but focus.

Shi Jins clear and dazzling eyes were calm and composed, as though nothing could affect her.

When she met his gaze, she did not avoid it, but she did not look too deeply at him either.

It was as if she was looking at everyone present equally.

Her line of sight gave people the feeling that she had seen everyone, but no one could read her thoughts.

Chu Ling walked towards Shi Jin.

He could not believe that Shi Jin had really forgotten about him and put him to the back of her mind.

She did not care about their past friendship at all.

Yu Ruilin was with him tonight, so naturally, he had no choice but to walk towards her with him.

When the reporters saw him coming over, they were happy to interview them together.

“Teacher Yu, congratulations!” Chu Ling said politely.

Yu Guannan politely replied, “Thank you.”

“You deserve this award.

I hope that Teacher Yu will give me more pointers in the future.”

“Well give each other pointers,” Yu Guannan said.

As Chu Ling spoke, he kept looking at Shi Jin, trying to see if she was still interested in him.

He knew well that he should not get involved with Shi Jin and Gu Zehan on such an occasion, but he could not help but say, “Designer Gu, thank you for the high-end custom-made gift you gave me last time.

Im really sorry about the little misunderstanding that happened before.

I want to express my sincere gratitude and even sincerer apology.”

Upon hearing his words, everyone knew that he was talking about his refusal to work with Gu Zehan.

This reminded everyone that Gu Zehans first partner had actually been him.

Now, the second best choice was Yu Guannan.

It had to be said that Gu Zehan and Yu Guannan were really lucky to have chosen the right person, but in the end, Chu Ling was the one to have been favored by the heavens, while the others were merely candidates.

After Chu Ling finished speaking, everyone was distracted by their own thoughts.

He hoped that Shi Jin would say something, but she didnt.

Her expression was indifferent.

Gu Zehan looked at Chu Ling instead.

His narrow eyes made Chu Lings heart skip a beat.

Everyone thought that Gu Zehan would just smile and have everyone see his magnanimity.

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