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Chapter 338: Picking Up The Cup

Especially Yu Ruilin, his design was actually similar to Chu Lings previous ones.

Although Chu Ling looked handsome in them, he was simply good-looking.

All the special characteristics and personality highlights were the same as before.

As a designer, his design had not fully displayed Chu Lings advantages.

Without Yu Guannan, no one would have realized this.

Just seeing Chu Ling would have been enough, but with Yu Guannan as a foil and a comparison, the feeling of mediocrity was overwhelming.

The meticulous planning of Chu Lings team had been completely destroyed by the arrival of Yu Guannan and the other two.

They had lost all face.

Now, Chu Ling was only waiting for the award.

Only by winning an award could they win this round!

Shi Jin listened attentively to the award ceremony.

The awards nowadays were usually given out by small celebrities.

This time, Shi Jin wasnt participating in the awards ceremony, so as a bystander, she could understand some of the trends.

She realized that the outcome of this award ceremony was very similar to what she remembered from her previous life.

Over the past few years, the music industry in Country S had been controlled by the capital.

As a result, it had been declining steadily.

There werent many good songs, and many singers had changed careers.

People like Chu Ling could only be called idols, not singers.

However, she remembered that the award for Zhongxia Night Music Festival had gone to Yu Guannan.

Although the other awards were not entirely fair and just, they were already trying their best to give them to singers who were seriously composing.

It was probably because some of the original capitalists were already trying their best to calm the chaos in the music industry.

Someone like Yu Guannan, who truly loved composing, deserved praise.

Shi Jin hoped that her memories werent false.

She tilted her head and glanced at Yu Guannan.

Perhaps it was because he knew that he had no chance of winning an award, but his expression was very relaxed.

Gu Zehan was even more relaxed.

He chatted with Yu Guannan from time to time, his expression gleeful.

Shi Jin looked at the two people in front of her whom she cared about very much.

She hoped that her memory would not be wrong and she also hoped that she would be able to bring them together smoothly.

Their talents deserved to be affirmed and unified.

“Alright, now its the best male singer award.

Currently, there are five male singers nominated.

Lets look at the big screen.”

On stage, five candidates appeared on the screen.

“He is the dream of thousands of girls and also the representative figure of idol singers.

The champion of the annual album sales, Chu Ling!”

It was Chu Lings music video.

His handsome face attracted screams.

“Xia Peifeng, a dedicated singer and talented composer.”

Then came Xia Peifengs music video.

“Newcomer King of the Year, Cai Xing!”

“Our Rap King, our hip-hop trending Mr.


“The composed and refined singer whose songs are famous throughout the country, Yu Guannan!”

The moment the five candidates appeared, Chu Lings entire team knew that Chu Ling was safe.

There was no need to mention Cai Xing.

Although he was the Newcomer King, he had not released any viral songs.

Instead, he had gone overseas to study.

His popularity was already very limited.

Meanwhile, Mr.

Hu was a niche singer.

It was very difficult for him to compare with a popular singer.

He had many die-hard fans, but the base number was relatively small and he could not compare to Chu Ling.

Yu Guannan had always been mediocre and unknown.

He was neither popular nor loved, so there was nothing to fear.

As for Xia Peifeng, he was Chu Lings biggest competitor.

However, he was a very casual person when it came to releasing songs.

He would only release one song from time to time.

Sometimes, he would not be able to release a song even for a year or two.

This year had been the peak period for his works, but he had only released three songs.

Last year, he hadnt even released a single song.

He had been nominated, but it was very likely that he had only been dragged there to accompany his date.

Besides, he had also won the best male singer award at the Zhongxia Night Music Festival.

No matter what, it was Chu Lings turn to win now.

Although Yu Guannan didnt care, when he saw his own nomination, he looked at it seriously, no longer as relaxed as before.

The awarding guest was invited out.

It was an old singer.

He took the list and glanced at it.

The audience was cheering.

At that moment, the fans in front of the screen were also waiting with bated breath.

Every singer was being flooded with messages.

The screen was full of idol names.

“The winner of this years Zhongxia Night Music Festivals Best Male Singer is—Yu Guannan!”

Following the guest presenters words, everyone was surprised.

However, there was still a burst of applause.

Yu Guannan was indeed not very famous, but no one could deny his creative talent.

Outsiders looked at fame, but industry insiders recognized his various abilities.

He deserved this award.

Before Yu Guannan could react, Gu Zehan gently pushed him.

“Teacher Yu!”

He got up and walked towards the stage.

Chu Lings expression changed slightly, but countless cameras had already captured his face.

He quickly adjusted his expression and calmly clapped, sincerely wishing Yu Guannan well.

Although Yu Guannan was very surprised, after he went on stage, his witty remarks quickly generated even more applause.

“In the past, I would have always brought my acceptance speech script with me to the ceremony, hoping that it would come in handy, but this time… Oh no, I changed my coat and left it in the old ones pocket.” He pretended to check all his pockets frantically, causing everyone to laugh.

“Regardless of whether I brought a script or not, I believe that the award is for those who are well prepared.

As long as I dont give up, I will finally get what I want one day.

Next time, I hope the script I write will be useful.”

Everyone was amused by him.

“Teacher Yu is really funny and elegant.”

“This is too awesome!”

“Why didnt I know about this before!”

Shi Jin stood below the stage clapping, her eyes shining.

“Did you guess that Teacher Yu would win the award” Gu Zehan asked.

“If I could really guess the future, do you think I should make use of it” Shi Jin asked.

“Well, if it doesnt hurt people.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Look, Teacher Yu has picked up the trophy.”

In her previous life, Yu Guannan had also won an award, but there had been a lot of objections.

Chu Lings fans had been extremely dissatisfied with the result.

They felt that the award belonged to none other than Chu Ling.

If Chu Ling didnt get it, then the whole ceremony would be deemed unfair.

They had never noticed that Yu Guannans songs had always been very popular.

Logically speaking, for him to receive this award, even if it wasnt expected by the masses, there had to be a professional organizer who had considered it.

However, if crazy fans were reasonable, they wouldnt be called crazy.

After Yu Guannan won the award, the dissatisfied Chu Ling fans scolded him over and over again on the Internet.

They even went online to abuse the entire Zhongxia Night Music Festivals production team and the organizers.

Yu Guannan also suffered a lot of criticism.

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