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Chapter 337: Professor Yu deserves it

When Chu Ling heard Shi Jins name, his expression turned cold.

The last time he had called Shi Jin, he had been hung up on so quickly that he felt extremely depressed.

Sometimes, he really did not understand what Shi Jin was playing at.

He was sure that Shi Jin had not forgotten about him.

However, she had not contacted him at all and would not even respond to him.

Could it be that she had already fallen in love with one of He Zihengs men

Impossible! Those peoples family backgrounds meant they would never accept an artisté like Shi Jin.

Besides, none of those people were as handsome as him.

Even if Shi Jin wasnt obsessed with looks, she couldnt possibly look down on him.

While Chu Ling was deep in thought, Shi Jin and Brian appeared among the reporters.

Both of them were currently very popular and the discussion around them was becoming more and more explosive.

To a certain extent, the reporters would rather interview them than Chu Ling.

“Shi Jin, you look really pretty today.

May I know which brand youre wearing”

Today, Shi Jin was wearing a starry night dress.

The blue color of the starry sky gradually changed and flowed down her body.

The embroidered stars glittered brightly, as if she were really wearing the night sky.

Ever since Shi Jin announced that she had someone she liked, the clothes she had worn were no longer as basic.

She was becoming ever more beautiful.

She smiled brightly.

“My second brother designed it for me! I really like the night sky, so he designed this gown for me tonight.”

“Wow, its the work of Brian! No wonder its so beautiful!”

“Its really going to be tonights best outfit!”

“Shi Jin is so fortunate to have a brother like Brian designing evening gowns for her.”

“But Brian is also very lucky to have a sister like Shi Jin who can wear such gowns!”

Hearing these words, Yu Ruilin heaved a sigh of relief.

Brian only designed womens clothing, not mens.

Or rather, no one wore mens high fashion styles at the award ceremony.

The combination of him and Chu Ling would not be challenged.

“Brian, do you have any designs for men rather than women”

Gu Zehan smiled and said, “Ive already returned to China.

Everyone, please call me by my real name.”

His smile was simply brilliant, like a blooming flower, exquisite and bewitching to the extreme.

He had had a lot of fans to begin with, and they had been brought over from his sporting career in his early years.

Now that he was smiling like this, it triggered many squeals from the fans.

“There are designs for men as well.

They will be listed soon.

I will be working here in the future.

I hope everyone will support me.”

Yu Ruilin thought to himself that it was really great that no men were wearing his clothing.

Gu Zehan then extended his hand and said, “Its my honor to have been able to invite Yu Guannan, Teacher Yu, to wear my latest custom-made outfit tonight.”

“Wow, so Teacher Yu is wearing Gu Zehans high-end clothing!”

“Oh my god, this is so awesome!”

“Teacher Yu is really becoming more and more refined.”

“Gu Zehans designs are getting better and better.”

Gu Zehan walked towards Yu Guannan.

The two of them stood together and posed for photos graciously.

“Can Shi Jin join in the photo shoot” asked the reporter.

Shi Jin lifted her skirt and walked towards the two men.

Both gentlemen reached out to take her hand, leaving her standing in the middle so they could take pictures together.

Yu Ruilin was stunned.

He had originally thought that Yu Guannans outfit was one of the top international brands.

That kind of style and design, that kind of sharp cut that was especially suitable for his temperament… Yu Ruilin was an expert and knew how difficult it was to do that.

Currently, only a few top international brands chief designers could do such things.

He had not expected it from Gu Zehan.

Would Yu Ruilin and Chu Ling still be able to defeat everyone tonight as expected

He glanced at Chu Ling.

He would definitely do it! There would be no problem!

Chu Ling was a top celebrity and a hot favorite for winning an award.

How could someone like Yu Guannan compare to him!

Because Yu Guannan, Shi Jin, and Gu Zehan were in the limelight, the three of them occupied reporters for a long time before taking their seats.

At this moment, Shi Jin and Yu Guannans costumes were too fitting and stylish.

They were very eye-catching and trending.

Now that Yu Guannans scholarly qualities were highlighted, many of them finally got to know him like they had when they first met him.

They realized that he was actually so handsome and did not look like any other male artist on the market!

Chu Ling was handsome, and he was also a top celebrity.

However, there were at least five or six top celebrities like him.

They were all pretty boys, and those who were as old as him were all seeking to change their careers.

The younger ones were still trying their best to reach his kind of position.

Yu Guannan was different.

His elegance and maturity seemed to be innate.

He was like a teacher at a university, but he was also fashionable and stylish.

Suddenly, many people started to watch his previous interviews and listen to his previous songs.

It was only then that everyone realized that he had always been mature and wise.

His speech was especially cultured and insightful.

He was not someone who just followed the crowd.

He often drank water out of a thermos flask.

Although he was only in his thirties, he was very concerned about his juniors.

Therefore, everyone jokingly called him Professor Yu.

After checking his information, they found that while he was releasing songs, he had already become a PhD student at the Music Academy.

Professor Yu deserved it!

As for his master-disciple relationship with Shi Jin, it made everyone recall the rivalvy back then and they could not help but talk about it enthusiastically.

He and Gu Zehan seemed to be partners.

Everyone realized that his clothes were custom-made by Gu Zehan.

“Gu Zehan discovered his handsomeness and packaged it up.” The fans were enjoying themselves.

As for the sibling relationship between Shi Jin and Gu Zehan, it was easy for good relatives to get along.

The photos of the three of them caught the attention of countless fans, and each of them were awed.

The friendship and feelings of the three of them started to become well known.

As for Chu Ling, the national brands that he and Yu Ruilin had worked with were soon forgotten by everyone.

Only his fans were still talking about it.

National brands Gu Zehans was also a national brand, and his name had spread far and wide.

The light of the nation Gu Zehan had long conquered Europe, America, and even the international world with his talent.

Could he not be called the light of the nation

Local brand Gu Zehan was from Country S, so his business was a local brand!

Not to mention that Gu Zehan had already been the nations pride before when he won the championship for the national team.

Chu Ling and Yu Ruilin sat in the front row, while Shi Jin, Gu Zehan and Yu Guannan sat in a row behind them.

Hearing their laughter, Chu Ling and Yu Ruilin, who had already seen the contents of the Weibo post, felt like they were sitting on pins and needles.

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