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Chapter 336: Unmatched Status

The assistant was being treated as a staff member, but even the staff at the venue had their own duties.

Not everyone had to fulfill guests trivial requirements.

“Im an artists assistant.

If you want a coffee, please get your assistant to buy it for you.”

The assistant beside Yu Ruilin said in a low voice, “Her name is Xiao Lin.

Shes Yu Guannans assistant.”

Yu Ruilin seemed to have thought of something, “Is it that Yu Guannan who didnt borrow our clothes No wonder a small-time assistant dared to be so rude to me.

Someone like Yu Guannan is old-school, not fashionable, and not popular.

Its already too much that GU agreed to lend him clothes.

What else does he have to be dissatisfied about”

His assistant agreed.

“Thats right.

When Chu Ling wanted to work with us, we had to keep a close eye on him first.

In the end, the others got angry and said that they didnt want to work with designers who didnt care about contracts anymore.

Would they even have a chance if they wanted to work with us Besides, were not stupid.

Why wouldnt we choose Chu Ling”

Xiao Lin hadnt left yet, but these two people were already talking about Yu Guannan in front of her.

She was furious.

“It was you who didnt care about the spirit of the contract! You were the ones who broke it!”

“We dont want to lend our clothes to an artist who doesnt suit us!” Yu Ruilins assistant retorted.

“Chu Ling is here!”

Someone shouted and Yu Ruilin stood up to tidy his clothes.

His assistant quickly stood up and adjusted his suit.

The assistant immediately adjusted Yu Ruilins collar again and said, “Designer Yu, when youre with Chu Ling later, youll be photographed and go viral on many hot searches.

Itll be best if youre like a spiritual god.

Chu Ling will definitely win an award today.

If he does… not only you, but the entirety of GU will also go international at high speed!”

“Of course!” Yu Ruilin replied arrogantly.

The assistant smiled and said, “When the time comes, I will continue to be your assistant.

Designer Yu, you must remember to renew your contract with me.”

The two of them walked towards Chu Ling as they spoke.

This fawning attitude almost made Xiao Lin puke.

Today, Chu Ling was wearing a custom-made suit personally made by Yu Ruilin.

He had a more mature temperament.

With his top-notch face and high standards, his aura seemed even more extraordinary.

As soon as he entered the venue, he was surrounded by reporters.

Yu Ruilin quickly walked over to his side and greeted him.

Chu Ling immediately put on a show of being a top celebrity supporting the nations brand designers.

The reporters took photos of them without hesitation.

Faced with the reporters questions, Chu Ling smiled and said, “Locally produced products are the best.

I believe that we have to use international advantages, but we cant forget to support local brands either.

I hope that everyone can be like me and contribute to the development of our local brands.”

These words would undoubtedly get into the hot searches very quickly.

Not only was he liked and supported by fans, but such behavior would also not attract the disgust of passers-by.

The team had designed a way for him to make a comeback.

It was a brilliant plan, covering all aspects.

He and Yu Ruilin were being interviewed when someone said, “Yu Guannan is here.”

The reporters were not in the mood to listen.

Yu Guannan and Nan Ge were well-known, but not really famous.

They had good taste and were sufficiently refined, but what use was that

Being popular in the entertainment industry was the way to go.

Being handsome was the way to go.

Being able to attract female fans was the way to go.

The reporter symbolically walked in that direction, planning to casually take some photos as a perfunctory measure.

Chu Ling was already used to this scene.

As a top celebrity, it was not unusual for people below him to receive special treatment.

He would only look up at the A-list celebrities, movie queens, and movie kings.

As for the matter of him snatching Yu Guannans clothes, he did not think much of it.

“Hey, wheres Yu Guannan”

“I didnt see him.

Whos that handsome guy”

Everyone looked towards the door and saw a familiar yet unfamiliar person.

Someone then exclaimed, “Isnt that Yu Guannan”

Yu Guannan was only in his early thirties, but because he came from an orthodox musical family, he was usually dressed like a veteran.

Not only did he not smoke or drink, he often carried a thermos with him.

A pair of glasses would usually be covering his eyes.

Today, he was different.

Brian had custom-made a suit for him.

Not only did it fit him perfectly, but it also highlighted his refined and gentle side, maximizing his elegance.

At the same time, he had taken off his glasses and put on contact lenses.

He had also put on some eye makeup to highlight his special characteristics and enhance his looks.

It was true that his face was not completely unmarred and could not be compared to Chu Lings looks.

In the past, he hadnt been good at following the entertainment industry and hated makeup.

However, now, after putting on this set of high-end, custom-made clothes, he had started to realize that he could surpass his previous self, so he agreed to take off his glasses and apply some eye makeup.

It was just a slight change, but his extraordinary elegance was highlighted.

Compared to Chu Ling, although he was not as handsome as him, he was more charismatic.

The elegance that time had brought to him was also very obvious.

The reporters cameras were one of the things that could provide proof of this.

When someone finally realized what was going on, a series of cracking sounds could be heard.

Yu Ruilin glanced at Yu Guannan and his expression changed slightly.

Previously, when Yu Guannan had gone to borrow clothes, Yu Ruilin hadnt taken it to heart and had casually chosen a set for him.

The effect of wearing it then was very different to now.

It was obvious that Yu Guannans current characteristics were enhanced by this set of clothes.

Yu Ruilins assistant said in a low voice, “I dont know which big brand that is, but theyre actually willing to lend him their clothes”

They must be really blind.

Chu Ling could tell that Yu Guannan was different today.

However, so what if he was different Yu Guannans team was just as inflexible as he was.

They did not like to create hype and would not really win an award today.

No matter what, this was just for this moment.

Xiao Lin ran up to Yu Guannan and whispered, “Teacher Yu, your seat is over there.

Youre so handsome today!”

“Is that so” He subconsciously adjusted his nonexistent glasses and chuckled.

“Come on, lets go.”

“Ill wait for Shi Jin and Zehan.”

Xiao Lin said happily, “Are they late”

“I heard that Shi Jin will be arriving soon!” a reporter said.

“Shes with Brian!”

The reporters immediately ran in that direction.

Yu Ruilin frowned.

Why was Brian coming over today

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