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Chapter 335: A Partnership of Clothing and Clothing brands

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The man walking over was dazzlingly good-looking.

His appearance stunned Yu Guannan and his assistant for a moment.

So it took them a while to realize who he was.

Wasnt this the most popular designer, Brian

“Brian, is that really you” The assistant stood up, stunned, unable to believe what she was seeing.

Gu Zehan walked towards them and extended his hand.

“You can call me Gu Zehan.

Nice to meet you, Teacher Yu, and hello, pretty lady.”

Yu Guannan knew that Gu Zehan was Shi Jins older brother, since he had read a lot of news.

However, he clearly had not expected that Shi Jin would introduce them and even have him prepare clothes for him.

Clothes could make a man, especially on such an important occasion.

He only needed a passable set.

The surprise was too great.

Yu Guannan reached out to shake Gu Zehans hand.

“Hello, Designer Gu.”

“Call me Zehan.

Youre Shi Jins teacher, so youre my teacher too.”

“You flatter me.” Yu Guannan had only been a mentor to Shi Jin, and admitted that he wasnt really a teacher yet.

The assistant finally came to her senses.

“Brian, are you really willing to lend your clothes to Teacher Yu”

“Its not a loan.” Gu Zehan shook his head.

“Its a personal customization from me.

Teacher Yu, can you give me this honor”

Before Yu Guannan could reply, the assistant nodded repeatedly like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

After she finished speaking, she realized that she had taken the initiative and quickly looked at Yu Guannan.

“Im honored.”

Gu Zehan smiled.

“Then Ill have to trouble you to take off your coat first.

Ill get someone to take your measurements first, then well discuss the style you want and choose fabric together.”

The assistant finally understood why the other party had insisted on Yu Guannan coming personally.

An advanced customization! A private customization! This had to be confirmed in person!

“Brian, is there enough time” the assistant asked.

“There are only three days left until the Zhongxia Night Music Festival.”

“Originally, it would have taken a few months to get a reservation like this.

However, its easier to clothe a man.

With the help of the assistant, it should be possible.

During this period, well need Teacher Yus cooperation.”

“Of course,” Yu Guannan agreed.

“No problem then.”

As Gu Zehan arranged for someone to take Yu Guannans measurements, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Teacher Yu, Im back in the country to develop my brand.

The brand will be called Brian and will be entering Country Ss market soon.

Im still lacking a spokesperson for the male clothing line.

Teacher Yu, would you be interested in working together for a long time”

Yu Guannan was stunned for a moment before replying, “Yes.”

The assistant, who was standing to one side, took out her phone and said, “I, Ill ask Brother Xing to come over now.”

Brother Xing was Yu Guannans manager.

He had been on leave for the past few days due to some matters at home.

Yu Guannan hadnt had much work to do.

Since Brother Xing wasnt around, he had been getting his assistant to follow him.

The assistant was overjoyed.

When she called Brother Xing, her fingers were trembling.

“Brother Xing, come over quickly.

Brian wants to work with Teacher Yu!”

“Which Brian”

“Its Brian! The genius designer who has come back to the country! The ex-athlete!”

“F*ck! Send me the address! Dont move, Im coming!”

The assistant hurriedly sent the address over.

When her fingers touched the screen, she almost made a mistake several times.

Having been with Teacher Yu for so long, she knew that he had never liked to go partying or go out to drink with others.

He really only liked to write songs and sing, so the difference between him and other popular singers had always been quite big.

A lot of people had heard his songs before, and the patriotic spirit of his songs was quite clear, but when his name was mentioned, others might say, “Oh, the mentor ofUltimate Singer Songwriter.”


Sounds familiar.”

“Oh, so its the original singer of that song! Sorry, I only listened to the cover version of that song.”

Even cover singers were more popular than him, but out of those who knew him well, who wouldnt want him to have a brighter future

It was only then that the assistant remembered Shi Jins name.

She cursed herself in her heart.

When she next saw Shi Jin, she would definitely smile at her.

She had even thought that Shi Jin had no conscience, but she had given them such a good resource this time!


Three days went by.

The Zhongxia Night Music Festival was held as scheduled.

That night, almost all of the famous singers in Country S were invited, as well as some smaller singers and bands.

Even some of the top figures from other industries were invited to participate as guests.

Starlight was shining over the event location.

GUs chief designer, Yu Ruilin, was also on the list of invited guests.

He appeared as Chu Lings partner.

After Chu Lings drama, a big domestic brand was supporting him.

The company wanted to rebuild his image, so they had specifically chosen to collaborate with local designers and brands.

Therefore, GU, the rising top domestic brand in Country S, had naturally entered Chu Lings teams sights.

Yu Ruilin also benefited from this and became Chu Lings partner.

Before Chu Ling even appeared, a draft had already been published online.

‘Chu Ling will be attending the Zhongxia Night Music Festival together with the designer Yu Ruilin from Country S.

“Patriotism begins in the heart.

Learn from Chu Ling to support national brands and revive the nations light.”

He was dressed in GU and looked especially energetic in it.

The photos that he had edited were extra eye-catching.

The fans had already started bragging.

The passersby couldnt help but praise, “Thats right, there are many good brands in this country.

Why wear those so-called foreign fashion brands”

“Chu Lings pretty good.

Cutting ties with Gu Zehan was also correct on his part.

Who asked Gu Zehan to use a name like Brian”

Chu Ling had not lost out this time.

Although he was not wearing the big name that he had expected, his popularity remained unbeaten by those celebrities who had borrowed better clothes.

The top dog was still the top dog.

Yu Ruilin had also become famous because of Chu Lings article and appeared on every news page.

He had arrived earlier than everyone else.

The seat he was sitting at was right beside Chu Ling.

Presumably, he would receive even more attention this way.

Yu Guannans assistant had arrived a moment earlier.

She was there to check her seat.

She took a look and saw that Yu Guannans seat was in the row behind Chu Lings.

After confirming that she was ready, she was about to leave when Yu Ruilin said, “Get me a cappuccino with ice, sugar, and half-fat milk.

I want foam.

I only want one from Bucks.

I dont want any other fast food brands coffee.”

The assistant didnt hear him clearly.


“I asked you to get me a cup of coffee.

What kind of work attitude is this”

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