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Chapter 334: Shi Jin Filters Everything

After all, Gu Zehan was famous and everyone knew that they could not get an appointment with him.

Moreover, it was said that he was even more famous overseas than in Country S.

Even the royal family had to queue up for him.

After Yu Guannan put away his phone, his assistant walked over with an embarrassed look on her face.

“Teacher Yu, GU wont bring the clothes over.”

“Whats the matter Didnt we agree that GU would provide me with this costume”

GU was not a global brand, but it was considered a first-rate brand in the country.

Still, it was still a little short of breaking into the international scene.

This time, Yu Guannans team had fought for him for a long time before they managed to get him clothes to wear at the Zhongxia Night Music Festival.

GU had also agreed to lend Yu Guannan a set of clothes.

It was just a loaned piece, not a personal customization.

Lending meant that the brand thought highly of this artist, but didnt truly respect him.

Otherwise, they would have customized an outfit for him.

“GU said that Chu Ling contacted their chief designer.

This time, hes going to wear their custom-made outfit, so…”

The meaning was clear.

Chu Ling had decided to collaborate with GUs chief designer at the last minute, so GU could no longer lend the brand to Yu Guannan that night.

At the same venue, only one set of clothing was provided for other artists of the same gender.

Compared to Yu Guannan, even a fool knew who to choose.

Chu Ling had taken the initiative to approach GU, and GU had no reason to refuse.

“Alright, I understand.” Yu Guannan hadnt expected this result.

“Chu Ling rejected Brian himself and offended someone.

He made it so that it was too late for him to borrow clothes from other brands, so he came to snatch yours away.

How shameless.” The assistant was really angry.

He was also angry that GU didnt care about the spirit of the contract.

With a big shot like him, they had forgotten about what they had agreed upon.

Yu Guannan smiled and said, “Forget it.

Its not your first day in the entertainment industry.

This industry is always like that.

It depends on popularity.

Dont take it to heart.”

He handed the name card that Shi Jin had given him to his assistant.

“Add this designers assistant and help me get my clothes.

It was Shi Jin who recommended me.

Talk to him nicely.”

The assistant felt slightly better and went to contact the person on WeChat.

Soon, the assistant came back and said, “Teacher Yu, the designer has asked you to go over personally.

I said I would go myself, but they didnt agree.”


“Dont the assistants usually go and get the clothes Now, they actually want you to go personally.

What brand is this Why is it even more arrogant than GU”

“Ill go by myself.

Stop complaining.”

Since it had been recommended by Shi Jin, Yu Guannan didnt think much of it.

Some designers were especially proud and wanted to respect their own clothes.

He could understand it.

Just like how he cherished his own songs, he didnt want them to be damaged.

“Lets go,” Yu Guannan said.

The assistant was not very willing, but ultimately had no choice.

Who had asked him to meet Chu Ling

The Zhongxia Night Music Festival had invited many singers this time, and most of them were borrowing clothes from brands.

It was not easy for Yu Guannan to find clothes at the last minute.

The assistant had no choice but to accompany Yu Guannan.

She hoped that this brand would be decent and that they would be able to borrow good clothes.

She did not want Teacher Yu to be looked down upon when he went on stage.

The assistant drove along with Yu Guannan.

Following the address given by the other party, they stopped in front of a newly opened commercial building.

After parking the car, the assistant checked the address and said, “Its on the top floor.”

“Lets go.” Yu Guannan nodded.

The situation of an artist having to come personally to retrieve his clothes would only happen to a small artist who had yet to become famous.

It was simply inconceivable for it to happen to Yu Guannan.

Luckily, Yu Guannan didnt have a lot of work to do and wasnt too busy.

He also took on business as he wished and never chased fame.

Just as they reached the door, a young man came over and said, “Hello, Teacher Yu.

Im the designers assistant.

Please follow me.”

“Alright.” Yu Guannan politely nodded.

The assistant followed him in and looked around.

Seeing that this commercial building had just been opened not long ago and all the shops inside had not opened yet, she thought that this brand must be a new one, the kind that was not very famous.

Her heart could not help but turn cold.

Was this brand lending clothes to Yu Guannan to gain popularity

Seeing her unhappy expression, Yu Guannan gave her a look, signaling for her not to think too much.

The assistant could only lower her head.

It was not that she wanted to say it, but Teacher Yu could not have Shi Jin filter everything.

Speaking of which, it was definitely because of Yu Guannans hard work that Shi Jin had risen to fame in one fell swoop.

Yu Guannan was usually very concerned about Shi Jins movements and was especially concerned about her various affairs.

However, after Shi Jin became famous, she had rarely taken the initiative to contact Yu Guannan.

Actually, the assistant had some private thoughts about this.

Shi Jin was acting like that, yet Yu Guannan had still come personally.

Wasnt this all because of Shi Jin

According to her, Teacher Yu was too softhearted.

“Teacher Yu, this way please.” The designers assistant directed Yu Guannan to the top floor and sat down.

The top floor had obviously been newly renovated.

Although the decor was very tasteful, it was too cold and simple.

There were no customers at all.

It looked like a studio.

“Please wait a moment.

Our designer will be here soon.”

The designer assistant brought two cups of coffee over.

“Were just borrowing a set of clothes.

Must we wait for the designer to come” Yu Guannans assistant couldnt help but ask.

“Thats what the designer told me.”

Yu Guannan replied, “It doesnt matter.

Lets wait a bit.”

The assistant wanted to say something, but he said, “Sit down and have coffee first.

Dont be so hot-tempered.”

The assistant also calmed down.

It was not that she was hot-tempered.

Instead, it was because what she had encountered today really made her a little angry, and she couldnt help getting worked up.

When people were angry, it was inevitable that they would not be satisfied by anything.

After being told off by Yu Guannan, she sat down to drink her coffee and muttered, “Chu Ling is too much.

He offended Brian and came to mess with us.

In the future, I will work harder.

I will definitely borrow some clothes from Brian for you to wear.

It will anger Chu Ling to death! Speaking of which, I have seen Brians designs.

Theyre really amazing!”

“Then work hard.” Yu Guannan laughed.

“Of course I have to work hard…” The assistant looked up and saw a man who was so exquisite that he looked unearthly.

He was walking over with a blueprint and some fabric in his hand.

The mans almond-shaped eyes looked like peach blossoms.

Even when he was expressionless, there was a hint of a smile on his lips.

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