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Chapter 333: Shes My Sister

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Shi Jin opened her eyes and raised her head with a smile, moving closer to the mans lips.

Unexpectedly, Shi Jin had only been pretending to be asleep.

Fu Xiuyuan was startled.

After she kissed him, he immediately grinned.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and pulled her into his embrace, deepening the kiss.

After a long time, Shi Jin finally found some breathing space in his arms.

“Why are you so free today” Fu Xiuyuan asked as he stroked her hair.

“I wanted to see you,” Shi Jin said seriously.

When she noticed the date on the wedding ring, she wanted to see him.

It was only when she saw him that she was able to calm the surging emotions in her heart.

These words pleased Fu Xiuyuan.

Even the corners of his eyes crinkled with a smile.

He placed his palm on her neck.

“If youre busy next time, let me know when you want to see me.”

He would go to see her himself.

This way, Shi Jin would not have to take time out of her busy work day to travel back and forth.

Shi Jin thought about how this man had been suppressing his emotions silently and answered him with a kiss.


Hu Lai had no choice, but to beg Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin had previously had a friendly relationship with Gu Jingyuan, and Hu Lai had believed in her and Gu Zehan.

Hu Lai went knocking on her door twice in a row, but was ignored.

So she could only call Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin could avoid Hu Lai, but she could not ignore the call.

At this moment, Hu Lai and Chu Ling werent the only ones feeling regret.

Shi Xuexin was too.

She had never expected Gu Zehan to get such dazzling results.

When she was young, she had watched Gu Zehans competitions.

At that time, everyone had liked him.

Old Master Li often watched Gu Zehans matches, but no one had told Shi Xuexin that Gu Zehan was her second brother.

If she had known earlier, would the Li family have broken up so decisively

It turned out that everyone in the Li family had been lying to her! They were guarding against her! All these years, they had never treated her as a human!


Infinite regret surged in Shi Xuexins heart, as well as indescribable hatred.

When Hu Lai called, she had to answer it.

“Xuexin, where have you been for the past few days”

“The National Piano Competition is about to begin.

The leader will represent the country at the International Competition.

Ive been practicing by the teachers side.

Sister Lai, whats happened”

Shi Xuexin knew all too well what had happened, but she asked anyway.

Hu Lai explained the situation briefly.

“Xuexin, you and Gu Zehan are siblings.

Can you mediate between them Chu Ling still wants to use his design.

This is very important to Chu Ling.”

“Im sorry, Sister Lai.

My training has reached a critical moment.

I cant do this.

Otherwise, I would have already gone to Second Brother personally to make peace.”

Hu Lai could hear her attitude.

The piano competition was naturally more important than Chu Lings affairs.

Furthermore, Shi Xuexin and Shi Jins relationship during the birthday banquet had been too tense.

It was so stiff that they could not bear to be around each other.

Hu Lai also felt regretful.

She regretted her attitude towards Shi Jin.

If she had had a slightly better relationship with Shi Jin, this matter would not have become so difficult.

Or rather, if she had a slightly better relationship with Shi Jin, this would not have happened at all.

How could they not have known that Brian was Gu Zehan and Gu Zehan was Brian Unfortunately, it was useless for them to say anything now.

The award ceremony for Zhongxia Night Music Festival was about to begin, so Chu Ling had to find another designer.

With his status, it was not difficult for him to find a good designer.

It was just that he was too ambitious.

If he wanted to find someone, they would have to be the best.

Furthermore, he was unwilling to use someone that other people with lower ratings had used before.

That was why it was so difficult to find someone.


Shi Jin glanced at the notices Yao Jiahong had given her.

Zhongxia Night Music Festival was among them.

The music festival was an important award given to the musicians from the previous year.

It was a grand occasion for all musicians.

Because Shi Jin hadnt appeared last year, she couldnt participate in the award ceremony.

She could only appear as a guest.

What Yao Jiahong wanted was to make Shi Jin experience the grandness of these ceremonies first so that she would understand the process clearly when she received an award in the future.

Shi Jin understood his plan and sent a WeChat message to Gu Zehan.

“Second Brother, when will my evening gown be ready”


I heard that the award ceremony for the Zhongxia Night Music Festival is about to begin.

How was it Which nominations did you get”

“I just debuted this year, so Im not qualified to receive an award.

I can only get a seat in the audience.”

“What a pity!”

“Its not a pity.

Wait for next year.”

“I mean, this music festival is such a pity.

Without you being nominated, how can it be considered a complete music festival”

Shi Jin smiled.

Gu Zehan then sent another message.

“The brand named after me is about to debut in S Nation.

Can you introduce a male artist with a good attitude for a long-term partnership”

“Do you specialize in mens clothing” Shi Jin asked casually.

“Dont I have you as my spokesperson for womens clothing Why would I give up on whats near and seek whats far”

Shi Jin could not help but laugh again.

“Did you include me in your career plans before you came back”

“To be honest, before I came back, I was really afraid that my career would be dragged down by you.

At that time, I thought that if I was going to be pulled down by my sister, so be it.

So what if everything collapsed Who asked her to be my sister After I came back… Tsk tsk tsk, I really was surprised! Sigh, with such a sister, what more could a man ask for”

This was being said by a mysterious designer who had been hailed as the most talented genius in the past thirty years by the European and American fashion circles and whom many famous Hollywood actors and actresses could not make an appointment with.

To be able to hear such words was the source of Shi Jins joy.

“Alright, let me introduce you to someone.”

Shi Jin thought about it and asked Yu Guannan, “Teacher Yu, will you be going to Zhongxia Night Music Festival”

“Ive been nominated.

Ill be there.”

Even though Yu Guannan was a teacher, he was actually only in his early thirties.

He was a singer who had been in the industry for many years.

He was elegant and wise, and his character was naturally very good.

However, he had always kept a low profile and did not have a widely-known reputation.

Still, he had won countless awards and many of his songs had been released, so he was pretty popular.

It was expected that he would be nominated again.

Shi Jin said, “Has your team prepared clothes for you If not, you can contact this designer.

If he wants to work with you, you can contact him anytime.”

“Alright, thank you,” Yu Guannan replied politely, taking the name card.

He couldnt tell which designer it was, but judging from the name, it was probably an assistant designer.

Naturally, Yu Guannan was not expecting Shi Jin to introduce him to Gu Zehan.

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