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Chapter 332: Cutting Ties Was More Beneficial

However, calling Song Fan would also alert Fu Xiuyuan.

Meeting Qiao Zhuoli was quite a coincidence.

Under Qiao Zhuolis instructions, the receptionist didnt interrogate Shi Jin and let her go upstairs.

Shi Jin arrived at the top floor where Fu Xiuyuan was.

Song Fan was coming out of the meeting room to get some documents.

When he saw Shi Jin, he said in surprise, “Little Shi…”


Is Fu Xiuyuan in a meeting”

“Yes, Ill talk to Master Fu right away.”

“No need, Ill just wait for him in the office.”

Song Fan was hesitant, but he dared not disobey Shi Jin.

Shi Jin pushed open Fu Xiuyuans office door and walked in.

Song Fan took the documents and left.

She scanned the huge office.

The last time she was there, she had not paid much attention to it.

This time, she realized that this office was really cold to the extreme.

It was decorated in black, white, and gray, and looked very clean.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had actually placed a photo album on his desk.

Shi Jin glanced at it.

It was a picture of her.

She did not know when it was taken, but it showed her sleeping.

She narrowed her eyes.

The ends of her eyes were long and narrow.

Her long eyelashes were as calm as a butterflys, and her face was pink and filled with serenity and peace.

There was also a hint of satisfaction and laziness in her gaze.

Looking at the bed and background in the photo, Shi Jin suddenly remembered when the photo was taken.

Wasnt this how she looked after she fell asleep on her birthday It was also the night she had taken the initiative to break the taboo with Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan looked like a gentleman on the outside, but who would have thought that he would secretly take such a photo while she was asleep

Shi Jin pursed her lips and looked at the computer.

The screen was still locked with her photo, but this time, it was a photo of her on stage.

A beam of light was falling over her, as if the entire worlds light was on her.

Shi Jin had never seen this photo before.

From the angle of the photo, it must have been taken by Fu Xiuyuan himself.

How much fanaticism was concealed beneath his cold exterior

Shi Jin looked at the rest of his things.

Other than the stuff related to her, everything else in the room was still cold, black, white and gray.

Only the items related to Shi Jin were passionate, radiant and warm.

Shi Jin reached out and placed the bottles of essential oil she had made into his drawer.

The bottles were filled with different formulas of essential oil.

The scent was very faint and would spread through the air.

Most of them had a calming effect for Fu Xiuyuans bi-polar.

The truth was that Fu Xiuyuans mental state was becoming more and more stable.

She had just finished arranging the bottles when a message came in on WeChat.

“Little ancestor, do you still have the essential oil from last time Can you provide a little more [Blinking.jpg, acting cute.jpg, rolling.jpg, press your palms together.jpg, kneeling down and begging.jpg].”

Shi Jin took a look.

“I dont have much.”

“Thats good, thats good.

[Happy.jpg]! Then, should I send someone to get it, or will my little ancestor send it to me”

“Ill send it to you.”

“Thank you!.

Youre the prettiest.

Youre the best!”

Shi Jin saved all the emoticons for herself.

Fu Xiuyuan was not back yet so Shi Jin lay on the sofa browsing Weibo.

Halfway through, an unknown number called.

Shi Jin picked it up and Chu Lings voice came from the other end.

“Shi Jin.”

When Chu Ling called, he realized that Shi Jin had really blocked his number.

Phone, WeChat, Weibo, all the contact methods that could be imagined.

He couldnt believe it.

He borrowed his assistants phone and finally got through.

He realized that Shi Jin had quietly left his world.

She had retreated completely.

If not for the fact that she was still active in the entertainment industry, he would not have been able to find out about her.

“Shi Jin, I have something to tell you.” As if he was afraid that Shi Jin would hang up, Chu Ling sounded anxious.

“Can we meet”

“No.” Shi Jins tone was calm and emotionless.

Chu Ling was very disappointed to hear this.

“Regarding your second brother, I want to apologize to you and him solemnly.

When Hu Lai arranged these things, she didnt explain it to me clearly.

I was completely unaware.”


Shi Jin only made one sound.

Did he think she would believe that

Chu Ling said, “You know how important Shen Yis matter is to Country S.

We are all citizens of Country S.

It was inevitable that we would feel indignant about protecting our country.

That is why we had a misunderstanding with your second brother.”

“Theres no need to apologize or explain.”

After saying that, Shi Jin hung up and blocked the number.

Neither she nor Second Brother needed him.


Chu Ling was stunned for a moment when he saw that the call had been hung up.

He immediately called again, but there was only a robotic female voice on the other end of the line.

“The number you have dialed is currently busy.

Please try again later.”

He had been blocked again.

Chu Lings expression was ghastly.

Hu Lai knew that this was a big problem.

The company was also having problems.

At the start, they had unanimously agreed that the Brian incident was high-risk and cutting ties was the most logical solution.

However, now that something had happened, the higher-ups pretended not to have said anything and left the matter to Hu Lai and Chu Ling, hoping to settle it themselves.


Shi Jin couldnt be bothered with them.

She couldnt even be bothered to guess.

What did this have to do with her

She put down her phone and closed her eyes to take a short nap.

She still had activities to attend at night and needed to rest.

Since Fu Xiuyuan had stopped holding back now, the night was simply wild.

Initially, Shi Jin had been able to sleep soundly at night, but now, her sleep time had been cut short.

She had just closed her eyes when she heard footsteps outside.

Song Fan followed Fu Xiuyuan, unsure if he should remind him.

Fu Xiuyuan pushed open the door and walked in.

Song Fan consciously stopped at the door.

Fu Xiuyuans steps were big, so he naturally made a lot of noise.

When he pushed the door open, he didnt have any scruples.

However, when the door was pushed open, he realized that the atmosphere in the office was off.

He looked around and saw Shi Jin lying on the sofa.

He immediately relaxed and turned around to glance at Song Fan.

Song Fan defended himself verbally.

“Miss Shi didnt allow me to tell you.”

Fu Xiuyuan waved his hand, indicating that he could leave.

Song Fan hurriedly fled as quickly as he could.

Fu Xiuyuan closed the door gently and walked towards Shi Jin, looking down at her.

When the girl closed her eyes, she looked exceptionally peaceful.

He lowered his head and looked at Shi Jin seriously.

He thought about how he did not know how to control himself at night, which was making Shi Jin need to catch up on sleep now.

A trace of pain flashed through his heart.

He was wondering about whether he should restrain himself…

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