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Chapter 331: Not Remembering the Past, Not Afraid Of The Future

At that time, Wen Yongwei had also said that she helped with Shen Yis work and had been used by passersby to mock Shi Jin.

As long as President Cui mentioned the work that Wen Yongwei had done for Shen Yi, the publics attitude towards Wen Yongwei would also change.

They would also flood into Wen Yongweis Weibo and apologize to her.

However, President Cui never mentioned Wen Yongweis name again.

Wen Yongweis fans couldnt wait any longer.

They contacted President Cuis fans, who were waiting at the airport, and got them to ask questions.

There were a lot of Wen Yongweis fans at the venue, and they all knew that Wen Yongwei had helped with the work, so they went to pick up President Cui to get first-hand information.

A big fan squeezed into the reporters circle and asked, “President Cui, what kind of work did Wen Yongwei do for Shen Yi”

The fans raised their cameras and aimed them at President Cui.

They trusted Wen Yongweis words and thought that she had to be telling the truth.

So they had to record this so that passersby would shut up.

President Cui obviously hadnt expected them to ask this.

He said honestly, “We didnt trouble you to mention this person.”

He could not recall who Wen Yongwei was all of a sudden, even though he had been entrusted by the Wen Family to bring her into the dance association.

“President Cui, are you sure” the other reporters asked.

“I remember the names of all the staff who participated in this project.”

This was a matter of great importance.

Whether Shen Yi succeeded or not depended on all participants.

President Cui remembered clearly that Wen Yongweis name had not been mentioned.

Wen Yongweis fans were dumbfounded.

The big fans immediately deleted the video, but what was the use of deleting it

There were so many people receiving them at the airport and so many reporters around.

It was too late to delete it now.

The video soon went viral.

Wen Yongweis fans hopes were dashed, and they received even more ridicule.

“Didnt you say that Wen Yongwei helped as well How come President Cui doesnt even know about her”

“Shut it.

Wen Yongwei and her fans are the best at flattering themselves.

Perhaps she saw that Shi Jin helped, so she followed suit.”

“Seriously, is she a liar”

Wen Yongweis fans rebutted, “Yongwei never said that she was going to help.

She was just saying that she wanted to help.

Youre the ones who maliciously misunderstood and slandered her.”

“Thats right.

The publics malice towards pretty girls is really too great!”

Whatever the fans said made the most sense.

However, the public couldnt be bothered with them anymore.

Wen Yongweis popularity had fallen to rock bottom.

Wen Yongwei did not dare to look at her Weibo at all.

Behind every comment related to her was mockery.

No matter how many fans she had, how could they compare to the swathes of normal netizens

She really did not understand.

When had Shi Jin helped

She had indeed seen Shi Jin appear at the dance association with her own eyes, but how was she going to help “Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance” if Shi Jin had never learned dancing before

Kang Chengs expression was unnatural.

He thought back to the many opportunities that had been presented before him.

Not only had he chosen Wen Yongwei, but he had also completely changed his career direction because of this.

He had thought that he could rely on Wen Yongwei to achieve glory in his life.

And now, he could only watch helplessly as the glory went to the person he had abandoned…

“Yongwei, the higher-ups said that you have to be careful with your words and actions and not appear in public.”

“Director Kang, how did this happen” Wen Yongwei was shocked.

Kang Cheng shook his head and did not say anything.

Previously, Wen Yongwei and Shi Jins competition had been focused on the entertainment industry and their studies.

Whoever was right and who was wrong had little impact on Diamond Music and the Shen Group.

However, at this point in time, public opinion had not only affected Wen Yongwei it also affected the reputation of Diamond Music.

Naturally, the higher-ups of the company couldnt just ignore it.

Even though it wasnt definite, Wen Yongweis future development might be a little uncertain.


Yao Jiahong sat opposite Shi Jin and looked at the video of Gu Zehan skating on the computer.

He was in disbelief.

“I didnt expect that Brian was not only Gu Zehan, but also that genius skater.”

“Thats right.

He said that a real man doesnt boast about his past achievements, so he never mentioned this when he went to the European and American design circles,” Shi Jin said calmly.

To a certain extent, this was already a characteristic of the Li family.

They kept a low profile and did not care about the past or fear the future.

Having changed his occupation, he was able to find another path.

Shi Jin twirled the wedding ring on her finger.

“Grandma, youre too high-profile,” Yao Jiahong said helplessly.

If they were photographed, who knew what the fans would think.

Of course, there were many things that did not need to be thought through.

However, now that Shi Jin was acting independently, many die-hard fans knew what to do.

No one would be too surprised by what she did.

Nevertheless, she still had to be wary of her competitors, red-eyed monsters, and anti-fans.

“Oh.” Shi Jin lowered her head to take a look.

After some thought, she took off the ring.

She was wearing the necklace that Fu Xiuyuan had given her last time.

She put the ring on the necklace.

When she touched the ring, she noticed a row of extremely small numbers engraved on the inside.

She took a serious look.

It was a date.

Come to think of it, this date was the date she and Fu Xiuyuan had registered their marriage.

In other words, at that time, he had already ordered these two wedding rings and stored them, it was just that he hadnt brought them out.

It was probably because at that time, he had felt that to Shi Jin, the marriage was still uncertain, so he had waited until it was her birthday before taking out the ring and giving it to her.

Shi Jin put the necklace around her neck and stood up to leave.

Yao Jiahong handed her the job details and glanced at the necklace and ring that she had hidden in her clothes.

He gave her a look that said, “Thats more like it.”

After she left the house, she went straight to the Fu Corporation building.

The car stopped in the parking lot of the building.

She was about to call Song Fan when she saw Qiao Zhuoli.

“Second Uncle Qiao.” Shi Jin walked up to him.

Qiao Zhuoli was only slightly older than Fu Xiuyuan and the others, but because of his seniority, everyone had to address him as uncle.

“Looking for Xiuyuan” Qiao Zhuolis gaze was distant and deep, exuding an unfathomable coldness.


Are you here to do something”

“Already finished.” Qiao Zhuoli turned away before saying, “But I still have something on, so Ill take my leave first.”

“Alright.” Shi Jin wanted to give Fu Xiuyuan a surprise, so she didnt call him.

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