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Chapter 330: How Many People Are Laughing at Him

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The other passers-by were also disgusted.

“Thats right.

Look at yourself.

How dare you say that Shen Yis matter was handled by you”

Passerby: “Previously, when Wen Yongwei said those words, I already wanted to ask, what can a singer like you do Now, Shi Jin is also here to interfere.

I advise you guys not to generate hype.”

The fans couldnt stand what the passersby were saying and went to argue again.

Wen Yongwei received a message.

“Shi Jin is helping with Shen Yis work”

Kang Cheng said, “I didnt find out anything about her at the dance association.

Ive checked all the names of the people in the A-C ranks.

Shes not there.”

“Could she be… [S] class” Wen Yongwei asked uncertainly.

“How could that be possible Is it that easy to get an S-grade Besides, if Shi Jin really is S-grade, she would have come out to show off.”


Wen Yongwei replied, “As far as I know, Shi Jin has never studied dancing before.”

“Dont worry about it.

Shi Jin cant really be involved in Shen Yis work.

Were focused on our own matters, but we really werent expecting this from Brian.”

Wen Yongwei had not expected Shi Jin to have such a brother! And he was a top designer at that!

She suddenly felt that her path had become a little more difficult.


Chu Ling was regretting his refusal to cooperate with Brian.

It turned out that Brian was not even from Country H! He had been completely misled.

“Sister Lai, look at this.

Is there any way to turn things around”

Hu Lai looked troubled.

There was no turning back this time.

Actually, from the very beginning, Brian had had no intention of continuing to work with Chu Ling.

Chu Ling was the one who had forcefully taken the clothes and returned fake ones, forcing them to work together.

After the incident, they had directly ended their relationship.

Now she couldnt even contact Brians assistant!

“Chu Ling, let me find you something better to wear,” Hu Lai said.

Unknowingly, the two of them had offended a big shot in the fashion industry.

Moreover, if this matter spread, no one would say that Chu Ling was a “hot-blooded man” anymore.

Right now, there were already people criticizing him for being stupid and negligent.

They hadnt even gotten to know the situation clearly before making their judgements.

Especially now that Brian had been proven to be Gu Zehan, the smooth-sailing champion back then.

His popularity, success, and good reviews were all very high.

It was the dream of many to work with such a designer, but Chu Lings words had completely severed his relationship with the fashion designer.

Many people were likely laughing at him now.

Those designers who had originally been interested in collaborating with him also retreated.

Who could tell when Chu Ling would step on them for the sake of his reputation

The impact of the incident was far more serious than they had expected.

Soon, there came news from the United Nations.

This news was everywhere.

Everyone was paying attention to the Shen Yi incident.

Even those who were not interested in the entertainment industry knew that Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin were fighting over the fact that they had contributed to Shen Yi.

No one wanted to argue about this matter.

They only wanted to know if Shen Yi had succeeded.

Had they taught Country H a lesson

“Success! Shen Yi succeeded!”

“The Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance has been successfully announced!”

“Country S has successfully claimed its heritage, andShangzhou Ancient Music Dance has been approved as our intangible cultural heritage!”

It was originally the treasure of Country S, but now that Country Hs citizens had stepped in to claim it, there were many more variables and uncertainties.

It had made everyone feel indignant.

Finally, after obtaining this result, everyone was extremely excited.

It could be said that the entire country was celebrating.

When President Cui and the others got off the plane, they were greeted by many netizens who had come to greet them.

They treated them like heroes.

There were also many reporters among them.

The reporters asked a lot of questions.

President Cui knew that everyone was concerned about the current issue, so he answered their questions in detail.

Finally, someone brought up a certain question: “I heard that theres an artiste from the entertainment industry who helped with the Shen Yi matter.

May I ask if President Cui knows of this”

President Cuis arrival was not a live broadcast, but it was better than a live broadcast.

The netizens were reporting it in text online, attracting a lot of attention.

Some passers-by hated the way celebrities fought and paid special attention to this issue.

“Its fine if Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin use trifles to create hype, but I will never allow them to use such important things like this!”

“Thats right.

This concerns the country.

How can they use it as a tool to create hype”

“These celebrities are unbelievable!”

The ordinary public paid attention to the problem at all times and were prepared to teach the fans a lesson.

President Cui smiled and said, “Indeed.

Many people have contributed a lot to Shen Yi this time.

The support from the higher authorities, the cooperation between the members of the association, as well as Shi Jin and Brians hard work have resulted in the success of ourShangzhou Ancient Music Dance.

I would like to thank them especially.”

“What exactly did Shi Jin and Brian do” the reporter asked curiously.

“As a member of the National Dancing Association, Shi Jin helped to develop the choreography this time.

Together with Brian, she designed and made all the dance costumes for the dancers.

It was precisely because we had a batch of costumes that ourShangzhou Ancient Music Dance appeared to be even more godly in both form and appearance.”

When word of this was sent back, those passers-by who had been clamoring all fell silent.

Shi Jin and Brian had really been involved Shi Jin was a member of the National Dance Association Brian had designed the dancers costumes

Actually, this was something that had been going on since a long time ago.

However, these passersby had always looked down on people from the entertainment industry and felt that they only had flimsy reputations, especially Shi Jin and Gu Zehan.

They were both good-looking and everyone subconsciously overlooked their true capabilities.

Therefore, they had never believed that the two of them were actually capable of doing things like this.

It was only now that everyone felt their cheeks burning.

The two of them had never flaunted anything even when they went to the airport.

Yet, they had been scolded by everyone.

It was too much.

Many passers-by flooded Shi Jin and Gu Zehans Weibos to apologize.

Shi Jins fans were very proud.

“You guys didnt believe us even after we told you.

Are you willing to believe me now”

“As long as you guys really like Shi Jin, we dont mind you becoming her fans.”

“Shi Jin still has a lot of talents that you guys have yet to discover.

I hope that you guys will stop following rumors.

How many times have you misunderstood Shi Jin and Brian”

Everyone apologized again.

Under Shi Jin and Gu Zehans Weibo pages was a row of apologies.

It was a spectacular sight.

Wen Yongweis fans were also waiting anxiously for President Cui to mention Wen Yongweis name.

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