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Chapter 329: He Has Always Been of Country S

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Only then did Shi Jin say lazily, “Brian has always been from Country S.

How can he say that he doesnt recognize our culture”

Gu Zehan used to train in Europe and America.

He had always kept a low profile and was talented.

The outside world has always judged his nationality based on his looks.

In the past, he hadnt cared about it.

Now, he had to prove it to himself.

“My real name is Gu Zehan.

My father is Li Juekai and my mother is Gu Qingqing.

I was born and raised in Country S.

Its not enough that Ive clarified it once already on Weibo Do you still need me to clarify it again” Once he spoke, his slender eyes filled with an alluring light.

However, he was speaking in the fluent and authentic language of Country S, without any accent.

The reporters were stunned for a moment.

Since Brian was a citizen of Country S, there was naturally no need for them to ask any more questions.

Hadnt everyone been angry because he was from Country H Moreover, the name Gu Zehan was very familiar.

The reporters suddenly realized that Gu Zehan was not the same person… Was this really Gu Zehan

“May I ask if you have any other questions” Shi Jin lifted her eyelashes and asked coldly.

“So, what are you doing here today” The reporters attitude was obviously much better now.

“To help Country S,” Shi Jin said.

In front of the reporters, she didnt mind telling them the truth.

The reporters obviously had not expected such an answer.

“So what did you do What have you planned” the reporters asked curiously.

“What is your current progress”

“What are the chances of Shen Yi succeeding”

Gu Zehan was already shielding Shi Jin as they walked out.

Upon hearing these words, both of them stopped in their tracks.

With a serious expression, Shi Jin raised her voice slightly.

“‘Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance is the cultural treasure of our country.

It is the precious material and cultural heritage of every citizen here.

It belongs to us and must also stay with us.

Therefore, there is only one outcome for Shen Yi—success.

Because the truth is the truth and it can never be changed.”

With that, she followed Gu Zehan past the reporters and they returned to the car.

Gu Zehan glanced at the reporters outside.

“I dont know if they will spread this news.

Do you know why people keep saying that Im from Country H In Europe and America, Ive repeatedly said that Im from Country S, but the news media never reported it.

Its as if Country S cant claim anything.

Ive clarified it on Weibo, but no one believed me.”

“We have to release the news today.” After saying that, Shi Jin tapped on her phone and typed a few words into it before sending something to Yao Jiahong.

She explained the whole story clearly.

Yao Jiahong was still capable of this.

As expected, within half an hour.

# Brian is from S Country #

# Brian is Li Juekais son #

# Shi Jin and Brian participated in Shen Yis preparation work #

# Gu Zehans Identity #

In the video, Brian spoke Country Ss language fluently and said that his father was Li Juekai.

Then, everyone recalled Gu Zehans real identity.

“Isnt that the skating champion from Country S”

“Its true! Hes the champion!”

“I remember that Gu Zehan was very impressive back then.

He participated in an international competition when he was 12 years old and won the championship.

Hes the undisputed champion of our country!”

“I cant believe someone said Gu Zehan was from Country H!”

“Its a pity that Gu Zehan retreated before he was even twenty years old.

Its such a pity.”

“So Brian = Gu Zehan.

He used to be the light of Country S.

How could he be slandered by someone like that”

“Its true.

Gu Zehans family has already clarified many times that theyre not from Country H and are from Country S, yet people still dared to slander them.

I really hate these anti-fans.”

In the comments, not only did everyone mention Gu Zehans achievements from when he was young, many people also posted photos of him.

When he participated in the competition, he had still been far from mature.

He had been a delicate and pretty little boy.

There was a huge gap between him and his current monstrous image.

No wonder no one had associated him with his former self all these years.

However, back then, he could be considered a national star and was loved by many people.

After he retired, he disappeared from the public eye.

No one knew where he went or what he was doing.

When he returned to the public eye, everyones mood could be imagined.

Most of them were gratified.

“Geniuses are indeed geniuses no matter what they do.

Even if they change industries, they can still thrive.”

There were even a few who were infatuated with him.

“The kids back then actually dumped him when he grew up.

I dont care.

I love him!”

It was a pity that there were too few photos of him right now.

The doubts surrounding him had mostly dissipated.

Shi Jins fans could finally respond openly.

“How is Brian from Country H Hes Little Stones older brother!”

“Its time for the reporters to stop making groundless accusations! Is there any meaning in slandering others”

“Thats right.

Didnt you hear what Shi Jin said She went to help with Shen Yis work.”

“This is really funny.

Shi Jin and Brian worked hard to help everyone, but they were scolded instead.

Those celebrities just casually posted on Weibo that they helped, and they received a lot of praise.

Whats wrong with this world”

Wen Yongweis fans could not take it anymore.

“Little Rose really participated in the preparation work of Shen Yi! You guys can clarify for Shi Jin, but can you not stop people implicating others”

“Thats right.

Little Rose is a member of a proper countrys dance association! She has potential!”

“In that case, I can still understand why Little Rose went to help.

Shi Jin doesnt know how to dance and isnt a member of the dance association.

Why is she getting involved”

Shi Jins fans: “Doesnt Little Stone know how to dance Previously, when filming Graces commercial, she already danced very well!”

Wen Yongweis fans: “The advertisements were all edited, whats there to believe”

Shi Jins fans: “But Shi Jin wouldnt lie.

If she says that shes helped, she definitely has.”

Wen Yongweis fans: “Little Rose was the first to say that she wanted to help.

Why cant Shi Jin own up to the fact that she copied her”

Shi Jins fans: “It has already been proven that you misunderstood Brian.

Do you still want to continue by misunderstanding Shi Jin”

Wen Yongweis fans: “Anyway, you cant talk.

Little Rose is an eighth-level dancer.

What about Shi Jin, huh”

Passerby: “So this Shen Yi thing has been taken over by people in the entertainment industry, right Why dont you all take a look at what abilities they have This was all done by you guys, right”

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