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Chapter 328: Afraid to Speak Anymore

The wordsCountry H were specially labeled in red.

It was obvious that the entertainment reporters were well versed in stirring up drama.

They targeted Shi Jin precisely.

Right now, anyone who was associated with the words “Country H” instantly became the enemy of all netizens.

Fu Xiuyuan stopped eating and looked at her.

“What happened”

“This is it.” Shi Jin showed Fu Xiuyuan the photo.

Shi Jin and Gu Zehan had been busy at the dance association for the entire day.

After they left, they bought a cup of coffee and quickly got into the car.

The two of them seemed very far away from each other in the photo and their expressions were calm.

If not for that, people would have been saying they were lovers.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuans expression had not changed, Shi Jin knew that he could not stand to be scolded.

She said, “It doesnt matter.

My relationship with my second brother will be exposed sooner or later.

Also, what we have done will soon be known by everyone.

When that time comes, they will know what it means to have to eat their words.”

Fu Xiuyuans eyes narrowed slightly, clearly very displeased with these netizens.

Afraid that he would do something irrational, Shi Jin picked up some food for him.

“Ive been tired for the whole day.

Can you give me a massage later”

His slightly focused eyes turned dark and there was a heat hidden in his pupils.


Shi Jin put down her phone and put the matter aside.

This misunderstanding was too ridiculous.

Even though Gu Zehan had already clarified that he was from Country S, these people still did not believe him.

Then, when the time came, he would throw the truth in their faces!

The news of Shi Jin and Brian stirred up the netizens indignation.

“No matter what, Shi Jin is with Brian now.

This is a blatant provocation.

She doesnt care about the interests of S Country at all.”

“Ive said it before.

Time reveals the true nature of people.

Little Rose is still better.

She quietly carries on with her career and never acts up or messes around.”

“I heard that Wen Yongwei even went to the National Dance Association today.

As a member of the association, she couldnt possibly be there to assist, could she”

“@Little Rose, are you going to the association to help Shen Yi”

Everyone was asking Wen Yongwei the same question,

She posted on Weibo.

“Im going to the dance association today.

Shen Yi is not just one person, but a whole department.

If I can help, I will do my best to assist Country S.”

She wasnt saying if she had actually helped or not.

She only said that she was willing to help.

She also said that she went to the dance association.

Naturally, people would think that she had helped.

The fans could not wait to announce this to the world.

“So Little Rose has been helping the country recently! Its really great! Shes so responsible!”

“Im proud of Wen Yongwei!”

“Wen Yongwei is my eternal idol! I will always support you and love you!”

“Little Rose has naturally contributed to Shen Yis success.”

“An artist like her deserves everyones love.”

“I really didnt choose to support the wrong person.”

When Wen Yongwei saw these comments, she pretended not to see them.

She did not explain or reply to them.

Even if the dance association saw this, they could not say that she had done anything wrong.

She had only expressed her thoughts and said that she had been to the association, the rest was all the imagination of the fans.

Could she really manage the imaginations of her fans Besides, the dance association would not be free to bother about such trivial matters.

Shi Jin did not respond.

Her fans were also trembling in fear and didnt dare to say much.

They were afraid that she would make more mistakes.

Although Brian had already replied that he was not from Country H, no one believed him.

It had to be said that some people only chose to believe what they wanted to.

Three days went by.

President Cui would represent the dance association, Minister Hao from the Shen Yi Division, and the others to go to the United Nations to carry out the final declaration work.

At the same time, Country Hs Shen Yi department also set off.

Shi Jin and Gu Zehan took a taxi to the airport to see President Cui and the rest off.

“Everything is ready.

There shouldnt be any problems.” The two young people in front of President Cui were very pleased.

“This time, its all thanks to your help.”

“It will definitely go very smoothly.” Shi Jins voice was pleasant to the ear.

Guild Leader Cui nodded.

This time, there were also dancers from the dance association with them.

They were going to perform the song on the spot, and with the information President Cui had prepared, they had to get approval.

They were also very confident.

As she watched them board the plane, a huge weight was lifted from Shi Jins heart.

In her previous life, Country H had successfully claimed “Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance” as their intangible cultural heritage, causing a huge sensation.

At the beginning, they had applied for many kinds of intangible cultural heritages, from festivals, food, and ancient historical names.

They wanted to steal everything from Country S, As a result, Country S had always been slightly inferior in terms of cultural soft power.

Unfortunately, in her previous life, she had not known what dance they had choreographed or what information they needed.

However, according to Shi Jins memory, she had heard them mention an ancient book.

She had spent a lot of effort investigating that ancient book and had found its contents and given it to President Cui.

The civilization of Country S had a long history.

It was vast, profound, and unique.

There were many ancient books in it, but many of them were lost because no one had read them for a long time.

On the other hand, some small countries did not have much history.

Instead, they liked to explore these things and study the precious culture that had originally belonged to S Country thoroughly before taking it for themselves.

This was exactly what Country H had done.

Shi Jin had found the ancient book before them.

It would not be easy for them to defeat Country S this time.

“Lets go.” Seeing that Shi Jin was still deep in thought, Gu Zehan patted her shoulder.

“Okay.” Shi Jin walked out with him.

Suddenly, a large group of reporters rushed forward, their cameras flashing non-stop.

The microphones stretched out in front of Shi Jin and Gu Zehan.

“Shi Jin, Brian, what are you doing here”

“What do you think about Shen Yi”

“As a native of H Nation, how do you feel about stealing Country Ss culture”

“May I ask if the two of you are dating Do you agree with Country Ss culture from the bottom of your heart, or do you think that its worthless”

These reporters had come prepared.

All their questions were directed at Brian.

Of course, Shi Jin was not any better with him.

Shi Jin had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

Her expression was calm and indifferent, and the corners of her eyes curled up slightly as she said, “Can you allow me to answer one question at a time”

The reporters quietened down, but they still surrounded the two of them, looking like they wouldnt leave if they didnt get an answer.

Shen Yis matter had been brewing for a long time, and everyones emotions were getting out of hand.

Naturally, someone had to bear the anger of the netizens.

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