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Chapter 327: Becoming a Cursing Point

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Wen Yongweis head hurt when she heard how strict the rules were.

She had quite a lot of business to attend to.

If she delayed it for a day, she would earn a lot less money.

Besides, there were many jobs that had already been arranged and which could not be delayed easily.

However, she had to handle it herself.

She had no choice but to get the card in person.

She was instantly troubled.

Kang Cheng also frowned.

“You still have an event tonight.

If you delay it, it will affect your image.”

Wen Yongwei thought of something and said, “Wait a minute, let me make a call.”

President Cui of the Dancing Association had some connections with the Wen Family.

President Cui was the one who had invited Wen Yongwei to join the association.

Wen Yongwei believed in President Cuis love and care for her.

She immediately called President Cui.

However, the person who answered the call was President Cuis secretary.

“Im sorry, President Cui is very busy now.

You can leave a message if you need anything.”

“Im Wen Yongwei.

Please tell President Cui that I want to apply for an access card, but I dont have enough time.

Can you make an exception”

“Ill pass on the message.” The secretary was very businesslike.

“Im in a hurry.

Can you hurry”

“Ill be quick.”

She hung up.

Wen Yongwei had taken the time to make this trip.

She didnt want to miss anything.

“You know President Cui” Kang Cheng asked.

“Yes, President Cui saw me dancing once and contacted me personally.

My dad is on good terms with him, but hes very busy now.

I dont know if hell have the time to help me.”

Truth be told, Kang Cheng had been rather indifferent towards Wen Yongwei recently.

No matter what she did, she couldnt compare to Shi Jin.

She had even been beaten by Shi Jin, making him, the manager, lose face.

However, he was the one who had made many decisions.

Thus, he could not entirely blame Wen Yongwei for her incompetence.

When he heard that President Cui had personally invited Wen Yongwei to join the National Dance Association, Kang Cheng felt that Wen Yongwei was not too disappointing.

There were still things about her that could be salvaged.

“Then lets wait,” he said.

Wen Yongwei had no choice but to wait.

She knew that President Cui must be busy recently since Shen Yi was a huge matter.

What she wanted most was to level up at the dance association as soon as possible.

She might even be able to witness Shen Yis success.

It would be a glorious achievement if she told others.

Both she and her fans needed such motivation.

The two of them waited for two to three hours.

By the time the card was ready, President Cui and his secretary still hadnt been in touch.

The secretary naturally wouldnt disturb President Cui, who was reading the notebook Shi Jin had given him.

Even if the sky were to collapse, President Cui would not lift his head from the notebook.

Naturally, the secretary ignored Wen Yongwei.

The card could be gotten according to the normal procedures.

“Director Kang, President Cui has been busy recently.

He might not have time to help me.” Wen Yongwei was disappointed, but she still had to comfort Kang Cheng.

“As you know, hes been busy with Shen Yi recently.

He cant split his attention.”

“Understood,” Kang Cheng said casually.

Kang Cheng and Wen Yongwei went to get their cards.

The procedures were complicated and drawn out, but Wen Yongwei was still excited and happy at the thought of being able to freely enter and exit the dance association in the future.

The last time she came to visit, because Shi Jin was also there, she had only taken a cursory glance and had not gone to many places.

With a card, things would be different.

After getting the card, she asked, “Im going to submit an upgrade application.

Can I go in now”

“You can, but as a junior member, there arent many places you can get into, just a few public dance halls.

The information room, office area, file room, private dance hall, VIP dance hall, and so on arent open to junior members.”

Wen Yongweis joy at receiving the card immediately halved.

She had visited the public dance hall before and it was not interesting, but now, he was saying that she could only go to those places

Seeing her expression, the guard said, “If you want to go to more places, work hard to level up.”

As a last resort, Wen Yongwei had no choice but to swipe her card and submit the application form.

By the time they came out, it was already late.

She and Kang Cheng got into the minivan and hurried toward the nights event venue.

After the car drove off, Kang Cheng saw a cafe.

He called for a stop.

There was an event that night, and Wen Yongwei was going to do her makeup later.

This meant that neither of them would be able to have dinner normally.

There was still some food in the car, but he needed a cup of coffee.

“Please help me buy a cup of coffee too, Director Kang.” Wen Yongwei had been waiting at the entrance of the dance association for a few hours and was exhausted.

Kang Cheng got out of the car without a word.

Wen Yongwei suddenly called out to him, “Director Kang!”

Kang Cheng looked back and saw her pointing out the window.

His eyes followed the direction of Wen Yongweis finger and he saw Shi Jin and a young man buying coffee.

The young man gave off a very familiar feeling, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

“Thats…” Kang Cheng frowned as he pondered.

Wen Yongwei suddenly thought of something.

“Is it that Brian The designer from Country H who has been badly criticized online recently”

Kang Cheng immediately took out his phone and captured the scene.

If Shi Jin was with someone else, he wouldnt have been bothered.

However, Brian had recently been criticized badly.

Chu Ling had even directly said that he didnt need the custom-made clothes that he designed and cut ties with him.

There werent many people who had known about Brian.

Most of them were from the fashion industry.

After Chu Lings ruckus, Brian became known to more people.

Of course, he also received more harsh comments.

The people of Country H did not ask about the things that belonged to the people of Country S.

Everyone was scolding Country H, but Country H was just an empty vessel.

The criticism would not get through to them.

So of course, they had to find others to blame.

Naturally, Brian was the first to bear the brunt of the publics ire and became the main target of criticism.

After Kang Cheng took the photo, Shi Jin and Brian drove off.

Wen Yongwei already knew what Kang Cheng wanted to do, but she still asked, “Director Kang, this photo”

“I have my own plan.

Dont worry about it for now.”

Wen Yongwei immediately understood everything.

Brian was at the peak of his career.

If Shi Jin was with him now, wouldnt she get involved too

If Wen Yongwei wanted to defeat Shi Jin using normal methods, she would need to put in many years of hard work.

However, using this method, she might be able to achieve her goal overnight.

That night, while Shi Jin was having dinner, there was a commotion in the WeChat group.

“Shi Jin, whats going on”

“Shi Jin, have you been hacked again”

Her friends were concerned.

The attached pictures were titled: Shi Jin and Country Hs designer, Brian, are very close..

They drank coffee to wait out the traffic.

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